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Four-Speed GTO! 1964 Pontiac Hardtop

This red-primered 1964 Pontiac GTO in Washingtonville, New York requires no introduction. Enthusiasts will spot the “GTO” badges on all sides from a mile away, and most know that’s Italian for Gran Turismo Omologato.  If you see potential, check out the listing here on ebay, where at least four bidders have raised the market value of this muscular “goat” above $4500. Born with the awesome Tri-Power setup (three two-barrel carburetors), it comes with some of those parts (minus carbs). A later non-original 389 utilizes more conventional single four-barrel induction. Originally silver, this car would have been one handsome animal in 1964. Raise your hand if you think duct tape will help the rusted front edge of a hood.

Having recently covered the history of the ’64 GTO for this similar car, let’s simply talk about today’s specimen. Is that a ’64 trunk with the lip trim stuck on above the stock location? It may be out of style but there’s something hard-core about that High School rake! The stance combined with the oversized rubber make me want to fix the mechanical and safety items and drive it as-is.

Original or not, that two-tone interior is a winning combination. The cue-ball shifter is perfect too. Even though modern sports car builders (even Ferrari) have abandoned the clutch-pedal manual transmission, I have not. Speed advantage aside, it’s hard to get a good feel for a car that changes its gears by itself or via little paddles. Purists will forgive a number of sins to buy this row-your-own Pontiac compared to a nicer automatic car.

This 1966 Pontiac 389 stands in for the original 389, and ran when gas was added to the carburetor. The seller has the factory Tri-Power intake and air cleaner housings, but the triple two-barrels are gone. The radiator support is bent, and the seller has replacement parts to go along with the car. Likewise the listing shows a loose trunk floor and other panels ready to weld into place. The seller’s warnings to would-be buyers concerning this no-title sale take up more text than the vehicle description, but the seller answers questions submitted the proper way (through eBay). Answering and posting those answers in the listing is courteous and correct. Remote buyers should know they will be expected to pay for the car well before arriving to inspect it. That said, being a first-year GTO, it will find a buyer. What’s your favorite year for the GTO?


  1. Pat

    Ended already?

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      i was the one who bought the 64 GTO off ebay then Joe called me the next night and said the lady he bought it from ex husband wanted it back then hours lather its posted on this web site so beware i do not know who really owns this car but i lost money on renting a trailer to go get it

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      • terry brundage

        listing ended early on the 20th, & was not re-listed after.. Note date at top of this article posted on the 21st.

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  2. Steve

    Ended faster then I could click eBay

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  3. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    The minute I saw the first pic, the song popped right into my head.
    You know.

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    • terry brundage

      trim on trunk in tempest (maybe lemans too) location. Good that tape’s on hood, probably get hands cut opening/closing

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  4. Stan Marks

    I would love to see what Richard Rawlings, or The Count, would do with this treasure.

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    • Dave

      Put the minimum amount of time and money into it before flipping it?

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  5. Jeff

    My first car in high school 1972,many Hi Po cars around. Never could of imagined this was the car that started it all.

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  6. CaCarDude

    Had a ’64 back in 1970 to ’73 loved that car, bad marriage ended that love affair. Lost the wife and car. Sure miss that car! Now have a ’65 and love it, my favorite year GTO.
    This ’64 deserves a total resto. these 3 pedal cars are the only way to go if you want a true old school muscle car.

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  7. Curtis

    My favorite is the one known as the Judge not sure what year it is

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  8. Barzini

    Favorite year GTO? Until recently it was 1966, but now it’s the 1965. Both have such great style.

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  9. Stan Marks

    Sept. ’64, I ordered a ’65 Montero red GTO tri power, sight unseen. Picked it up the next month. I wasn’t disappointed. Best year model.


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  10. Scott Stewart

    If you order a car… yeah it’s gonna be sight unseen…

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  11. Stan Marks

    What I meant was, I didn’t know what the new 65s looked like. They didn’t have brochures yet.

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  12. Stan Marks

    Harold, if that lady, and her husband, want the car back and they no longer own it, they’re SOL.

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  13. Tim W

    So this first year GTO had the ultra-rare P-73 rear snowplow option I guess. Usually only a Northern U.S dealer installed deal. There does seem to be some argument if it came in the trunk, you know, like headers on a 69 Z-28, or was actually installed at the factory. I understand that if you combined the snowplow with the optional J-89 tire chain option, you could really move some white stuff….

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    • terry brundage

      yes I’ve heard of those options, but it looks like this set-up was made for only the reverse direction!

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  14. Tim W

    Lol, I think you’re right Terry

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