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Hangar Find? The Plane Car!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the conversation that resulted in this hybrid airplane-truck was occurring! Or perhaps the bartender — it might have come after a rather large tab! The PlaneCar is a mashup of a 2005 GMC Sierra pickup and a Cessna 421B that has resulted in a six-passenger limousine. It’s currently listed for sale here on eBay where bidding has exceeded $50,000 — but not the reserve. If you want to pilot the vehicle home (yes, it’s street legal) you’ll need to take off from Roswell, Georgia.

The propeller is actually free to turn in the wind, and I’m sure when it does it wouldn’t be fast, but I still think this would be rather intimidating if it pulled up behind you with the blades free-wheeling. The mashup work has been done to a pretty high standard as far as I can tell. Have any of our Atlanta-area readers seen the PlaneCar up close?

Obviously, the main purpose for creating a vehicle is to capture attention and the seller suggests using it as an advertising platform. At 32 feet long with a 12-foot high tail, there’s plenty of space to get your message out! The truck started out as an extended cab long-bed so I’m not sure if the wheelbase had to be extended or not.

You can just make out the Georgia license plate in this shot. I’m guessing that this unusual vehicle may not be street legal everywhere so make sure that you are cleared for takeoff before purchase and that it meets your DOT, DMV (and FAA?) local regulations.

The air conditioning works so if you are stuck on the runway like this, you’ll be cool and comfortable. New tires ensure a turbulence-free ride as you keep climbing through the friendly skies and earn your wings every day.

When the captain turns off the seat belt sign and you are free to move about the cabin, you’ll find six comfortable looking passenger seats, although the head clearance could be a bit tight. I don’t see an overhead storage compartment and somehow the storage under the seat in front of you got left out. However, if you purchase this vehicle you’re pretty much guaranteed your choice of seats and a clear flight path to your destination. What say you, hanger find fans? Does this PlaneCar make you want to taxi to the nearest runway or fly away?


  1. unclemymy Member

    I’ve been flying since fifteen, and a licensed pilot for nearly long – planes? I love ’em! But that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

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    • Dave Mazz

      Uncle Clem….I don’t think disgusting quite nails it….I’d vote for ridiculous!! :-)

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  2. Fred W

    I’d be very concerned every time I approached an overpass with that thing.

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  3. David Rhoces

    it’s perfect for it’s purpose … great rolling billboard

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  4. Rich

    Bid up to near $18K reserve not met, the last time it was on ebay back in November. I remember seeing it on Oddimotive. Must be some shills this time.


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  5. Dusty Rider

    It looks like they added/took out a window on the right side a some point. Different wheels as well.

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    • Dustin Lisner

      They did remove a window from the right side if you look at the plane it should have 5 windows

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    You have other examples also: the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and Delta Airlines also has a Mini Cooper based vehicle done up as a mini plane.

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  7. Haig Haleblian

    421 is beautiful as a bird and ugly to the bone as a morphodite.

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  8. Ikey Heyman

    So, this is in accordance with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) regulations? Can you imagine driving (or getting hit and pushed) into the back of this thing?

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  9. Keith


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  10. Drew V.

    Now this would be the best “Airport Limo” since the Oldsmobile based Jetway 707’s of the late 60’s

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  11. Jose Cantu

    Isn’t America great!

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  12. NotSure

    For most of you guys, and before you get too excited, first check in is with your wife to make sure that you are cleared for takeoff before purchase and then that it meets your DOT, DMV (and FAA?) local regulations. Jus’ sayin’

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  13. bruce baker

    To short for a Limo, right? Yeah you know seat, & door wise. But it is the best looking Passenger Van i have have ever seen.

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  14. Coventrycat

    Bet he’s got a propeller on the top of his baseball cap, too.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      LOL Coventrycat !!!!!!

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  15. pacekid

    I love it! TO the right entrepreneur this is a money maker.

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  16. Jim Benjaminson

    Spotted a smaller plane/car conversion in Lake Havasu, Arizona – prop still out front and what I assumed was a Volkswagen engine in the rear

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  17. John

    I want to watch someone park it.

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  18. Elliot Kaplan

    Make me wonder what kind of planetruck or truckplane could my 2008 YukonXL could become

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  19. John Sullivan

    Still better looking than a Pontiac Aztec.

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  20. KevinLee

    What’s up with that ungainly front bumper?

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