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Garage Find: 1958 Edsel Ranger


Stored by the owner for a number of years with brake failure in the garage, I think it’s time for this great looking classic to be on the road again. It’s up for sale here on eBay and the garage is in Hinesburg, Vermont. Currently bidding is at $2,500 but the reserve isn’t yet met.


Although it’s very dusty and dirty, this car looks very sound, with the distinctive Edsel grille. Also, none of the trim looks bent, which is pretty unusual.


Yes, it’s a four door. In my continued efforts to convince those sedan haters out there, just take a look at how wonderful this one looks. The two tone paint looks as though it could be original, but we have no way of knowing. According to the seller it has 72,400 miles, which I suppose is plausible. I just wish we could tell if those body panels really are as smooth and non-rusty as they look!


While I’m pretty sure the interior isn’t original, it certainly doesn’t look bad, and the velour is probably more comfortable than the original. The color seems to match nicely as well. The seller describes the colors of the interior in the ad as green and gray–I’m guessing this is an error in the ad, but keep it in mind. By the way, that’s a three on the tree shifter. No automatic here!


The seller has noted in the auction listing that the car originally had air conditioning, and we can see that the belt is still in place. Assuming this is the original engine, I think it’s a 361 cubic inch V8. You may remember that the car was originally parked due to brake issues. It looks as though all the parts are available, even master cylinders and slave cylinders, for very reasonable prices, so I think I’d just renew the entire system, minus the hard lines if they are okay. So we know what I’d do; I’d put it back on the road pronto and start to enjoy driving it. What about you? Can you two-door lovers get past your prejudice if it’s as nice a car as this one?


  1. Ray Smith

    Certainly looks like a worthwhile project. For the right price I could even get over the two extra doors. What I can’t get over is the way the front end looks. What were they thinking? I can’t even bring myself to say what it reminds me of. This is going to be a great find for someone though.

    • MG'zer

      Your very right its going to be a great find for someone! Not me! But I think the front end is BEAUTIFUL

      Like 2
    • Ed P

      One source claims the ‘horse collar’ in the middle of the grill was much narrower and nicer looking. However, engineering decided the opening had to be larger for proper cooling. That is the best story I’ve heard so far. Anybody else with an idea?

  2. S Ryan

    Good deal if he threw in a Nixon for Pres. sign.

  3. RicK

    361 with manual tranny means it would be easy to burn ’em off. You could relive all the Ron Howard character’s girl friend’s Edsel scenes from American Graffiti

    • JW454

      I was thinking this is a close match to the one Cindy Williams drove in American Graffiti too. Take the ’55 posted yesterday, build a Falfa ’55 look alike, and this one and it would be a start on a Clone Graffiti collection.

      • David G

        Close in color maybe (although the Corsair driven by Cindy Williams in AG was originally a Copper-colored car before the studio got a hold of it), this one is the Ford chassis based Ranger model instead of The AG Corsair’s Mercury platform. Nonetheless, i see the resemblance you speak of!

  4. Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig says I have always liked Edsels, this one seems to be in good shape.

  5. Eddie

    I’ll Give You 300.00 For The Old Boat !

  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    How about a “Used Cars II ” we need another good movie….! and yes it was a hardtop…..

  7. Warren

    Added bonus! Has the Borg Warner Overdrive if true to the codes on the data plate……

  8. David G

    Wow, a NON-Teletouch Ranger with FACTORY A/C is extremely obscure and with all of the original A/C hardware in place is even better. Something like 80% of all 1958 Edsels were built with the all-new gimmicky Teletouch push-button automatic option ticked, but less than 2% of all 58s were equipped with the in-dash A/C such as this one has. While the cars themselves stickered anywhere from $2500-ish range for the low Ford-based models up to like $3800-ish for the upper Mercury-based models, the Factory Air option alone stickered at close to $500 itself, including the tinted-glass option mandated for use with the A/C option.

    Quite a special little Ranger here for us folks immersed in Edsel cultures. Hope someone gets it who’ll do it justice for successful continuance (sorry i can’t do it – my plate’s full of Eddies right now!).

  9. Alan Brase

    That would be the the E400 engine. the engine was a 352 Ford bored an extra .050, I think. They did have completely machined combustion chambers in the heads but perhaps all FE motors from 1958 had similar cambers.
    The engine badging was based on the rated torque output, with the 361 at 400 ft. lb and bigger engine being 475 The bigger engine was Lincoln based, but I think 410 cu in, in stead of the Lincoln’s 430. A overdrive car would be nice if it was the Borg Warner T85. That was the trans BW developed the T10 4 speed from.

  10. Anthony Rodrigues

    the data plate decodes this way – VIN W8RF704402
    W= 361 V8
    8 = 1958
    R = San Jose Calif plant
    F = 4 door sedan
    704402 = 4402 car built at San Jose

    Body 58A = 4 door sedan
    Paint KKE = Spring green body and roof with Snow White cove
    Trim A = Green Cloth
    Date 05L = Car built on November 5, 1957
    Trans = 2 – 3 speed standard with overdrive
    Axle – C = 3:70 ratio

  11. Ron

    I am currently looking for the right one, but I believe I am looking for a1960, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I want the one, they say is loaded with the push button tranny in the steering wheel.

  12. Ed P

    “the push button tranny in the steering wheel.” Tele Touch was only available on the 58’s.

    • Ron

      Ok thanks, I’ve only been looking at the 60s, no wonder I never found one. I know they’re rare.

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