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“Gentleman’s Road Runner”: 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite

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This beautiful 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite convertible is listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Frazeysburg, Ohio. Bidding is currently up to $15,100 but has not yet met the reserve.


Just look at those clean lines! I think the factory wheels look terrific as well, and the raised white letter tires are perfectly appropriate on this car. The car is said to have been repainted once 25 years ago, but it sure wears it well. The seller mentions some light surface rust on the exterior doors and under the hood as well, but it must be small patches at best!

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The 1969 Sport Satellite is actually quite rare, even more so than the Road Runner of the same year. There’s a neat article about them here. According to the article, there were less than 200 built with a 383 cubic inch V8 like this one has. There’s no telling how many had air conditioning like this one does! What a neat car! I would work on the front bumper alignment, though, based on the picture above.

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Naturally, with the outside looking that nice, the inside looks good as well! Now, here’s the question: do you believe the 27,560 claimed miles? Looking at the interior, it might just be true. The owner provides all the codes and VIN so that you can check the options in the auction–everything seems on the up and up.

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The top is in great shape as well.

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Here’s that 383 cubic inch V8. If the distributor looks a little odd, apparently the original owner changed to aftermarket electronic ignition shortly after the car was new. I’m thinking the Mallory system that’s on there now is later than that, but since I’d be driving the heck out of this car if it were mine, that really doesn’t bother me at all. Anyone know if the Road Runner air cleaner is factory? I know I’d like to be coming out to this “gentleman’s Road Runner” on sunny days; what about you?



  1. 68 custom

    Nice looking Mopar vert with a big block and A/C I would definitely enjoy it till it sold. then I would replace it with something from GM. I am guessing the air cleaner was was swapped out at some point.

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  2. Steve

    Love Satellites as that’s what I learned to drive on, although ours was a 318 hard top. You don’t see many Satellies left as many have been turned into Road Runners. Would love to have this one, but alas…

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  3. Angrymike

    Now that’s a beauty ! Low back buckets, this must be a very early car, the government mandated head rests for 69, so this is very early…..

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  4. dirtyharry

    In the ad, the seller says: “The odometer says 27,560 miles.” Take note, the seller isn’t saying that, the odometer is saying that. Looking at the photos, I would say it is not a 27k mile car. The sellers math says it was driven an average of 588 miles per year, doubtful. The interior while all in place, shows more wear than that and the engine compartment is well used appearing, with some modifications in place. Still a nice rare car regardless of mileage. I think it is worth some money, maybe as much as 20k.

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  5. Jay Calk

    Fine car and very good car to collect. I’m sure it has 127,000 so plan on some repairs. If it was redone to factory spec it would bring a good price at auction but it will take a fair amount of labor to get it there.

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  6. DMan

    If the car saw regular use in the beginning then left outside until the repaint in 1991, the rust under the hood looks appropriate. The Road Runner air cleaner could very well have been installed at the factory. Picture the Satellite air cleaner bin empty as the car approaches. What to do? Stop the line and get the proper air cleaner or grab a RR lid and move on. Hey, it was ’69.

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  7. Gordon

    Oh, I’d have no problem at all dropping 15 or 20 K on this car! A 383 rag top with AC? Oh My!

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  8. stillrunners

    As some might know……the Sport Satellite had the same trimmings as a GTX…….nice car there

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  9. Bobsmyuncle

    Beautiful car! I’m really not a ‘vert guy but I’d make an exception in this case!

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  10. hoberg

    wish i kept my 70 sport satellite hardtop. paid $200 in 1988. 383 auto with buckets and console. yellow with green interior. 2nd owner. practically gave it away for a stereo system in my 69 ss 396. dangerous on turns but top end was wicked.

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  11. Chebby

    Wow, what a super nice car. With 3 owners and a repaint that mileage is surely 127k or more. Oddly the black interior seems to be wearing through to yellow underneath in a few spots?

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  12. Kocancer Member

    Good afternoon. Is this car still for sale? Is the bidding on it still going after 7 years? Thanks.

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