1994 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo Garage Find!

This 1994 Mazda RX-7 is a legitimate garage find, having spent the last ten years in the seller’s garage and just recently being brought back into action. In many ways, this twin turbocharged “FD” chassis RX7 suffers from all of the typical ailments a long-dormant car suffers from, as the seller had to drain the fuel system before firing it up, and notes that it still runs pretty rough and is in desperate need of a tune. Get all the details here on eBay with no reserve!

Even as a fan of 90s import / tuner cars, the current bid shocks me. Now, I’ve been saying for a while that we should be paying attention to the sports car class of the early 90s for some time, and I still stand behind that. But I typically reserve that opinion for meticulous examples that are showroom fresh and show zero signs of modifications. I suppose this one is tempting to folks because it features some smart upgrades and actually isn’t modified as extensively as many of the FD RX7s are. And, as an added bonus, the seller notes the engine was rebuilt by a Florida engine builder only 5,000 miles ago.

It also helps that the interior still looks quite nice and remains in largely stock condition. There are no cheesy modifications to complain about, not even an aftermarket steering wheel. The seller notes a short shifter has been installed, as well as an Apexi Power FC with Commander and Datalogit engine management system. The tan carpets look to be free from major coffee stains and other grime, at least on the passenger side, and the bucket seats show just the typical signs of wear. The factory radio has been tossed in favor of a Kenwood tw0-din stereo and combination navigation/DVD player system.

The seller lists several other modifications, including a full SS exhaust, downpipe, with metallic cat, as well as an upgraded Koyo radiator, a large stock mount intercooler, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, an Exedy clutch, and a simplified sequential turbo setup. When prepping it for its first start, the seller also replaced the fuel pump and injectors but claims it runs too rich at present. The seller also determined that the power brakes are not working, possibly due to a failed master cylinder. The good news both stock turbos still spool as intended, so at least those don’t have to be rebuilt – yet. Are you surprised to see bidding this strong for a modified FD RX7?

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  1. J_Paul Member

    In an age of $100,000 Supras, the bidding on this RX7 doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s definitely one of the more interesting (and beautiful) cars of the early/mid ’90s, and there aren’t many nice ones left. While this one is somewhat modified, it looks like it hasn’t been thrashed and the colors are great. It also seems like it could be put back to stock pretty easily.

    It’s sometimes hard to think of anything from this era as more than a nice used car, but…this car is now 25+ years old. The kids and teenagers who lusted after this in ’94 now have jobs, disposable incomes, and the desire to act on their nostalgia. Integras, Supras, Fox Body Mustangs, and this RX7 are legitimate collector’s items now, and as time goes on the values of good cars will become less and less surprising.

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    The only thing that surprises me about this one is that it’s been setting for ten years! Not surprised at the price. It does however look like some sort of bleaching agent exploded in the rear hatch area.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    As a previous owner of all three generations of the RX-7 the third is an amazing car. All the rotary sports cars Mazda built have a unique drive experience, the 3rd gen is firm and will get to the edge quite quickly. The 2nd was a car I could spend 12 hrs behind the wheel and still a fun car. The first gen was a basic car. The electronics were amazing and the 3rd gen was the pinicale of Mazda development at the time. Oh the lines are great, they look so good.

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  4. T

    Dear Mazda,

    Bring it back…….. without the rotary.

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    • JMB#7

      Dear Mazda,
      Bring it back with the rotary, and by the way put a rotary in the Miata while you are at it. Please set it up to run E85 with the turbos. I am very serious.

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  5. Steve R

    These have been highly sought after in my area since the early-2000’s, initially for LS-1 conversions when the rotary engine needed rebuilding, later for their own abilities. They have always been hard to find. It’s no surprise to see this sort of price, nor that most people haven’t noticed, these 3rd gen cars are a niche players and always have been.

    Steve R

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  6. SMS

    As the previous owner of an FD looking at the under the hood picture and reading the add I have a guess at why the car sat for 10 years and what could help get it back on the road. These ran wonderfully from the factory. No “tuning” needed. Looks like someone did a catalog build and just stuck on parts that looked good or had a good name.

    Take most of the aftermarket junk off. Check the thousands of hoses for cracks and leaks. Rebuild the motor. The seals do not do well sitting for so long regardless of how many miles are on it. Most importantly have someone look at the turbo before you buy it. Coughed the turbo on mine. Was more expensive than the motor by almost 2x. Luckily was under warranty. The dealer and Mazda were great to work with. Just asked for service records. Did my own oil changes. Showed them the receipts and log book. Area Manager took a look, shook my hand and okayed the repair.

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    • SMS

      Oh yeah, hated the leather seats. Why have a slick seat cover in a great handling car? Could never find a leather conditioner that could help much with that.

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  7. jokacz

    Apex seals, apex seals, apex seals.

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    • Superdessucke

      Yup, someone’s going to be putting serious money into this one. For that and for the various other things that’ll need repair on this obviously hard driven example.

  8. JMB#7

    At the current price, this is a bargain even if you have to rework the motor. These are becoming very scarce due to multiple reasons. (wrecks, LS-swaps, or boy-racer butchered). Check it out well, run a proper compression check. Don’t run it much (or hard) until everything is gone through. May it find a happy home. I would love to have one, but have neither the money or time right now.

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  9. ccrvtt

    I bought my first shop vac over 45 years ago and still have it. They’re not that expensive and last a long time. I am a bit compulsive, I admit, and I hate getting into a dirty car. Judging from the check engine light service I do for the auto parts store many people are satisfied to drive around in rolling trash cans. To each his own, I guess. But if you’re trying to sell a car it doesn’t take that long to vacuum it out.

    End of rant.

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    • Jwaltb

      Thank you.

  10. pwtiger

    I’ve reread the description and still not sure what is going on. The
    second owner has it for 5+ years- it’s been in my garage under cover
    for 10 years?
    Who owned and drove it for 5,000 miles…

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    • JMB#7

      Possible explanation:
      His buddy stored it in his garage 10 years ago with a cover on it.
      He bought it from his buddy 5 years.
      Or maybe the other way around.
      In either case, if someone stores a car in my garage, I will take it out and drive it. Especially a car like this!

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  11. Karl

    I have a question on this car? Mazda could not figure out a way to apply any boost to the rotary engine with one turbo, how in heavens name can someone add two turbos and have any expectations of the apex seal living?

    • JMB#7

      Around 250 to 300 HP per rotor is not uncommon (turbo applications). A few people have build 4 rotor engines (+1200 HP). Mazda only went to 3 rotors in anything production. There is a sizable community of people who really know what they are doing with the rotary engine, especially in “the land down under”. Unfortunately that community will never be as large as the disinformation surrounding the rotary engine.

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  12. Nick

    @karl I guess you haven’t seen any sport compact drag racing for the last 20 years? Australians and the PRs have wound these up to 80psi in extreme methanol applications.

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    • Karl

      Nick I have not seen that done with rotary engines ever, I seen amazing things done with regular reciprocating engines. If they are doing that with rotary engines then I have certainly learned something new Nick!

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