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Full Size Muscle! 1966 Ford 7-Litre


While it’s obvious that some bodywork has been done on this rare Ford 7-Litre (take a look here if you don’t know what one is), it’s a pretty solid car that is still wearing some of its original paint. It’s located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is opening at $7,250 and there’s no reserve.


As you can see, the important 7-Litre grille is present, as well as the badges. The current 76 year old lady owner is the grandmother of the seller that has listed it on eBay for his relative. She’s downsizing her house and won’t be able to keep it any more.


Just imagine yourself looking through this windshield, with more torque than most of you can possibly mention under your right foot! Not a typical grandma car! While grandma’s stated intentions according to the ad were to clear coat what’s there, I think based on the replacement paint in the driver’s rear quarter and potential repair in the passenger rear quarter I’d budget for a repaint. However, I’m glad to see a lack of rust under the vinyl top, at least from this view.


I think we have a winner interior-wise, and I guess those unusually patterned seats I noticed the other times we have featured a 7-Litre recently really are original! Personally, I like them, and with a repainted exterior they would really pop!


A lot of work has been done recently on the car, most of it mechanical in nature. The seller says there are $3,000 in receipts in the last year. One thing I don’t understand is that the timing set is listed both in the parts that were put into the engine and a plan on what you need to buy list. Either way, the car is said to be drivable right now, so I don’t think you have a whole lot to worry. But that’s me, the eternal optimistic talking. One site says there are only 329 of these hardtop automatics left, so you are certainly limited as to choice. I think this would be a great choice–what do you think?




  1. Blindmarc

    Love all makes with a big engine. These don’t fit in today’s garages tho.

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  2. piper62j

    This one is great. I’d scoop it if wasn’t in Canada. Shipping would be a killer.. It appears the owner had a valve job done on the engine so it should run just fine. This body style is admirable and the engine makes it nimble.. These cars had a great ride too. Too bad it doesn’t have AC..

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    • Dean

      Pay the gas and my ticket back and I’ll drive it to wherever you are…

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  3. Andrew

    Didn’t Pickers Mike Woolfe & Frank Fritz find one of these?? Not the same one is it??

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  4. Mike

    A 76 year old Grandma, drives this, LOOK OUT!! I would Love to had this to my collection, but like said the shipping cost would eat you alive!!!

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    • RayT Member

      Judging by the Canadian Customs form shown in the ad, I doubt Granny drove it for very long….

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  5. Howard A Member

    The 7 litre was the coolest ’66 Ford. I remember as a kid, we’d look for that badge on ’66 Ford’s. By “the timing set”, I believe they mean set the timing. Probably can’t find a timing light ( saw one at a flea market recently). Probably pings with the crummy fuel we’ve got. These were nice cars.

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  6. Dan

    I had a neighbor that had one of these, he was the original owner and it was a 4-speed….bet that was a rare one. He moved out of town and never saw it again..

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  7. Brian

    The interior looks great, overall a nice car. But looking at those plug wires, I wonder what the overall quality of work on that engine is.

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  8. Martin

    Looks like the engine is non-original. Appears to be a 385-series big block, probably a 460.

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    • z28th1s

      Looks like an FE motor to me. Thermostat housing for the 460 is on top of the intake, not in the front of the intake like on this car.

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      • Rocco

        You are correct.

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      • Martin

        Valve cover doesn’t look like FE–looks 460-ish

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      • Rocco

        I see what you’re seeing, but look past the valve covers, at the exhaust manifolds, and the spark plug configuration. Then it will come to ‘ya.

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  9. joe

    Around 1968, while managing a small loan co. office in Hattiesburg, Ms., I hired a “chase” man (delinquent payment collector) who had a white 7 liter convertible. It was perfect. I had a Sunbeam Tiger at the time so wasn’t as impressed with it as he was, but I DO remember that it would get down and move out. :-)

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  10. stillrunners

    Are they rare – sure seems to be a lot for sale lately….

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  11. John

    This is a nice car. Now let’s go buy the Maserati. It’s a GREAT car.

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  12. Snotty

    66 XL’s had the same grille

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  13. Mimo

    had a buddy in college who drove one, it was a beast, some good times in that thing.

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  14. Stang1968

    Finally a 7 Litre that’s not red.

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  15. piper62j

    Still,,, “0” bids… Hmmmmm!

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  16. Rocco

    I’d love to have, but too far away(miles & countries).

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