Groovy Six-Wheeler: 1978 Dodge B200 Custom Van

Sometimes, four wheels just aren’t enough, especially in the vanning world, the world in which this 1978 Dodge B200 six-wheel van fits squarely into. It’s more than a hobby for some of these folks, it’s a culture and a lifestyle. The more creative the better for me when it comes to custom vehicles so I can appreciate vans like this. This two-tone Dodge can be found here on craigslist in Monroe, Washington and the seller is asking $5,800.

Hey, what the?! Like two sides of a coin, this van is yellow on one side and red on the other. It’s more of a soft seam between the two colors which is a bit unusual but the seller said that they or whoever owned the van were trying to figure out which way to go, color-wise. I prefer yellow myself so I’d respray the whole van yellow if I had to choose between yellow or red. I’d first fix what little rust there is, which isn’t much, reportedly. Although, the rocker panel on the yellow side looks like it either has a decent layer of bondo on it or is just yellow paint over chips in the former paint job?

They say that it’s from Las Vegas and is almost rust-free other than a few spots and it does look good other than the side doors. That tandem axle, though, that’s crazy and cool at the same time! Sort of like me but without the cool part. They were typically done by conversion companies and the rear axle isn’t typically powered at all, it’s just for looks and for supporting the extra length. I owned a commercial cleaning company in the 1980s and 90s and we had one Dodge maxi van but it didn’t look this long.

The interior will need a lot of work, even more than the exterior will. You can see that this was originally an orange van which is coincidental given that red and yellow make orange which is probably a more eye-catching color anyway. That would be my color of choice. The rear cargo area has enough room for at least one family to sleep in, other than maybe the Waltons, and you’ll want to do it up right to keep up with the custom theme. The roof skylight is a very cool touch.

The engine, which is probably better seen in the previous photo, is Dodge’s 360 V8 and, of course, there’s an automatic transmission to back it up. You don’t want to be shifting in a van like this, it’s for cruising in style and grace. Well, I don’t know about grace but a person doesn’t buy a van like this in order to impress the hoity-toity, they buy it to enjoy the vanning lifestyle with fellow van enthusiasts. Have any of you ever owned a custom van?

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  1. Howard A Member

    DON’T say that word,,,groovy,,,that reminds me of my old man when on rare occasions he tried to be hip by saying “groovy”,,shudder, anyway, more silliness. I don’t think it’s an actual “twin screw”, the back axle probably just a tag, and will “drag” around corners. Yep, it’s a late ’70’s Dodge van with the cowl removed. My old man had a van like this, it NEVER ran right and since the front hood barely gives access to the dipstick, the cowl always had to come off. Not sure, but this is one vehicle you won’t get many takers on.

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      It’s clear that you don’t bother to read the articles Howard. Scotty clearly states that it is a tag axle.

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      • bry593

        I was going to say “goofy”. The windows, why slant to the front? Same logic as the derpy half-n-half paint job. I suspect will need to lower the price closer to $300 to move this one to recycling bin.

  2. Farhvergnugen

    Extra axle gives good support for a waterbed, man. Don’t ask me why I know.

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  3. JohnD

    If you count the jack under the front it is a 10 wheel van!

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  4. hatofpork

    I hope someone has deep enough pockets. This would be glorious when finished. Perfect for cruising for foxes with Ackroyd and Martin!

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    • Sam

      👍🏻Two wild and crazy guys!

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  5. Miguel

    That seems like a lot of money for somebody’s unfinished project.

    It looks like you have to redo everything they have done.

    I think it is funny though as the interior color is orange so they thought what two colors make orange and painted one side red and the other yellow.

    Looking at the pictures it looks like they painted one side with the paint they had and the other with other paint they had. The dividing line is not down the middle of the van.

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    PERFECT for a three motor EV conversion.Convert the side cargo door to a key fob operated electro-hydraulic gullwing. Same thing for the rear exit. That will give you sunshade…and a way-cool throwback UFO style entry/exit.20 inch all-terrain tires and chunky rims, Jack knife front doors as well. tech themed Alcantara interior…with aeronautical themed dash and steering wheel.Sound…fold-away 32 inch flatscreen..110v AC circuit for small appliance/overnight AC or heat…mobile WIFI hotspot…foldaway couch/bed.You don’t want to make it a camper…but you want the space to be at least functional for overnight sleep.Obviously paint and body. I would go with a gray scale camo wrap. But I wouldn’t judge you if you went with old-school Wizard or Unicorn.

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    • Raymond Allan Neal

      You have it all worked out What power plant would you use? How about a 3.5 v-6? It has double overhead cams and electronic fuel injection Turbocharge it and add a 5 speed manual to it,change the rear axle ratio and you would have an economical power plant with lots of power and torque

  7. Karl

    I would take the Cragar SS rims but want nothing to do with the rest!

    • Al

      Those aren’t Cragar S/S rims. They look like them, but those are Appliance copies. Cragars triangular spokes were rounded over the sides where as the copies, are more flat like as seen in the pics here. Had several sets of Cragars over the decades & can spot the fakes at 100’+ lol

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      • Al

        ET’s were another copy of Cragar S/S. I believe Appliance called theirs ‘Steel Spokes’. But you’ll notice Cragars spoke, is more rounded & crests in the center where as the copies were flat across each spoke. Cragar no doubt had the best when you have all the others trying to copy w/o infringing.

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  8. Karl

    Al you just completely devalued this van for me! But thanks for the correction on the rims, it’s been so many years that I forgot about the appliance and the ET rims. I have always thought highly of the real Cragar SS rims though!

  9. Patrick Farmer

    NO! NO! NO! and NO! Oh and HELL NO!

  10. Millenkneeil

    Perfect paint job for confusing eye witnesses.

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  11. YooperMike

    It’s a junker, no body will buy this and give it a proper restore. Scrap it before it rusts away. No interest in these in 2020.

    • Benny

      There’s a ton of vanners around these days, they’re coming back in vogue again.

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  12. SirLurxaLot

    Y’all, I love this thing. I think it’s a steal at $5800. If I had the room I’d be all over this.

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