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Garaged Since 1983: 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible

ford deluxe 1

What is there not to love about an original condition 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible? This 40 Ford has been garaged roughly since 1983 and is mostly complete according to the seller. Rust appears to be at a minimum, and the body is pretty straight minus a couple of blemishes. The seller is asking $22,000 for this original example. Find it here on craigslist out of Vista, California.

ford deluxe 3

The interior appears original with a fine layer of dust. The driver seat is ripped, but it has been left alone. The interior colors are rather vibrant with little to no fading. Even the sun visors are there and they aren’t wavy or warped. If you intended to keep the car original, you could simply put a blanket on the seat and give the interior a careful detailing to really show how nice of shape it is in. The convertible top is present, but it looks as if it may not have fared as well as the rest of the car. Perhaps with some patience the top could be semi usable to maintain the originality of the car. But we don’t think a new top would be a bad idea either.

ford deluxe 2

We love the way this car looks. It would be a great original condition car to maintain and preserve. There are some minor blemishes, the biggest appearing as rust in the doors and a dent in the rear fender. Aside from that, this Ford is not too shabby for being 76 years old. The seller mentions this Ford has new brakes, and a new gas tank. There is not a definitive answer to whether or not this Ford is street worthy, but it appears that is, or is very close to being a driver.

ford deluxe 4

This Ford has a nice overall original patina and would be a wonderful example to keep original. But on the other hand, it would also be a good restoration candidate. I am sure even some of our readers would entertain the idea of this being a resto-mod. It is difficult to say what may be the best option for this classic Ford. What would you do with this 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible?


  1. nessy

    Nice rare model Ford which you do not see much anymore. Since it’s a convertible, it should be restored to stock original. This would be a pretty good buy at 15k, if that is possible.

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  2. Red Riley

    Get a kit to put a VW hood on it to make it look like a Beetle.

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  3. Rick

    That is not the original interior. That said, $22K is not a crazy high price for a Survivor grade 40 Ford convert. The black Cal plates are a bonus and provide a large degree of legitimacy to the Seller’s claims. I would renew whatever systems needed to make this a safe reliable driver, put the hubcaps and beauty rings back on it and drive it as is, its totally cool and its my favorite color. No way should this be resto modded or even restored, there are plenty of both around ad nauseum.

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  4. JW454

    I don’t have the means to do it but, if I could, I’d totally restore it to factory original condition. I could see it as a dark blue or a maroon with a tan top and leather interior. completely stock running gear.
    Good thing it’s free to dream.

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  5. David

    Great find and writeup! Thanks Brian! Keek them coming!

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  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m inclined to keep cars original or in good driving condition until I see a rust-through. If that happens all bets are off and it will find itself slated for some restoration work. However, if I had this car I would continue driving it until I was actually able to get at the task(s) to make it a great driver’s restoration. I might be tempted to warm that flathead over to allow it to keep up with modern traffic but otherwise it would be ‘As Henry Built It.’ No trailer queens for me…

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  7. DirtyHarry

    A bargain at full price. If totally restored, it has to be a six figure car. Please don’t resto-mod this one. They are fun to drive when original. How can anyone not love a good running flathead.

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  8. Gary

    I’d go through it and make sure all the “systems” are functioning properly so it’s safe and reliable to drive. Then I’d give it a good cleaning, wash & wax and enjoy it while I saved up some money to replace the top and interior. After that I would look to taking care of any body patching that may need done. Sometime in the future I’d probably paint it but no big hurry for that.

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  9. Badnikl

    Absolutely beautiful. I would keep it stock and fix it up interior and top then the little things and drive it. Price is fine I think and another 20 thousand fixing it up would easily make it worth every dollar. If somebody buys it and needs the steering box rebuild procedures let me know…

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  10. Rock On Member

    You would have definitely made the move from smoking your drugs to injecting them, if you would ever consider restomoding this car!!!

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  11. Patrick

    How did the Vista CA reference happen? Ad is in Miami.
    Nice potential…

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  12. Ken

    Looks like Lumpy Rutherford’s car from “Leave It To Beaver.”

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    • Jon

      I was thinking the same thing… loved those episodes, especially when cars where involved….remember when they attached a chain around lumps rear axle and then tied it to a tree. He drives off yanking the axle out of the car…. the look on his face….
      Sorry for going off point, but had to throw it in.

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    • Eric Dashman

      It reminded me of the car Phil Silvers was driving in “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” that the kid had him drive into the river. That may have been a 47 or 48 model though.

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      • CrazyGeorge GPT

        More like lumpy Ruthaford’s 40 ragtop on “leave it to Bever ” .
        If this rag top 40 is for sale in Ca. How come it comes up in south Fla …?

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  13. Chebby

    Funny, when this was parked it was a $400 hooptie, and you could pick up a big block “Cuda convertible for a few grand….

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  14. Don E

    Although it’s advertised in the Florida market, the map location shows Vista CA. Several cars in background shots confirm CA plates. The attached black plates are mid 1960s vintage. Who knows what they came off of. The older yellow plates would be desirable.

    Long way to go to make it a reliable driver after sitting for 30+ years, not to mention a face lift to become a presentable driver grade. I’m an owner at $13000!

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  15. Bud Dudley

    These convertibles just don’t bring what they did 5 years ago. This is one model ford that I own and follow closely. The trend for them is down, especially original ones. Restomods still command the highest money in 40 convertibles but they are off 30 percent as well. If you look at the cars that actually sell you’ll see what I’m talking about. This car is an ok buy if you want to keep it, but about 5K too high otherwise.

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  16. George Gary

    This car is worth 12,500 to 15,000 depending how bad you want to own it. Check your (Old Cars Report) Price Guide.

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