Gotta Read The Story! 1959 Ford Fairlane Garage Find

This gorgeous 1959 Ford survivor is worth looking at just because it’s beautiful. The craigslist ad is even better. While the cynic in me knows that it’s a dealer ad, the hopeless romantic in me loves the story of Bryce Wiles and his 1959 Ford Fairlane. The car is for sale in Newport, North Carolina and is listed both here on craigslist and here on the dealer’s website for $14,995.

The car was purchased by Mr. Bryce Wiles on May 5, 1976, for $1,100. He and his wife Emma were actually looking to replace her car when they spotted this older Ford by the side of the road. He couldn’t buy it soon enough, and his old car, now Emma’s, was relegated to the carport, while the 1959 was pampered in the garage. It was never driven in the rain again, and has only covered 72,000 miles.

Later on, Bryce found another 1959 Fairlane and stripped it of all its nice parts. The best were interchanged with the ones on Bryce’s car. The ad notes that Emma was happy when the hulk that was left was hauled off! I can believe that!

I wish there were some shots of the interior or engine, but we have neither. However, the car is said to be in excellent condition, and the transmission is an automatic. Back to the story; unfortunately, Bryce died July 4, 2016 and Emma really wasn’t sure what to do with the car after that. It has since been passed on to the dealer selling the car, and it comes with a lot of spare parts as well. Would you like to take over for Bryce?



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  1. angliagt

    Just what does “passed on to the dealer selling the car” mean?
    I hope that Emma got,or is getting a FAIR share
    of the money.

    • L.M.K. Member

      Hope so….

    • John T

      My guess is that the dealer is doing what dealers do: They most likely bought the car from the owner (Emma) so now they own it and are going to flip it for a substantial profit.

  2. Woodie Man

    A beautiful car even with the four doors….maybe even more so in this instance….dealer’s baloney is cute but reminds me of the sidewalk game where you try to figure out under which of three continuously moving shells is the ball ……….

  3. Mark

    I had a 1958 Mercury sedan (that was the only model designation, ‘Sedan’) with 58k seemingly original miles. It was wearing an ancient set of bias plies and had an Atlas tire as a spare- a brand that disappeared decades ago. Fun, very simple car which always elicited thumbs up.

    I paid around $3,500 for mine, in terrific running condition. Although a Florida car until I bought it, there was some rust in the panel between the rear window and trunk lid- an impossible part to locate, so I had a local metal fab shop copy the original piece and it worked beautifully.

    I enjoyed every time behind the wheel. We dubbed it the “Rolling Museum”.

  4. Sergio Garcia

    That would be perfect to add to my grandfathers collection. He has a all white 57 coupe and a sky blue and white two toned 58 sedan.

  5. Vince Habel

    It is a Galaxy. First year the had Fairlane 500 on the trunk lid. Good colors.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Vince; The Galaxy designation was introduced very late in the model year, as an upscale version of the Fairlane. the Galaxy had more standard equipment. The car was still considered a Fairlane, but these were known as Fairlane Galaxys or Galaxy Fairlanes, depending on the various Ford info paperwork. I had a Skyliner [Retractable] in these colors, until a friend borrowed it [with my permission] and totaled it.

    • Allan k


  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    Back in the 60’s one of my cousins had a 59 like that except it was a 2 dr. Same color, beautiful car. It was before I had a license and was fun when he’d take all the cousins that would fit in it out for a ride. I’ve got a warm spot for them with fond memories of them and that one is great looking.

  7. Howard A Member

    Yeah, that’s a nice story, and there’s no reason to think it’s not true. The sad part, is this scenario is played out over and over, kid has little, if any, interest in dad’s pride and joy, but more accurately, they probably had a slew of bills, and had no choice. ’59 was one of my favorites, and someone is going to get a sweetheart. And no, it’s not “Matt Hagan” the drag racer, I checked.

  8. LD

    Matt Hagan? I was thinking George Jones ! 😜

  9. 63Comet

    I hope it goes to someone who truly cares about it for what it is and that that person goes to meet Emma in person. It would mean a lot to her I’m sure and would be the kind of gesture that shows just what our enterprise is all about.

  10. Mark

    Congrats Sergio!

  11. Mark-A

    Great looking vehicle, also reading the description on both adverts I noticed that they are willing to do a $500 discount to buyers that are serving Military & Police, Ambulance etc. Kudos for that! I don’t understand why we HARDLY ever see anything like this in the UK (not saying that it NEVER happens but surely should be encouraged!)

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