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Grandpa’s Stash

1971 Plymouth Fury Sport

This 1971 Plymouth Fury Sport gets honorable mention, not because of what it is, but because of the number of beer cans stashed on top. Well, that, and the fact that the seller is unloading his grandfather’s collection of 5 cars and 3 motorcycles here on eBay. There’s some interesting stuff and most of it should go cheap because nothing has a reserve. Everything is located in Guymon, Oklahoma and even if the land yachts are not for you, there is a motorcycle-car that is worth a look. See anything worth saving? Thanks goes to Jim S. for tip!


  1. Mark E

    Wow, I’ve always loved those pulse cyclecars! They have always looked to be based upon the bede 5 airplanes to me. Otherwise I’d love to take any/all of the Imperials. I was a critic of the later ’80s Imperial revival but after driving one find I like it better than the same gen New Yorker.

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    • Daryl

      We were on the same page regarding the Pulse motorcycle as I too thought of the Bede 5. Knew the nosewheel was too big but still wondered if a jet or prop was in back.

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  2. TMC61

    Ive heard in the past that those 80’s Imperials were illegal to use as Demo Derby cars. Anybody know about that?

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    • Justin in indy

      Yes, There is an era of them that were illegal. I remember hearing that for many years as well. But it wasnt the 80’s cars, it was mid 60’s cars that were banned.

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  3. Justin in indy

    That car is 1000% derby-bound.

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  4. paul

    Well we can always melt the cans & hand beat some new panels.

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  5. Dolphin Member

    No way I’m doing this deal unless all that good stuff sitting on the car comes with it.

    If I lose this auction I’m going for the ’81 Imperial. Nice upholstery, and with just a bit of clean-up she’ll be carrying me around in style. And I’m sure I can rig up some kind of switch in the steering wheel to get the horn going so she’ll pass a safety inspection.

    By the way, anyone know if those beer cans on this car are full?

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  6. paul

    Dolphin I am sure you would look great driving that Imperial, but somehow I can’t picture it any more then I can picture me in one.

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  7. Bobby

    Hadn’t heard about the demolition derby ban, but I do recall Chrysler advertising that the Imperial was made of a thicker gauge of sheet-metal.

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  8. Ant

    The Sport Fury would look great all cleaned up,They are cool with hideaway headlights and the neat interior. Someone save it.

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  9. John Cargill

    Jap bikes are worth something as scrap. Imperials are worth saving.

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  10. bruce r. colbert

    @ John Cargill.
    Jap Bikes ? Look close and you can see “Harley” written in that puddle of oil under the HD.

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  11. MadHungarian

    That’s not a garage, it’s a Superfund site. I count at least five batteries sitting on the floor UNDER the Fury.

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  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    That HD Electra-Glide Shovelhead is the one piece of iron I’d like to latch onto. It’s suffering either from a bad countershaft seal or the inner primary is cracked. Both easy to fix but the latter is rather expensive. Replace that ‘dancing’ wierdo suspension seat with a good ol’ buddy seat and you’ve got one of the best rides of that era.

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  13. joe howell

    That Harley is gnarly. Chrome tank and fenders must have made it a blinder in it’s day but sad now.

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  14. hawk

    I think the beer cans have more historical significance than the Plymouth

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  15. John Cargill

    Tell you what you buy me the Plymouth I’ll get you some old beer cans.

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  16. Paul G

    The later Imperials were built on a special line, and if my memory is correct, there was a Frank Sinatra edition available.
    As far as the Harley, it’s from the AMF era, so not sure what the value of the bikes from that vintage bring.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      As far as the AMF Harleys are concerned, the big problems didn’t surface until around 1978, about the time HD introduced the 80 CID engine. That’s when vibration was so bad some of the bikes rattled themselves to pieces. Some of those 80 inch flywheels had the crankshaft centerline off by .005 in. Actually once that was rectified they ran quite well. There’s still talk that a pre-AMF will bring better money than the AMF jobs. Marginally, maybe. I think a ’66-’70 Generator-Shovel will fetch better money than any Cone-Shovel. But then, the older, the more highly sought after they are.

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      • Paul G

        Thanks for the info. geomechs. The late 70’s Harley’s were a shakin’ machine.

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  17. KE100

    im liking the silver Kawasaki f7

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