Grab This While You Can! 8,000 Mile Maverick Grabber


While I might quibble a bit with the seller’s claim that this car is “like new”, it is a nice and pretty original example of a car you don’t see that often anymore. This Maverick is located in Boca Raton, Florida and is listed for sale here on eBay, with bidding up to $6,600 already but the reserve isn’t met.


The Maverick always took a back seat to the Mustang and was considered an economy car, but the Grabber version was an attempt to inject some excitement into the line. As far as I can tell, the distinct differences were limited to graphics, a rear spoiler, a different hood with fake scoops and dual “racing” mirrors, although some optional equipment from the Maverick line was also included in the package. This car is sporting it’s original Medium Yellow Gold paint, and apart from the trunk lid it doesn’t look too bad. The rear bumper should be chrome, though.


That’s surface rust, not mildew. The only thing I can think of is that it was a bad day on the trunk painting line on October 26, 1971 when this car was built. Since the damage is confined to the one panel, this is one case where I’d repaint this part of the car and try to match the existing paint as closely as possible.


That mileage claim is awfully low, and I’m not sure that the interior supports it. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the seams on the front seat are shot and there’s more wear on the brake pedal pad than I’d expect to see. It’s still possible, though, and the dash looks terrific. You can also see the air conditioning vents in the dash, not a tremendously common option on Mavericks. I remember some warm journeys in North Carolina summers in the back seat of my neighbor’s Maverick while I was growing up–it would have been nice to have some cool air!


This Maverick was fully optioned with the 302 V8, albeit in two-barrel form. All in all, this is a really nice example of an under appreciated car, and I’d love to have it in my driveway. Are any of you grabbed by this Maverick?



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  1. Rob

    Would love to drive it. Maybe in time update the drivetrain with a 5.0 crate motor and definitely fix this horses Whoa department with discs all the way around.

    • Stacye Rose

      I’d want a 4 speed if I were going to do that.

      • Rob

        Most definitely make this a proper three pedal car.

  2. motoring mo

    An truly under appeciated classic.
    Now is the time to pick one up before prices rise.

    • Woodie Man

      Maverick, Pinto, Vega..classic? I feel like Woody Allen in Sleeper

  3. Howard A Member

    108K, maybe. Too rough for 8K. Maverick’s were good cars, and the V-8 sure will move it out, even with the 2 barrel. Great example here. Very few Maverick’s survived.

    • smackypete

      I agree on the 108k. But WHY do people try this stunt? If you’re going to fake mileage, I might believe 38k, but 8k?

  4. don comfort

    The A/C vent in the center of the dash is not factory air. It’s possible it is dealer installed. The car looks to be in very good condition. Leather seats are not an option for the Maverick, probably vinyl.

    • Bob's your uncle

      Comment on the A/C vent is interesting.

      A/C isn’t listed on the Marti report under door data plate, but it is listed under statistics.

      • Doug

        I worked as a tech at a Ford dealership in that era, that sure appears to be factory AC…see the Ford underhood decal

      • CATHOUSE

        Whether a Ford vehicle had factory A/C or not will not be noted on the door data plate. The door data plate will tell you the VIN, the body code, the interior code (style and color), the ordering district, the exterior paint color, the transmission and the rear axle ratio. A/C is an option and will be listed with the options on a Marti report, just as it is on this car. The A/C was factory installed on this car. I cannot say if the center vent is correct or not though, I do not know enough about Mavericks to say anything on that issue. The statistics part of a Marti report tell you how many of that years’ production for that model vehicle had a given option.

  5. Doug Towsley

    Fords version of the Nova. I am a chevy guy but can appreciate these. I had a couple friends with Mavericks. Decent hot rod material. Back in my military days went cruising with Marty, a guy I was stationed with who had a red one w/black stripes and chrome sidepipes. Cool car. Sometimes after breakfast at the Chow hall I would grab 2 Oranges or Apples on the way out. Stuff them into Marty’s sidepipes. It got to be a routine.

  6. bear

    Nice car. Probably 108K miles. …which still isn’t bad! (I don’t understand why people try to exaggerate the low mileage of a car. There are just too many easy ways to determine if a car has more mileage. & ANY CAR of this age is going to require some maintenance (seals, bushings, any rubber bits, etc.) to be a safe & reliable daily driver.)
    If the underside has no rust, the paint is original, no bodywork exists, & everything works, then I’d consider it.

    • Bob's your uncle

      I was doubting the paint but zoomed in and the area around the trunk/tail panel, wheelweel behind the tires, and other places sure make it look old, if not original.

  7. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Always loved this early “Grabber” design before Grabber was reduced to nothing looks wise except for a slight hood bulge and decals.

  8. geebee

    I had a red ’77. Not a Grabber, but did have a 302. Not the fastest car ever, but after an old hot rodder friend backed the timing a couple of degrees, and tinkered with the carb a little, it would light the back tire pretty good, and roar through the dual glass packs nicely. Guy I sold it to said a cop buddy of his let him top it out & run it by his radar……got 118 out of it.

  9. Paul Masson

    Mileage aside, it’s all about condition. I purchased a 71 Grabber in 2012 with only 19,000 original documented miles.

    While it was an original car, including 90% of its paint, the car needed everything. I even ended up replacing the lower cowl.

    These cars are awesome and I’ve loved them ever since I bought my first one when I was 14, some 23 years ago.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Neat car, Paul!

    • CaCarDude

      Very nice ride you have there Paul! Like the color combo! Back in about ’76 I had a girlfriend who drove a ’73 Maverick green w/white top, plaid interior, a 6cyl, auto. That car was as dependable as anything out there and a real good driver as I recall. I was a GM guy for so many years prior, well I developed a new liking for this Ford product, to this day I would like to have one for myself as a DD,.. I like the one listed here but it is just to far away and a bit over my budget.

    • smittydog

      My friend bought a new base white maverick, yanked out the six banger, dropped in a 427 and proceeded to tear up “Sunday, Sunday, Detroit Dragway, Sibley at Dix” ( radio commercial). Ahhh those were the days.

  10. Jay Bree

    I had a gold 72 302 2V which was a stripper… no power anything. It was a cheap car, but it would scoot when you hit the loud pedal.

    The C4 finally wore out and I sold it… fun ride and they’re underappreciated. It’s a falcon with some styling.

  11. Bob's your uncle

    Very very very light cars, but the factory suspension is about as stout as you’d find on a golf cart. My wife had a straight 6 71 Comet in high school, it was a blast. Always more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow.

  12. JCW Jr.

    Always liked the styling of the Maverick. This is one car I would love to have with a 302/4 speed. maybe because I like the unusual.

  13. JW

    I agree with Doug Towsley this was Fords answer to the Chevy II / Nova, my ex had a 6 banger red 71 when I met her, it was a decent commuter car and never gave us any trouble, I can’t say the same for the ex.

    • Rob

      They are an ex for a reason.

  14. OhU8one2

    What I’m about to tell you is classified. I could lose my career over this. Maverick has all the right things going for it. The in your face color,but the trunk lid and black rear bumper have me thinking. I’m going below the hard deck with this one,because before anybody makes a Jester out of me. No way do I believe that this craft has 8000 miles. While it is going to fulfill my need for speed,I think I would pass before my Goose would be cooked. And Merlin would have to do some rollback magic,but then I would be involved in some type of cover up, and I want to tell it like it is.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Careful, or your ego will write checks your body can’t cash… 😎

      • OhU8one2

        Good one!

  15. Rick

    I’m in the 108K camp on this one as well, no way is it 8K The 28K ’60 Ford featured earlier today was much more believable.

  16. smackypete

    Anyone in the market for this car, (i.e.: a car enthusiast), is going to easily be able to tell if the mileage claim is bogus. IDK why people try this.

  17. Krash

    Same color as the Pinto my sister drove while attending college in the 70’s……and probably just as fast…..

  18. Loco Mikado

    I am surprised with people praising these claustrophobic mobile junk piles. Never liked them when they were new and still don’t like them 45 years later. A friend of mine sold his ’63 Plymouth Fury Convertible with 361 Commando and bought one of these new in ’72.. He was probably high on weed(which he smoked his share of)when he bought it, it is the only logical explanation I can think of for buying one. It was a Grabber 200 six with auto. You couldn’t keep the engine from dying at stoplights and it wheezed and clattered away slowly from them. The interior was dark and claustrophobic with lousy visibility, with both front and rear seats being uncomfortable and torture chamber ergonomics getting in or out of the car. He often cursed the day he sold the Fury and bought the Maverick. As to bring further insult to injury he was in line to be drafted not long afterwards but chose to enlist to avoid going to Vietnam and had to drive the thing for 4 years, because of it being financed was not able to default and declare bankruptcy(like a few other people I knew at the time did)while in the service. It quit on him several times coming and going from his duty station in Colorado and his home of Portland, OR. At the time I had a dead nuts dependable ’62 Ford Fairlane SW(so I am not a Ford basher, own 4 of them today)with 260 V8 with 3 spd overdrive on the floor which I got better gas mileage than he did with his 6. My Fairlane was everything his Maverick was not and at 1\15th the price.

    • smittydog

      Your friend probably needed to get some reliable transportation and didn’t know he would end up with a lemon. The guys on the assembly line were probably the ones smoking. Thanks for the potato salad story anyway.

      The name “maverick” was derived from the word for unbranded range animals, and the car’s nameplate was stylized to resemble a longhorned cow head.

  19. z28th1s

    I like the Mavericks and Comets of this era! Nice styling and with the light weight (less than 2,800 pounds with the 302) can be made into a very quick car with a few mods.

    Between my uncle, dad and I we have 5 of them!

  20. Paul Masson

    Nothing wrong with the 6-cyl either. The V8 makes for a lot faster car, but for me, it’s all about cruising…

  21. nessy

    I once had a Comet GT which is pretty much the same car except mine was a 302 4barrel 4 speed with a nice set of headers. The car was a real tire roaster. It was a rocket once you could get the tires to grip the road. It was white with black strips and a bright red interior which looked so much better than this gold color.

  22. Rando

    Every car on here is junk to someone. I like this one. I’d like it with a 6. And I’m not a huge maverick fan. I just like it.

  23. Mike

    I was a Ford person when these were new. I drove many, worked on many and always liked them back in the day. In the early 70’s I would much rather drive one of these than any pre-69 mustang made. I have always disliked early Mustangs and I preferred these or V8 Falcons.

  24. Jack

    I had two friends with Maverick’s . One was a ’73 the other a ’77 , both with the six’s in them . We had a 14% grade hill that they would start at the top or an roll backwards in neutral . I’m guessing the speed about 25 mph , floor the gas pedal and throw it into drive . The tires would spin for about 3 seconds or so until the car started to move forward again . Each one had done that about half a dozen times . Never fazed either one of them . I did a muetral drive drop in a ’79 Monte Carlo and ripped the drive shaft out of it . My dad was none to happy about it . The drive shaft is still in the crawlspace under his house . The body on the 73 disintegrated and the ’77 was traded on another vehicle . Dependable cars .

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