French Vacation: 1958 Citroen 2CV

Recently I wrote an article on a Citroen 2CV, and now another one has appeared on our desks here at Barn Finds. The seller has listed this car as an AX model, but I believe that this is a typographical error as I believe that it is actually an AZ. This one is located in Torrance, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. This one comes with a clear title and a BIN of $5,750, but there is an option to make an offer.

This 2CV is significantly older than our previous feature car and while it is also cheaper, it is also in need of a lot more work than our last car. Having said that it is also half the price of that one as well. While the outside of this little Citroen obviously needs some work there is some good news that comes with this car. The seller has bought a new galvanized chassis for it. While we also only get shots of one side of the car the panels do appear to be relatively free of rust. The great thing about taking on a 2CV as a project is the fact that the bodies of these are remarkably easy to dismantle and work on. In spite of what we see in the photos, the seller does state that the car is totally dismantled.

This 2CV was bought by an American who was holidaying in Europe, and he used it to travel all over Europe. When he returned to the USA the car came back with him. The car then saw use until the early 2000s when it was parked due to a cracked piston. There is no word whether this problem has been addressed. The engine should be the 425cc version which generated 12.5hp. The seller has completed a reasonable amount of peripheral work on the suspension and steering, so that’s one less thing that the new owner has to worry about. The 2CV has also been fitted with new Michelin X tires.

There are no shots of the interior, but we know that it has been reduced to its bare bones. The fabric roof and the fabric on the seats were all beyond repair, so all have been removed and discarded. The seat frames, steering wheel, and wheels have all been freshly powder-coated.

There’s a bit of work ahead of the new owner of this 2CV, but a lot of the fiddly tasks have all been tackled. The engine is the great unknown on this little car, but like so many things on this car the engine is a pretty basic unit so shouldn’t present too many problems. I think that this has all the makings of a really enjoyable project.

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  1. Fred W

    Only an enjoyable project if 1) the seller documented the disassembly with hundreds of photos, or 2) you are a Citroen 2CV expert mechanic

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  2. Doyler

    The Wheeler Dealer 2CV was one of their more faithful restorations, it was an enjoyable episode.

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    The last one posted is probably a better deal. And fyi…seller relisted it and lowered the bin to 10K

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  4. Classic Steel

    They are cute put put cars.
    I like the pull back canvas …đź‘Ťđź‘€

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  5. Chebby Staff

    With only 12.5 horsepower, couldn’t you just put a Briggs and Stratton engine in it?

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    • Zapp

      A Kohler engine would probably run longer…

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  6. Andrew Gluesenkamp

    I have an original 1959 repair manual and parts catalog for sale on eBay right now if anyone is temped to enter the fabulous world of 2CV tinkering. They are amazingly simple cars to work on and you can pull the engine with one hand!

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  7. Juan Aragones

    I am a 2CV mechanic since the 1970’s.
    Looks like a very costly project.
    Parts are easily available in Washington state, none of the Briggs or Kohler s will work, extensive conversion required, waste of time and money,stay with OEM.

  8. Kenneth Carney

    …Or how ’bout a 750cc Honda motorcycle engine? Then, you’d have
    that French quirkiness and Honda reliability all rolled into one car. I’ve
    seen pictures of these cars with not one, but two engines in them.
    Has anyone else seen this? Or am I the only one who has.

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    • Chris In Australia

      You’re not alone. There were some conversions done for the French Army. For Sahara Desert use, if I remember correctly

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  9. Andrew Gluesenkamp

    The two-engine version was called a Sahara, made for oil field in North Africa. They had a rubber band connecting shift levers,etc so they were true 4WD. Honestly, these cars are stupid easy to work on. You can cut every gasket you need from a piece of cardboard.

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  10. Derek

    They’re not hard to fix. If you want to go bike engines, then the 4V oilhead BMW 1100 coupled with a late – or GS 5 speed – gearbox is the way to go.

    Ask Pete Sparrow.

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  11. slw71962

    Phantom Works did one, newer, parts were hard to find.

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  12. Mark Looman

    I would urge anyone considering an engine swap to also consider the chassis they are putting it in. This car was intended to be a gas powered hay wagon, not an autobahn speed machine. I think my die cast model on my coffee table has better tolerances than the original!

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  13. Dwartz Farquhartz

    The remnants of the “your car looks funny too” sticker is from the old Chicago Citroen Club of the 70’s-80’s.

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  14. John Newell

    Despite how popular these cars are in Europe, I think they’re the ugliest cars ever made. A barn on wheels.

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    • Charlie

      I agree 100% that they are ugly. They put the ugh in ugly. Next to ugly in the dictionary is a picture of one of these. They remind me of crayon pictures kids make at about age 6, of a house with one door, one 4-pane window, and a chimney that sticks out at an angle, with a big smiling sun in the sky.

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  15. dyno dan

    does the airplane come with it?

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  16. Just passin’ through

    Ugly as a mud fence….

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  17. Bruce

    I just saw in AutoWeek where a 1979 that was restored sold at auction for $8950. I would certainly go that route if I was ever interested in such a vehicle. I can’t really say that I am a fan of these vehicles.

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  18. Wingunder

    Nice looking RV-4 in that one airport shot!!

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  19. Wingunder

    Nice looking RV-4 in that one airport shot!!

  20. Charlie

    The listing mentioned that the interior was “down to bare the bones”. They were bare bones when new. Seats were a tube frame with canvas stretched across it, if I remember right. Or was that another super cheap European car? I do remember one scene in a James Bond movie where Roger Moore was driving a yellow 2CV down a hill through the woods, bouncing all over the place, airborne at times, trying to escape the bad guys or chasing somebody. I would offer $10 for the right to put this automotive abortion into the crusher to make a base for a coffee table in my man cave.

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