It’s Got Badonkadonk: 1973 AMC Gremlin V8 304

If I can paraphrase Trace Adkins country classic “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” – when it comes to AMC Gremlins “Now Honey you can’t blame her for what the designers gave her”. They gave her that big, in your face, ridiculous rear end. The 1973 survivor, found here on Craigslist with thanks to reader Pat L, is a great example of the oddly cute, surprisingly powerful vehicle with tons of personality in spite of its profoundly bizarre styling.

No matter what side of “beautiful vs. ugly” you fall in when it comes to this model, you have to agree it’s as if the design staff ran out of funding as they got to the rear of this car, and just said “Ok. We’ll just cut the off the back, you know, almost in a straight line” and then went and got drinks. And I like it.

It’s got this muscular front, nice hood with a mock scoop, fully acceptable grill with wide stance lights, and a good choice in rims with raised white lettering Goodrich T/A’s. I like the quirky Gremlin X colors, marketing, and trims – and come on, who didn’t love the Levi/Gremlin denim edition? Perhaps since I’ve always liked a fine fitting pair of 414’s on a dance partner, I was destined to actually be a fan of the hind quarters of Gremlins.

This particular Barn Find, said the be hidden away since the 1980’s, could be a great restoration if you’re looking to add a “classic” to your collection. Since X package models, V8 engines, and manual transmissions all command higher prices, this version stands a chance of increasing in value in a shorter span of time. But let’s be honest, you don’t buy a Gremlin for profit. As Trace says “It ain’t for the money, it ain’t for the glory…It’s for the badonkadonk”.



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  1. Classic Steel

    Just never feed after midnight a gremlin or give them drinks as I hear Gremlins go Luney 👀

    seriously AMC were great cars never appreciated and their muscle cars like the Javelins were not picked up like Stangs and Camaro vehicles 🚗🚗🚗

    Like 1
  2. John

    Is it just me or does $6500 for a non running gremlin with body damage seem a little strong? I like these a lot but too much coin.

  3. XMA0891

    A classic “Rodney Dangerfield” model, but Gremmies are really cool! IMO, ’73 was the last good-looking year, and this one punches all of the buttons: Good year, good color, good shape, X-package, three pedals and a V-8!
    Love it, and would love to own it!

  4. Michael

    What is that thing mounted next to the washer bottle? Looks like a speaker. For an alarm?? Like the car.

    • Michael thomas

      most likely the cb radio under hood speaker . That way you can talk to the girls on the street as you cruise by. “hey momma, looking good”

      • Nrg8

        Yikes. Not in this day and age, you might come out to a new paint job on that unique car. Maybe a tar and featherin’

  5. G Keller

    Jeff Dunham needs this one to go with his other 2 Gremlins.

  6. Mark

    Alan you already said this about 3 Times , who cares.

    • Alan

      This is new post regarding an AMC I have right to post. There no limit on number of posts as I know. No need be Offensive!

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Alan, I don’t mind reading your posts. You have an interesting collection.

    • Alan

      I notice u are member ok is this post acceptable ?

      William Sanders
      Jan 25, 2018 at 10:31am
      Typical crooked ebay seller, pumping up the bids with fake accounts.

  7. Wagon master

    Seems steep to me

  8. darrun

    I had one exactly like this in 1983. 304, Three speed, and PURPLE. If the asking price was reasonable, I would consider this one. I don’t see this selling for near the asking price, considering, they haven’t even tried to start it.

  9. JazzGuitarist54

    I think 6500 is a bit high
    But it is a very kule car

  10. Derek

    The ’70s were not always the most stylish of decades.

  11. grant

    Please, never use the word “badankadonk” in a post again…

  12. Chuck

    Why do so many motors in these finds look like they had a mud bath?


    Not to mention it has rot in the wheel wells. 2k tops

  14. Adam T45 Staff

    I’m fascinated by the way cars go through trends of being either really cool, or seriously uncool. When you look at cars like the Gremlin and the Pacer, not too many years ago they were considered ugly and most people just wanted to run them through the nearest crusher. Now these cars are finding renewed popularity, not because they are drop-dead gorgeous, but because they are actually quite ugly. In this day of “cookie cutter” car design where it’s getting harder to differentiate between different models, it’s cars like this that attract us more and more. I really like these simply because they are so different. I hope that someone buys it and restores it. The motoring world deserves it.

    • GP Member

      Maybe it has something to do with wanting to own a classic from the past and you don’t need to be a millionaire to get one.

  15. SAM61

    I guess this is another way to use social media to sell your own stuff. I am not a member but would feel obligated to at least purchase a membership or actual BF ad space if I were using commentary to sell my “wares.”

  16. Skip

    The price is a bit high, but I’ve always loved the Gremlins…despite the odd design. I can’t remember now who built them, but one of the EMS companies built a Rescue version Gremlin. I’ve only seen pictures of them, but when I had my ambulance service, I would’ve loved to have had one in the fleet.

    • mike D

      seems like I read an article in Motor Trend 70 or 71 the Chicago Fire Dept was using these for something or other , they were using the 6, I think were touting the fuel economy of them compared to the big rigs they were ” replacing” .. and they could go where the bigger trucks could not . I believe they folded the back seat down which allowed more cargo space anybody remember that?? Maybe someone from Chicago?

  17. Wrong Way

    I bought my wife one exactly like this! Same color same motor! It was actually a really good car! It was very fast! She got rid of it after kids came! Great car!

    • XMA0891

      I’ve found The build-quality of the ‘70-‘73 Gremlins was as-good-as, if not better, than that of their peers. Something definitely went awry until the ‘78 model year when quality and reliability returned.

  18. Nova Scotian

    Great lead in on the story and wrap up bringing it all together in a nice package. …it ain’t for the glory, it ain’t for the whiskey, it’s for the BA-DONK-A-Donk! …Thanks,

  19. Jerry Brentnell

    a customer of ours bought a gremlin x at a police auction with a seized engine, came to us with it , get it running! don’t care how! do it! so we had a 394 olds engine and trans mission which I got the job of stuffing it in there! well did we ever end up with wolf in sheeps clothing! his daughter ended up with it and kicked the ass of lots of so called fast cars

  20. z28th1s

    The tires on the car aren’t BF Goodrich TA’s they are Goodyear Polyglass bias ply tires.

    • Nrg8

      Yes, I saw that too. It’s a little strong on price, but really does appear to be a legit barn find. Really this should be all kinds of hacked up and worn inside. Doesn’t really look like it got to be a teenagers first car either. Might make a good start.

  21. Nrg8

    I know your excited bro. Seems like if has 4 tires you got one too! You should just get a picture of you wearing a leather USA flag jacket with shades and the related vehicle all shined up giving the thumbs up with a big smile paying homage American Iron. Something like this

  22. 68custom

    would be so cool to make a S/C 360 gremmie with this one!

  23. Righteous Bob

    I’m thinking he tried to turn it over, found it tight as heck, and now it’s over his head on how to repair it.. So fix the problem, Sell It, and just say “I Don’t Know if it’s Tight.. First thing I check “Is She Tight” after pulling the plugs and oiling the cylinders, and so do most of us!!

  24. Ohio Rick

    If it was reasonable I’d probably be tempted to buy it as a parts car, though I have no idea where I’d put it!

  25. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Price dropped to $5600. Seller must be a BF reader!

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