Guitars And A Car: 1935 Buick Model 58

This Buick listed on eBay was restored long ago and has been stored since the sixties. The asking price of $16,750 is thousands beyond reasonable. The last owner tuned it up some before selling it to the current owner a few years ago. The current owner did some work on the floors before he lost interest. The car is original and mostly complete but the paint is showing its age. The owner has provided details of what the car needs and has listed the parts that are missing. The pictures leave a lot to be desired, but they give some idea of the state of this old Buick and the owners love of guitars.

The dash is complete and the seats look pretty nice.  The floor boards look solid and ready for whatever covering. It appears it needs door panels as well and the headliner reinstalled or replaced.

Things look tidy under the engine. It ran a few years ago. The carb will need attention and the gas tank has holes rusted in it.

It needs a back window but the rear looks complete. This is yet another old car not worth restoring but it is a nice original car that might not take much to turn it into a nice driver. If a more realistic price could be negotiated, the floors are solid and there are no other nasty surprises this could be a manageable project. That’s a lot of “if”s but hopefully there’s someone out there with a big shop who’d love to cruise about in this grand old car.


  1. jeff6599

    It is a Model 50 -8 cylinder. Pricing according to the OCPG is nearly spot on. This is reviewed monthly by professionals. Why would you say that it is thousands beyond reasonable.

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  2. Vince Habel

    Why do you say it is not worth restoring?

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  3. n2oldcars

    I think this would be a good car to restore. Doesn`t appear to be butchered up or modified in anyway. Join the Buick club of America and you`ll have a wealth of info. I`ve seen far worse come back to life.

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  4. Anthony

    Appears to be a great car for someone who is interested in a car from the thirties and has the funds to buy and get it completed. These old Buicks drive pretty well. I had the chance to drive a 1932 model 50 many years ago. I loved it

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  5. bcavileer

    I think the owner’s description is fair and there is a lot of good car there to start with. The value of these classics is way underrated, albiet because the demand is not there. Be a shame to rod it up, it is too original for that. Save the hot rodding for the hulks that occupy the open fields of the midwest where the tinworm hasn’t digested half the car. These are far too interesting for that lot in life. I say finish the resto!

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  6. Capt RD

    This is exactly the year and model of the 1st car I ever bought at the age of 14 from a barn in PA for $30 – while I saved the money for mechanical help to get it running I cleaned and polished it endlessly. It was sparkling clean but then I found and bought a running 1937 Packard 120CD in another barn and bought that one too – my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to have 2 ‘junk’ cars since I didn’t even have a drivers license yet so I was forced to sell one and sold the Buick for $150, kept the Packard for over 30 years, and was hooked on finding interesting cars forever!
    This Buick 2 door looks like a lot of assembly effort and priced beyond the project level it is in – but it doesn’t deserve to be hot rodded and probably won’t be — at that price anyway – the Buick Club should be able to find a willing buyer who can take on the car and bring it back to a great driver.

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  7. Tre Deuce

    This could be a beautiful and fun car to own. The trunkback body style is more useful and the Continental style spare mount completes the car, though, I prefer side mounts, but I don’t think they were offered on the ’50’ 2-dr sedan or coupe.

    These are much better driving cars then the typical popular Ford of the era. Better steering, ride, brakes, and up for sustained hwy cruising at about 55-60mph.

    One of my earliest restorations was a 33′ Buick Series ’88c’ Phaeton that I got in pieces. A beautiful car when completed.

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  8. Michael Rogers Member

    Buicks are made of good stuff! made right, it can be driven as one would any car, the diff might want a higher ratio and some more compression–it probably was about 6.5/1

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  9. Tre Deuce

    After rust repair, the issue with most pre-37′ GM cars is body and door wood and turret roof repair/restore. If the remaining wood is good enough for patterns, it shouldn’t present a huge obstacle for a non-professional restorer. Some have replaced the wood with steel tube and formed sheet metal. For myself, wood is a lot easier and makes the interior finish easier.

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  10. nessy

    Am I missing something here? You say it’s not worth restoring? It already looks pretty darn good too me. This is a classic Buick Victoria model coupe which is very hard to find today. If you think this is a project car, I guess you have not seen many project cars….

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  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Pretty car. I really like guitars but don’t see any?

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    • Capt RD

      you have to click on the Ebay ad pictures and they are hanging on the garage walls – hope it is a warm and DRY garage or not valuable guitars.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I see them now, thanks for pointing them out. Probably just wall art – The purple “Fender” is a clock, and the one next to it looks like it has a picture of a female on it.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks Captain, Blind as a bat! I have two beater guitars hanging from the ceiling in my garage. This spring I opened the garage door to find one on the floor. Lucky I left the car out that night! I was using 30 pound spider wire, now its paracord.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I was thinking the same thing.
      What gives?

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  12. Doug Towsley

    I have some prewar rat rod projects and I think that is totally okay since they were beat beyond reasonable restoration. THIS ONE??? Restorable and should be.. I might be tempted to upgrade the brakes or such if kept hidden,, make it more user friendly but keep all the original bits. To me,,, I picture this as a ideal old car if you had a country home Bed & Breakfast and used to to take guests into town or nearby attractions such as wine tasting, Brewery tours, Or sightseeing in general. We have a neighbor who does well with his car collection for weddings, and other events. he dresses up in period clothing and gets good income showing off the old iron, and having a nice time. I know a gy in California who parlayed a huge collection of americana and old vehicles into a viable business renting out to TV commercials, Movies, Model shoots, etc.
    Just retired. Has a warehouse full. Nice lifestyle if you can make it work.
    If done right,, might even be able to do some business tax write offs and other financial planning.
    Look at the cars for ZZ Top,,, those guys write off the expenses and play with cool toys. Many others as well.

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  13. tony patterson

    hi i own the car.while the price is not an-every car flipper in texas calls by midnight price-it is within the realm of reasonable.i was offered 13000 cash for the body only i keep the drivetrain/wheels steering column etc.-i declined.i had been searching over a year for an early 30s caddy project when i found this car and hadnt had it a year when i found/bought a 31 caddy.the back glass is wrapped/taped in cardboard.if this car is not worth restoring over half the people with projects for sale should just call the scrapyard.the clock guitar was on my youngest sons wall when he was a kid.the brittany spears clock guitar was on my youngest daughters wall when she was a kid-hated to throw them away.the other was a hanger that belonged to a friend of mine who passed.his sister had friends/former bandmates sign it and gave to me at his funeral.our 4 kids are grown and we decided to downsize last yr.we bought a 70s brick rancher that needed a complete makeover last spring so between that and getting ours ready for sale i havent lost interest in these cars just been to busy to work on them.the rancher is now move in ready but truly needs a new c/h/a unit.between that,losing 1000 sq ft and having a smaller garage if we move is the only reason i tossed the car out there for a few weeks.fortunately its paid for and that emotion has passed

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