Hand Built: Mercedes Landaulet Replica

Among replicas, the classic Mercedes-Benz 500K has constantly been paid homage to in some fashion. Whether the whole car was rebuilt or simply the iconic nose section, imitation has always been part of its heritage. This custom limousine features some of those memorable details along with a convertible or landaulet – body design that offers partial open-air cruising to its occupants. Find the Mercedes replica here on eBay with a $45K Buy-It-Now.

The seller is the son of the original builder, who claims hand-fabrication was his father’s strong suit. According to the listing, “This car started as a 1973 Lincoln station wagon to resemble a 1937 Mercedes Landaulet. From the Lincoln  we used  the front, rear suspension, engine, transmission and title. The rest of the car was built from scratch (true craftsmanship). The body of this car is steel construction accept for the front and rear fenders which were custom built and molded for this car.”

The quality really does appear top-notch, and it would have to be to accommodate both the extended length and the inevitable chassis flex introduced by the convertible top. The design likely appeals to potential party passengers, as having the open-air experience balanced with protection from the roof line would be a seemingly easy sell to an excited bride-to-be or some buddies heading to their 25th high school reunion. Inside, the full complement of modern limo luxuries is present, including a full bar and champagne flute.

Power comes from a “Ford V8” of unknown origins, but the good news is that parts availability should be strong between the motor and the Lincoln underpinnings. The seller notes that due to sitting for the last four years, the Landaulet has some growing cosmetic needs, including torn leather on the rear seat, faded clearcoat on the fenders and chrome pieces in need of re-chroming. Overall, for the livery service that’s bored with Escalades and Town Cars, this replica Mercedes drop-top could be a money maker.

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  1. Josh

    Lincoln station wagon?!?

  2. gene

    I had no idea that leather seats go bad if not being used.
    My leather couch should last forever.

  3. D. King

    I love how the listing says “this is the real deal.” Really? Registered as a Lincoln, and badged as a Mercedes.


  4. jdjonesdr

    Starting at the front, I like it until I hit those side windows from a travel trailer.

    Maybe if it was black or Battleship grey with black fenders.

  5. Loco Mikado

    So, no name of the the famous father\builder?

  6. BiggYinn

    Side window profile dimentions and overall look arnt great ruin the overall fordness sorry i mea lincolness

  7. Milt

    Why did MB not sue the company for this tacky abomination done in their name?

    • Loco Mikado

      Probably because they did not take it seriously, probably considered it in the clown car league.

  8. Robert Gallagher

    This kit car looks nothing like the classic Mercedes 500 or 540 of the late thirties. The 500-540’s were the supercars of the day, and they were very handsome vehicles.
    However this is truly the Frankenstein of automobiles. I have much respect for Dr. Frankenstein fabrication skills but I feel that he should have stuck to repairing sick vehicles rather that rearing up new life from dead.
    I can envision and angry mob with pitch forks attacking this beast, it’s that ugly.

  9. grant

    When did Lincoln build a station wagon?

  10. Matt

    What a waste of time and effort (and money). 💩

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