Hellcat Power! 1968 Dodge Coronet

Looking like the physical manifestation of a high school motorhead’s study hall scribbling, this completely outrageous Dodge promises endless hours of entertainment for its owner and everyone who sees it. The mock police car, a 1968 Dodge Coronet from Macedonia, Ohio, comes to market here on eBay where it can be yours for the Buy It Now price of $55,000, or perhaps with an acceptable bid using the Make Offer button. If that sounds excessive, consider that the engine bay holds the powerplant from a 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat and makes “in the neighborhood” of 800 HP. That’s good for a high 10-second quarter mile ET! Built for the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour, this Hot Wheels car come to life is no fancy theme trailer queen, but a real driver that gets 22 MPG on the highway thanks to an overdrive transmission.

Old meets New in the engine bay of this potent black and white B body. Windshield wipers, air conditioning, and heat were all sacrificed on the altar to appease the Horsepower Gods. Despite the ’70s forward rake courtesy of leaf spring shackles, a modified front suspension suggests an interest in rounding a corner now and again.

The seller includes many details on this serious machine. Reportedly painted “about 15” years ago, the Coronet is described as running “perfectly.” It looks like tons of fun, but it certainly falls short of a “Pro Touring” car. The latter would perform at a high level while maintaining occupants in comfort through broad temperature and weather conditions, showing itself well in multiple disciplines such as autocross, drag-racing, and road racing.

A modern single-DIN radio nestles amidst vintage police equipment. With working sirens and lights and the word “Police” emblazoned on its body, this high-powered po-po wagon likely breaks numerous laws in most areas. Personally I question using a “real” Canadian police car, to borrow the description from the listing. Those who value vintage police cars must certainly lament the loss of this one. Setting that aside, however, it is truly one of a kind and built to be driven, and enjoyed, right down to the doughnut box on the dashboard. Can you see yourself driving this mighty Dodge?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Let’s see if we have all the bases covered here,,,old police car image, check, wheel standing power, check, lights, radio, and doo-dads, check, box of donuts, ( nice touch) check, yup, got it all, too bad they pissed a lot of money away, with little, if any hope of getting it back. I swear, these people are in their own worlds with this stuff.

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    • Jack M.

      If you want to keep your money put it in the bank or buy property. This fellow did not piss his money away, he enjoyed it. You don’t tell a smoker or a drinker that they pissed their money away. Same with cars.

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      • Ken Jennings

        If he enjoyed it so much, then why is he selling it now? Sorry, but I agree with Howard. My guess, reality has sunk in. He after years of fantasy about something like this, he pulled the trigger. Now that his reality is here, it isn’t all its cracked up to be. He sees his economic future stifled by this. He pictures himself in his 70s behind a McDonalds counter asking people if they want to supersize.

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      • Ken Jennings

        You don’t need to tell smokers or drinkers that, it is fairly obvious (if they are even alive anymore). You need to work on your analogies.

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        Regarding the analogy part…. Sorry Howard, when people near the end of their lives, they generally don’t wish that they had done either of those things more, but less instead; and done something else with the cash.

        I’ll be wishing that I had spent less time on the internet, so off I go to do a chore that is waiting. Otherwise I’ll be browsing and commenting for another hour at least.

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      • Ken Jennings

        Jack, I understand you a little better now. You see, I had a different picture in my head of whom you were discussing. I hope your examples do such in moderation, though. Even the well healed can’t bet vices and the inevitable outcomes. Of course, if they were ethical businessmen and treated all involved fairly, then they will no doubt go to a greater reward, mostly.

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      • Jay E. Member

        The only people that piss their money away are those that buy 12oz bottled water. literally. To each his own. Must have been fun to see finished.

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      • Mr.BZ

        100% right, Jack M., thanks for the common sense and not assuming what someone else did and chastising them for it.

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    • JCA

      Hate to feed the trolls but to Mr. Negativity, a/k/a angry Ken Jennings…first if all, it’s the successful people who own projects like these in the first place. Whether he put the sweat equity in himself or was able to just write the checks, he got it done and spent a lot of cash he obviously didn’t need to get there. That’s a success no matter how you look at it. The unsuccessful ones are the guys selling a rotting blue tarp carcass of squandered opportunity, showing the world that they are poor planners and savers who likely haven’t accomplished a whole lot of goals they wanted to in life. It’s the brutal truth. It takes persistence, work dedication, and capital to pull this off. This guy will be fine now and in his retirement.

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      • Ken Jennings

        Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he is one of Jack’s drinker and smokers. I can picture him now in my mind. Any fool can empty out a 401K for some silly project, doesn’t take a trust fund baby or an evil sweatshop owner to do something like this. I admit that what you say is possible, but will you admit that perhaps my scenario is as well? BTW, I am much too tall to be a troll. Plus, I am devastatingly handsome as well.

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      • Jack M.

        My analogies are just fine Ken. I know quite a few successful businesses people with bars and wine cellars in their homes that would embarrass a five star restaurant. They are not alcoholics, they just enjoy the finer things in life. They are not asking for your approval, just like the seller of this vehicle.

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    • triumph1954

      Howard A and Ken Jennings. You two sound like a couple of know it all spoiled brats who complain because they didn’t get enough sprinkles on there cupcakes. GROW UP and LIGHTEN UP!

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      • Bmac777 Member

        No one built this thinking it was an investment and if they decided to get rid of it, put a big price on it and see what happens, at the least they get back some of their $ cause that’s their choice.
        Btw Ken, nobody emptied a 401k or sold their house to build this.

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    • Dave

      Why build Hemi Under Glass? Why build Little Red Wagon?
      Why build anything?

      Because you can and want to.

      By the way, the CB radio in the console is an E.F. Johnson Messenger Two. Ten crystal controlled channels, tunable receiver, tube circuitry.

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  2. Rick

    Getting the money back isn’t the point of cars like this. This was built to have fun with – nothing more. Would make a great car for local departments to bring to a show, dragstrip or whatever. For street use, at least here, as long as the lights aren’t activated nobody would say much. It’s clearly not an “official” police vehicle.

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    • Ken Jennings

      So, do you think the 55 grand asking is his costs or then plus profit? Also, if my local cop shop paid that kind of money for something like this, as a taxpayer, I would start a revolt.

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  3. Dave

    Should have put all that cop stuff money into safety equipment. I’m not sure what you’d do with this except die or get arrested.

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    • Dave

      It’s more like a Hot Wheels car come to life! Love the zoomies!

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  4. Steve Bush Member

    Agree with Howard. The asking of $55k is nuts. It’s kind of cool but with no heat/AC and a weird stance, useless for anything other than shows or short trips. And it lacks the safety gear to be a proper drag racer. Maybe Jay Leno would buy it.

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    • jbsch3

      Get out from under your rock yo . That was on the hot rod power tour 2019. Probably ran over 2500 miles on the route

  5. Classic Steel

    One Adam-12 One Adam-12 please see about a drag racing complaint on Woodward avenue.

    One Adam-12 One Adam-12 please respond to critics about a local bank robbery with someone’s personal checking account on modified hot rod build.

    This is one Adam-12 the robbery complaint is bogus in one mans opinion as he’s allowed to spend whatever he wants with his money 👀💰👍

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  6. Keith

    This car is totally cool!

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  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    Hope this car comes with a truck load of beer as it will take that much to sell for 55k.

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  8. Tom c

    Friggin awesome !

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  9. chrlsful

    keep it in his town. Give it to local cops for community relations – drive into prts of town that fear you/U fear. Get out and walk! do community policing! play basket ball w/the kids, not hit’em w/a club, let ’em sit in it (w/o keys), etc…

    This could really show the human side of our public servants. Luv’in it frm MY House! (I’d even send in to a go fund me page for this wrk).

    U Go Todd!

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  10. David Harris

    Got to see this car last summer at a show,it looks cool and it drew a crowd

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  11. Rebel

    Anybody else see Jake and Elwood riding in this thing ???

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  12. JCA

    If Roscoe p coletrane had this those Duke boys would be done for once and for all

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  13. Kenneth Carney

    Get the wipers working, bolt some vintage air on it, and then you’d be good
    to go in Florida. Cruise it at Oldtown?
    You bet! Got 55K to buy it? No, but it
    would make a great novelty portrait!
    Hmmm, think I’ll try it!

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  14. Chris in Pineville

    The Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff’s Office had a retired Chevelle police cruiser built as a drag car in the 1990s.
    They took it racing as part of their community outreach efforts….

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  15. Superdessucke

    “Wipers, air conditioning, and heat were all sacrificed on the altar to appease the Horsepower Gods.”

    Small sacrifices. Nice work!!

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  16. CCFisher

    This is awesome! The Hot Wheels police car was a Plymouth Fury, however.

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  17. Bones in AK


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  18. Phillip Blake

    Had great possiblities. And then they did this. Set that ass end down would make a world of difference.

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  19. K

    “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” George Best

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  20. BIff Tannen

    It’s like the souped up Cop car from the movie Black Sheep !! Yes !!!! Classic movie btw.

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  21. Troy s

    It’s a hot rod Dodge with a twist, decked out like a cop car instead of a black on black evil street machine. Nice work and all that, plenty fast maybe a bit over the top really. He’ll never get all 800 horsepower to the rear tires.
    Speed, real speed, costs money like it always has.
    Maybe buy that ’67 Mustang 70’s cruiser everybody hated to death yesterday as an “apprehended ” suspect for a theme…

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  22. Mark

    Last time I saw a Mopar with a stance like that the trunk was full of rabbits……

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    • Troy s

      And a lunatic driver with the exhaust routed in the cab!
      What a basket case!

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  23. ed

    fyi , he built this for the hrpt long haul, this is what he does, Houseofmouseracing.com awsome show winning builds all driven

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  24. bone

    Its cool in a way but its not something I’d be interested in , which is OK , because if we all liked the same stuff we’d all be driving the same kind of car !
    If I had Leno’s kind of money I would tone it down and make it a big block police car again. When I was 18 I had a 68 Belvedere 4 door with the same color interior as the Adam-12 Plymouth. I bought a junk Road runner with plans to make an under cover police cruiser type car , but real life issues came up and it never happened.

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  25. Chris

    If the person enjoys hos ride that’s great .Maybe he wants to ell for another project . I think the car is AWESOME , nobody else should criticize someone else’s ride. He did a great job on the car .Cool I would drivethat all day long .He covered all bases on the car .

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  26. Chris

    If the person enjoys his ride that’s great .Maybe he wants to sell for another project . I think the car is AWESOME , nobody else should criticize someone else’s ride. He did a great job on the car .Cool I would drivethat all day long .He covered all bases on the car .

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  27. John zenone

    I happen to know the owner this was done in his garage at his home he did 99% of the work it was done for the hot rod power tour he has just finished a 70s dually truck with another hellcat motor and also did all the work his self it’s what he enjoys doing he has done a bunch of car’s over the years

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  28. Dave

    In what way is this a Barn Find? I saw it at a local show lkast it. Neat car and hot girl with it.

  29. Lounge

    I’m a little baffled at the rear end…. can’t understand why after all that money you go with a lift-shackled leaf spring rear. I can see that twisting up pretty bad with a good launch.

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    • DA

      Just launched an 11.1 yesterday with no problems.

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  30. Kenn

    Not street legal in a number of states without windshield wipers. But, boy is it cool. And, sad to see Howard A is living up to his reputation.,

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