GM Collection Of Field Finds For Sale

Here’s a neat GM group find for sale here on craiglist with both Chevrolets and Pontiacs included. They are located in Bristol, Vermont, and range in price from $500 to $200o each. While these two Chevelles may not be pristine, some of the other cars don’t look too bad. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Josh D. for sending in this cool field find!

For example, take a look at this Firebird. Sure, it’s missing the rear window (and based on the rain, it might have been for a while). The other Firebird you see was in the ad at the start in picture form only but has since been taken off. But look at the panels on this car; especially for the Northeast, this looks pretty darned solid.

Now this convertible is a little rougher (understatement) but even for parts, it might be wanted by someone.

Here’s a Camaro and a LeMans. Obviously, you’d want to look them over before making an offer, but it might be worth the trip!

Since front end panels and subframes are available, you could take a shot at this car. Or maybe combine it with the one below?

Here’s a tub that doesn’t look good, but the frame may be promising.

What do you think? If you were to choose one to pursue, which one would it be?

Be sure and tell us in the comments which project you’d choose to start with!

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  1. Sparkster

    It appears wheels and tires are in short supply in Vermont, especially on GM vehicles . Really a shame to let once great cars die in such a beautiful place . RIP

  2. Mike

    As a joke, how about putting some Yenko decals on it and age them to the condition of the car and see what happens.

  3. Ikey Heyman

    I doubt they use any less road salt in Vermont now than they did when I was living there and buying beaters to get around in. Everyone in my crowd had a pop-rivet gun and learned how to patch up a car enough to pass inspection. As Horace Greeley once wrote: “Go West, young man!”

    • Rob

      It’s smazing what a few old license plates (or a piece of plywood) some screws (maybe, optional), a roll of aluminum tape and a six pack of beer will get you at a VT inspection station :)

  4. Chris In Australia

    My pick? I’d have to go for the ’71/’72 Malibu. It has at least 2 wheels and some paint on it.

  5. Martin Dix

    Hmmm…looks like a ’70 Coronet hood on that green Firebird convertible.

    • Fiete T.

      Or Olds Cutlass from the late-’60’s

      • Charles G Van De Sampel

        Nope. That’s a 1970 Coronet hood. Which if it worked would look pretty awesome.

  6. jw454

    There was a time when I could have (and would have) been glad to find cars like these. However, the days of me being able to take something like these cars and doing anything with them has long past. The most I can do is hope other people can see a use for them at least as a parts source.

  7. Matt steele

    Field of screams

  8. Karguy James

    The pic of the litter was the red 1968 RSS/SS looking car. It has already been pulled (photo) from the listing.

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Makes me wonder what treasures are in the barn?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      I was wondering that myself as I wrote the post…

  10. michael h streuly

    New movie field of junk.

  11. JC

    I’m at a loss… what a shame to let them get to this point before being ready to sell them… I guess I would take the Firebird without the back window if the guy gave it to me.

  12. Fiete T.

    Junk, junk, junk, junk, and even more junk. If they had been more saavy, they should have over promoted & over hyped this “Field of Crap” and brought in suckers…I mean “Buyers,” and have Lambrecht (however it’s spelled) auction all over again.
    People out in a field for days bidding thousands for a ’50 or ’60 something vehicle with low miles and trees growing through them, giddy like school girls, with a glazed look in their eyes chanting about “Where else will you find a such-n-such with such low miles?”

    Hey, Bob…it’s still a rotted out POS!

    This is how guys like Jim Jones gets suckers to drink the Kool Aid

  13. Barzini

    With cars that close to the road, for some time people must have stopped and asked if any were for sale. The 68 RS Camaro would have made me stop and look.

  14. steven

    69 firebird for me

  15. 79malibu

    If I were to choose one. It would be one with 4 inflated tires to minimize frame rust.

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