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Great Straight ’48: 1948 Chrysler Royal Tudor

040516 Barn Finds - 1948 Chrysler - 1

Can this be real? A 1948 Chrysler Royal Tudor Sedan that looks like this, in black, for $2,500? This great, straight, ’48 is in Kalispell, Montana and the seller says that this car “will not be sold for a Rat Rod!” I don’t blame them, I think that this car deserves to be brought back to original spec. But, some of you may not agree with that and that’s what makes for a lively discussion!

040516 Barn Finds - 1948 Chrysler - 3

What a great looking, solid car! There are no engine photos, unfortunately, but this should have Chrysler’s 251 Spitfire-six with 114 hp and it should look like this, or it will once you’re done with the restoration. Remember now, no SBC or Hemi in here, this is a rat-rod-free zone! The seller says that they have had “the engine running but it still needs a lot of TLC.”

040516 Barn Finds - 1948 Chrysler - 2

I see some work that will be needed on the RR fender but other than that this car looks really straight. With a little work you could bring it back to being this nice again. One of you will know the exact model of this car, regarding it being a Royal or another variation of the Windsor / Royal.

040516 Barn Finds - 1948 Chrysler - 4

With no interior photos there’s no way of knowing what it looks like inside of this otherwise nice car, but here’s something to shoot for. That sure looks like a dent in the trunk, but if that’s the worst ding on the body it’ll be a breeze to make this black beauty shine like new again. One thing, though, there is no title so that’ll have to be sorted out. But, if a person can figure that out, and figure out some way to not turn this into a flat-black-bagged-SBC-powered rat rod, this is one sweet deal and it can be found on craigslist. Could you hold back on modifying this car or would you keep it original spec like the seller is hoping will happen?


  1. grant

    Wow. 2500 bucks? Why has this been listed for 18 days? He doesn’t mention the insides or the floors but this appears to be a solid old car.

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  2. Braktrcr

    Wow i think it is beautiful. As much as like small block Chevy’s i agree, this should be restored to stock. Can almost hear it run

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    • RS

      With a car like this, having it running and making the sounds it always has is part of the fun. Putting a small block Chevy or something else in this shows a complete lack of appreciation of the historical interest.

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  3. dave

    Parted one of these out for 10.000 plus and still going.

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  4. Mark S

    What a grand old car in decent shape. The thing your going to need to know though, is that your going to need at least a 30’x30′ garage to store and restore this car. I do like these big Chryslers as they have an enormous presence. I’m not ever going to own a car this big but I’d sure like the chance to drive one at some point in my life. Let’s just say it’s on my bucket list.

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very nice! I’m more partial to the club coupe in this style but all of them convey nothing but class. A good car that’s easy to work on and lots of fun. Looks like the price is right too.

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  6. jeff6599

    It really is sad that so many think a car can be converted into a rat. By even the earliest definition a rat rod is created with a gathering of parts and even non automotive components. An artistic expression if you will and a good use for cast off material. On the other hand, a non rat rod application such as a restorod, wherein modern brakes, power assist systems, an a modern drive train could be the ultimate compliment a car guy could pay to an aging monarch as this one could make it a really terrific ride. Just think of building it that way with enough power and handling to take it through the Smokies and Gatlinburg on your way to Key West for a wonderful family holiday. Can you imagine doing that trip in stock condition where every little rattle or bump has you on edge, cell phone in hand ready to dial 1-800 TOWTRUCK? And the exterior can be a stock appearing as you would like!

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    • cyclemikey

      In other words, a fake vintage automobile.

      If I want to cruise to the Keys in comfort with modern power and handling, there are an enormous number of choices of modern sports sedans that will do that very competently, and for less than it would cost me to ruin this great old survivor and pretend that I’m a vintage car enthusiast

      I understand that those are the times we live in, but….no, thank you.

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    • DolphinPorsche

      Comeon! These cars are BOMBPROOF! I drove one from Chicago to New Jersy wide open all the way and back without a problem. The suspension and brakes are no better or worse than the pre 62 Corvette True, the ARB’S are too small but they were also on the Vett.
      BTW! Mopars had a 4 speed tranny in everything but the Plymouth, you had two gears with the shifter up and two down–wanna bet?? I have one or two!

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  7. Woodie Man

    Good for the owner. I had a four door ’47 Chrysler in 1972. It was parked in front of my cabin on a road in a town in Colorado. One day I come back from pounding nails and the car is gone! The county said it was abandoned! on the county road…even though it was licensed and it was easily ascertainable as to who owned it..even if it was just a PO box. I was po’d. Being relatively young, I shrugged my shoulders and went down to the bar for an after work libation. It’s great to be young!

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  8. JD

    I think it’s great he’s holding out for a buyer that won’t rat it out. I would love to buy a car like this and get it back to it’s glory days, or just get it to the point where it’s running well with lots of patina. Never had the chance, but looking forward to it, one day.

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  9. G 1

    I wish the Rat Rod phase would end.

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  10. RNR

    Doesn’t need to be a “rat” to be a “Rod”. The late, great Tex Smith built a fully finished ’48 Chryster four door that kept a six in it – he built it to tweek the rodding establishment’s notion of what a “proper” hot rod was. Last I heard, a friend of Tex in Massachusetts owned “Walter P”

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  11. PaulieB

    Gone as of 8PM at least

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  12. moosie Craig

    When I bought my ’40 Ford Tudor Sedan Deluxe from the second owner back in 1994 he was concerned that I would “Hot Rod” it, told him no, just want it to drive and smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeah , right, had plans for this that and the other, eventually accumulating a 500″ Caddy motor and a 400 Turbo Hydramatic and have been shopping for the correct Ford 9″ rear (read cheap enough & reliable), but as of now all that has been done to the gem has been a 12 volt conversion with an alternator and being fitted with modern 15′ radial tires with chrome reverse wheels. So yeah Elijah, its still stock., but who knows for how long ?

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  13. mtshootist1

    well, as nice as it sounds, once money changes hands, all bets are off, unless you are a local or a relative.

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  14. jeff6599

    But absolutely non of what Craig has done nor plans to do makes his ’40 a rat rod. And from the appearance of it, many won’t even know it is a hot rod.

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  15. Mike Neff

    I have a 1947 Chrysler New Yorker that I’ve owned since 1973 after rescuing it from my grandfather’s garage where it sat since about 1956. The story goes that grandpa wasn’t happy with the trade-in being offered when he was shopping for a new car so he just parked it in the garage. Mine has a straight eight with fluid drive and the highlland plaid interior. I used it regularly back in the 70s, but it then it became an occasional weekend driver. And the occasions became less and less frequent. I don’t think I’ve driven it since 2010 but it always starts even after long hibernations. The car has many needs, but it’s all original and all there. When I read about cars like this Royal and see all the interest I get encouraged to do something with mine.

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