Golden Bear Edition: 1992 Lincoln Town Car

Executive luxury cars crowding city streets and grand hotels were a huge scene in the 1990’s. As time went one, these cars fell short in terms of fuel economy, and desire as friends might describe your car as a “boat”. Auto manufacturers such as Ford signed up celebrities to create a special edition package of there likeness and assigned it to there flagship vehicle. Professional golfer Jack Nicklaus found his name on the Lincoln Town Car, the most prestigious nameplate in American luxury cars. This 1992 Lincoln Town Car is currently offered for sale here on craigslist in Chicago, Illinois for $1,500. All this car for that price is certainly par for the course.

The fact of this being nothing more than a regular Town Car, there is nothing specific about the engine or performance of the car. This is simply an appearance package, limited to either white or dark green as this example is finished in. The interior has a unique color combination of white and green. The white seats simulate the look of golf gloves and the green carpet replicating the lush grass of a putting green. All in all stylish for the time, and still striking if found in good condition.

The Golden Bear’s signature series of Lincoln sedans were surely some of the finer offerings on the lot and at the course. I have seen only of these in person…at a parts yard. I grabbed the badges to add to my collection. If only I could have grabbed the whole car!

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  1. Dave

    I’d be happy with just the badges.

  2. Dean

    Posting expired…

  3. Troy s

    I don’t know if Nicklaus was still playing MacGregor golf clubs in ’92 but the white and dark green would be the correct color for the staff bag he used for years and years.
    Already deleted, shucks.


    The guy from Hoovies Garage on YouTube bought one of these for $500 at an auction where no one bid on the car. I think all it took was a couple of hundred dollars in some repairs to make it far better than this one at twice the price.

  5. P Wentzell

    A while back I bought a 1990 Town Car (Signature). It rode really well and was a great highway cruiser. These many times would develop transmission ‘Issues’ at 120K and the rear load leveling system needed close attention. I’ve passed up a couple others since then, but wouldn’t mind the newer version.

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