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Sleeping Fuelie: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

This lonely old Fuelie Corvette has been parked since 1993. Having lived a colorful life, originally being a turquoise on turquoise car, this Chevrolet underwent a transformation to its current configuration of white. At one point this rare machine was stolen and recovered, so perhaps the makeover occurred in result of the recovery? Despite its history, this Corvettes future looks bright as it is a solid car, worthy of a restoration. The opening bid on this Chevy is $25,000 with the reserve unmet, with a buy it not option of $45,900. Find it here on ebay out of Miami, Florida.

The uncommon and pleasant view of the ribbed fuel injected intake manifold is enough to put a grin on your face. The Rochester injection set up is rare, and the components can be quite pricey. Thankfully this Corvette appears to be complete, but is not currently a runner. There is not much detail given about this car, or its drivetrain. The engine is in unknown condition, but this is an automatic car. While an automatic transmission wouldn’t be my pick, I can appreciate this car with that option. Much of the under hood components have succumbed to some level of corrosion. Thankfully the rarest part, the injection set up, is not pitted from oxidation.

Although dingy, and dirty, this interior may surprise you with a detailed cleaning. The seats will likely clean up nicely, as well as the door panels.  The important items of the interior, the dash and steering wheel appear to be in reasonable, but dusty shape. The windshield frame and glass are nice, but the passenger window is cracked. Equipped with the factory hardtop, I am sure this Corvette was a real looker with its Turquoise paint, and the paint matched turquoise top. The Hardtop is in nice condition with the only flaw being some minor rust from the screws around the hardtops lower edge. A simple issue that can be polished away.

Quite complete, this Corvette needs some body work. There is crack that runs from the engine bay into the top of the passenger front fender.  Also it appears that this Corvette was bumped from behind before, as there is some cracking on the rear end. Sadly there are some fiberglass shards missing above the license plate area, and some cracking on the passenger rear corner, revealing it may have been more serious than a minor bump. I think it is safe to assume that the trunk lid has been replaced due to the location of the damage on the rear. The rest of the body looks crack free, and in reasonable condition. The damage to the rear end of this Vette is not a deal breaker, as it can be repaired. Thankfully the damage is concentrated to a small area, instead of the entire rear end of the car. With a little wrong, and a lot right, would you pick up this rare Fuelie Vette?


  1. Michael

    Where did the automatic shifter come from? I don’t recall that style.

    • Anthony Rodrigues

      That’s a Ford shifter had one like it in a 70 Mustang

  2. Anthony Rodrigues

    I agree with the “buy it not” option not worth 45K

  3. Pfk1106

    What the heck kind of shifter is that? And why are there 4 other cars covered in the drive ??? Flipper?

  4. Woodie Man

    That shifter looks like a Pinto or a Mustang base ……..sacriligeous

  5. JohnD

    Wrong valve covers, wrong fuel line, no emblems, the aforementioned shifter, an auto, which would have been an unusual choice with a fuelie .. . be very careful.

    • Kevin

      If I had to guess, the FI motor probably isn’t original to the car.

  6. Joe M

    This is a nice rare car. Would be nice to see it restored to original colors. It seems like most of it is there. The buy it now price is definitely in flipper territory. They are not leaving anything for the restoration cost. Whoever buys this, will be just looking for this car, and money would be a non issue. Won’t make any…

  7. Matt

    Couldn’t get a fuelie with auto trans

    • 68 custom

      in 57 you could get a 250 HP fuelly with a powerglide though I am not sure about 59. lots of wrong parts on this one regardless.

    • gbvette62

      58 Corvettes were available with a hydraulic cammed, 250 HP, fuelie, and a Powerglide transmission. There 283/245 Powerglide FI was offered in Corvettes from 57-59.

    • gbvette62

      58 Corvettes were available with a hydraulic cammed, 250 HP, fuelie, and a Powerglide transmission. The 283/250 Powerglide FI was offered in Corvettes from 57-59.

    • DRV

      That front clip is a replacement and will never be right without huge bucks….and a Fulie is nothing without correct numbers on the rest of it.
      25k if it’s correct, but highly doubtful. It needs every single thing just to be a driver.

    • ronebee

      that’s what I thought

  8. PackardMike

    Hood is for a ’58 model. Missing ignition shielding. Mine had reflectors between the tail lights & the bumper exhaust exits. Hard to believe I sold mine in1985! Paid $1100.00 for it in 1969. Fun to listen to the exhaust on a nice evening drive with the top off. Miss it sometimes……….

  9. ruxvette

    There is so much wrong with that car I would not know where to begin…’58 hood, interior needs everything, body is a mess with filled/missing emblems, FI incomplete, engine compartment is a mess. Fuelie car? I doubt it. $25k is about what it’s worth.

  10. Jay M

    Look carefully at the pics. This thing has been beaten like a rented mule.
    Say you buy it for 40k, you could “invest” another 60 to 80 very easily, as every part needs to be refinished, repaired, or replaced.
    But, so many people buy the cheapest car they can find, and don’t honestly appraise actual condition or count the cost of a true restoration.
    If making money is a consideration, then don’t consider this one.

  11. Bob Baird

    Where is the VIN plate? Looks like a state-issued replacement. That would be a mega hit, especially coupled with all the other issues.

  12. Chuck Cobb

    Using the Ford shifter leaves the car without a neutral safety switch. GM typically is in the shifter, Ford in the transmission, So I would think there is none, a definite safety issue, besides all the other areas that need to be addressed. Had this combo in a street rod, got it changed asap.

  13. Oliver R.

    I am a Corvette seat restorer. Those seats have definitely the wrong pattern on them; and I don’t think they are even the CORRECT seats!! Coughing those up is EXPENSIVE!!

  14. Tony C

    Wow, I’m 95% sure I past this very car on I95 South in West Palm Beach. I shot a few pics as it flew past me at over 80mph on a trailer.

  15. newfieldscarnut


  16. John

    I especially like the K-Mart fuel filter. This appears to me to be someone’s attempt to make a complete car from junkyard parts. It’s grille looks like a 57. The hood is a 58. The seats also look more like a 57 part. It would be a good starting point if the price was right. But it isn’t. May actually be Peter used for parts.

  17. Jim Jimenez

    That FI unit is a 1958. It is hard to see, but there is a cranking signal valve peeking up over the right hand side.
    It probably came off the same car as the hood.

    That LH valve cover is from a 1969 or 1970. You can tell by that turn in steel oil cap. I’d bet the engine under it is not anything close to a 283!

    Where’s the generator with the tach drive
    The whole car looks like about $500.00 worth of spare parts!

  18. Ronald Wheeler

    Was this car under salt water? Had a 58 with a truck automatic.

  19. Dolphin Member

    I love it when Barn Finds commenters come up with observations that show that a car isn’t what it seems to be, like this Corvette that’s made up of a bunch of parts from other cars and other years.

    Buyer beware…..and always check the cars and comments on Barn Finds in case a car you want to buy is featured here.

    • ruxvette

      I agree with Dolphin…the covered cars in the driveway appear to be vettes and there is a red C1 in the garage. The seller pulled leftover parts out of his junk pile and came up with this POS.

  20. Rustytech Member

    Looks like a late 60’s to mid 70’s small block with the vintage fuel injection. 1958 would not have an alternator. And valve covers are post 1968. There are a lot of questions with this car. I love the car, and it definitely deserves a restore, but I don’t see $45k in its present condition, maybe $25 to $27?

  21. jrc

    Patriotic hardtop

  22. slickimp

    Sifter does look like a Ford, car is kinda ruff 45 way to much for

  23. Alan (Michigan)

    The auction has been modified to do away with the BIN.

    And the reserve has apparently been dropped as well, so that high bidder will get this quilted Corvette. Currently just under $29K with a day+ to go.

  24. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $30,100.00. With 14 bids.

  25. Ron Wheeler

    Looks like some people still have $ to throw away.

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