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Fuelie Wannabe: 1961 Corvette Barn Find


The Corvette is easily one of the most sought after American sports cars, especially the first generation. This 1961 Corvette has been parked in this barn for the past twenty or so years, and needs a lot of work. Someone obviously had plans of restoring it, but didn’t get very far. It comes with a lot of extra parts, including a complete fuel injection system, and can be found here on eBay.


Someone swapped the original 283 out for this 327 V8, but the seller has a 283 for it, which is included in the sale. They also have an original Corvette fuel injection system, with the correct intake manifold. The seller doesn’t believe this came with fuel injection from the factory. The included 283 isn’t the original and needs to be put together still. It comes with all the correct pieces and should work with the fuel injection system.


While the body is dusty and dirty, it looks to be solid. There doesn’t appear to be any damaged areas or major cracks. There is some rust on the frame and the heater box is going to need to be replaced, but the seller claims everything is solid underneath. It is currently sitting on rollers, but comes with its original rims. They also have an extra pair of seats, a new grill, and several boxes of miscellaneous parts.


This Vette is going to take a lot of time and money to get back on the road. Seeing as the included 283 isn’t the original block, I would be tempted to get the 327 running and drive it as is. It wouldn’t be period correct, but it would be a blast. The seller is asking $35K, which is very optimistic, but perhaps that fuel injection system could be sold off to help fund the project…


  1. David Edwards

    leave it with the carbs

  2. Larry

    “Very optimistic” !!!!! Why is it that when some one has a car thats been sitting in a “barn” for say 10 to 30 years that its worth 3 time it’s value. I’ve had many corvettes and i know what this would be worth if it was ever completed, just about his asking price. Remember not orig. engine and probaly alot of other non-orig. parts. I see ALOT of $$$$$ signs in some ones future if they pay the asking price. To me its worth about half what he’s asking. It would make a very nice driver when done. Buy it right and enjoy it.

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  3. Jeff

    I agree with Larry about the value (1/2), sell-off the FI unit/orig rims & extra 283 block to pay for some restoration, hit a few good swap-meets this summer and make her a fun driver.

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  4. paul

    35g for this, I think they have been to too many Barrett Jacksons.

    • Mike

      Hey, if something sells on Barrett Jackson, every other junker out there that slightly resembles it HAS to be worth the same amount, dontchyaknow?

  5. tkd

    I did a complete restoration of one of these. An absolutly horrible waste of time and energy. This car is junk.

    • paul

      Yes I did as well a 60, the steering wheel is in your face the car rides like a buckboard on it’s kingpin front suspension & solid rear axle, but it is what it is.

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      • paul

        To be fare most if not all cars from the era couldn’t turn or stop, ever drive the coveted 66 Pontiac GTO, ever try to stop one of these beasts?

  6. Matt

    I owned a 61, virtually identical to this one. I’m with Paul and company… it’s way overpriced, and even if it was matching #s with the FI unit, the next generation is a LOT more fun to drive and own. You could buy a real nice mid year for what you’d have in this one.

  7. J. Pickett

    In Hemmings Sports and Exotic cars recent issue, the Auction report showed a 72 LS5 in great condition with a/c that sold for 37,500. I like first generation vettes but for a mixed numbers car that needs a lot of work this is way overpriced. But I’ll Follow the auction for curiosity’s sake.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    ’60-’62 is my favorite year for Corvette despite its rather archaic suspension. The style just appeals to me. I’m in agreement with many of the guys here as I think the asking price is rather high. You never know, someone might think it’s worth that and snap it up. i might add that it’s a lot easier to come down on price than to jack it up during negotiations. One mentioned too many collector car auctions. Yes some people use that for a yardstick to measure how much they should ask for a car. Since this is a free enterprise society, they can ask for anything they want, and if they’re lucky they’ll get it. But some of these listings mellow out though when they find offers at half of what they had asked. I’ve been to some car auctions like BJ’s. I find them to be as much of an event as they are an auction. They’re like a carnival and definitely shouldn’t be taken seriously for pricing if one is looking to sell a car.

  9. Bernie H

    Hey geomechs, I’m with you on this one!. The owner is hoping to find that ONE buyer with $$$$$, he’ll soon realize that in todays world, buyers are usually much smarter on pricing than 5-10 years ago. The internet sure has changed the market prices but not necessarily the quality of collector cars. Too many think their clumker out in the barn “HAS GOT TO BE WORTH BIG $$ ‘CAUSE i SEEN ONE LIKE IT ON BARRET JACKSON”, so pappy, kick the coon dog outa’ the car, give her a wash job and we’ll make millions!!!.

    • Mike

      $3000 car in my mind. Have to spend $70,000 to make it worth $35,000, so actually he really ought to pay someone to take it if he wants in gone.

      • Steve S

        This is along my thinking. If you got the car for free then restored it. You would be very upside down. 60-70 thousand to restore and you have a nice wrong motor car worth 35K.

  10. Larry

    Not even one bid yet

  11. Shuperman

    I have tried to contact these guys and have never received a telephone call back. I live minutes south of Lowell in Fayetteville and wanted to visit with them about buying a project, but have since given up.

    Good luck.

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