707 HP Hellcat-Powered 1967 Dodge Dart!

1967 Dodge Dart Gas Monkey

I’m not sure who submitted this 1967 Dodge Dart, but it is appreciated because it is one epic ride. Known as “Shart Cat” this ride was built by Gas Monkey Garage to compete against Roadkill. The car is currently listed with a Buy It Now price for $82,900. There is a reserve and the bid price is up to $26,600. They have a VIN listed, 24 miles on the odometer, and a clear title. It is located in St. Louis, Missouri and can be found here on eBay.

1967 Dodge Dart Gas Monkey

It would come as no surprise then that this Dart has the ever famous Hellcat V8 under the hood, reaching the epic 707 horsepower. That is connected to a Powerglide automatic transmission with a nine-inch rear end. The engine has aluminum heads, hydraulic roller camshafts, and two-inch exhaust with 3.5-inch turndowns. It has a Ron Davis radiator as well. All that power put the car in victory circle against Roadkill.

1967 Dodge Dart Gas Monkey

Inside, you can see that there are black racing bucket seats, a roll cage, and that is about it. Primitive but effective. The roll cage is good to see considering this is in fact a race car. There has been enough controversy over celebrities, Hellcat engines, and safety lately. This car though, would still probably make a great candidate for Drag Week or Power Tour, all oddly enough hosted by the very competition this car beat.

1967 Dodge Dart Gas Monkey

I was able to visit Gas Monkey Garage a few weeks ago and it was really cool. Whether you are a fan of the show or not, you have to admit that they do produce some impressive stuff. As the show has become more popular, it would make sense that more of their vehicles will come up for sale. This would be an awesome car to own for all the stories you can already tell about it. It also leaves the door wide open for you to make your own stories.


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  1. nycbjr Member

    Hahaha I watched this episode. Cool car but 80k?

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  2. Grandpa Lou

    Poor car probably came with a nice little reliable 225. I do not understand this kind of power outside of a race track, is that the intent here?

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    • Chris M.

      I think the intent that evades you was mentioned. It was built in the spirit of competition. Something silly, highly skilled mechanics do.

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  3. Troy s

    Straight up race car, new meets old set up is where it’s at…I guess.
    In order to make a TV show about a garage it has to have drama of some sort, humor, whether you like it or not. Hate em or not the show would be boring and too niche without all the goof ball stuff. I got tired of plotted reality TV years ago it seems.

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    • MFerrell

      I like watching Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube… no drama, just cool cars.

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      • MrBZ

        I worked in real shops and the drama queens were shown the door. No place for that garbage when there is work to be done, and there is plenty of real drama in real life. Dont need fake drama in my entertainment.

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  4. Jonsey62

    Gas Monkey-proving there is drama even when you have access to every part and accessory one can imagine.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      and most of them COMPED!
      Labor is easy when ya get free stuff.

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  5. Ian C

    I would have to straighten the body and paint it as soon as I got it. And in my opinion, the current bid price is about what it is worth (to me anyway).

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  6. LARRY

    It’s out of gas monkey garage and no celebrity wants it?? ..people are getting scared of these highly modified high horsepower older cars I guess. I mean look what happened to one of my favorite comedians a couple weeks ago in a highly modified and high horsepower challenger. You can’t blame the shop though..they are building these vehicles and I haven’t seen one yet that I wouldn’t love to have. I wonder if they built this for someone who backed out seeing how it’s not completely done?

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    • Grandpa Lou

      Having fame and money does not make you a good driver. Similar problems with rich guys who buy performance cars, lots of rich widows out there. Standard engines are standard for a reason, the engineers have them well balanced and safe.. 707 HP, even in a modern car is a stupid and wasteful idea. Where on the street can you legally use that?

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      • Steve R

        Various cars have been over powered for the street since the 1950’s, such as the Chrysler letter cars. It’s nothing new and won’t ever go away, with the optional software urgrade the Tesla Model 3 will post better numbers than most Hellcats at the track.

        Lots of people without much money buy used performance cars, they too get killed on a regular basis. I guess a lack of money doesn’t make someone a good driver either or give you common sense.

        Steve R

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  7. SMS

    For me I don’t see why I would buy this. It’s no sleeper. Wouldn’t be that much fun on the street for very long. If I wanted a track car I’d buy a Hellcat for the same money and it would be a better car.

    Now if it was setup for road racing or a hill climb then I could see having fun with it.

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  8. Jwinters

    if you buy a car made for a TV show you get zero street cred. just sayin

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  9. Dave

    This was the first Hellcat swap in the world at the time. Aaron Kaufman got GMG all the “street cred” it needed with that build. Painting it would be a shame.

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    • Chris

      I think that the Roadkill guys did their General Mayhem late model Hemi swap first ( though not a Hellcat Hemi )

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  10. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    For $82k, I’d want the body to be restored with fresh paint, the engine bay, too. That aside, it’s probably impractical for the street though I suppose you could drive it down Main Street if you really wanted to. Unless you want a race car, the car’s use is limited in my mind. I also wonder how this car would handle all that power with dated suspension. Would this car be stable at speeds well in excess of 100mph?

    Even though it’s an interesting build, I think A$$ Monkey is reaching for the stars on this one. I’m sure someone will buy it at some point, though. I’ll be checking the obituaries to find out who did.

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  11. Steve R

    A$$ Monkey isn’t selling it, a dealer from Missouri is.

    It’s safer then the majority of home built performance cars. Look at the pictures, it has a roll cage, competition safety harnesses, it even has rack and pinion steering and an aftermarket or fabricated front K-member, the brakes won’t be stock either.

    Will it make a practical street car? No, but how many 60’s and 70’s cars really are especially when compared to modern cars. Love or hate Gas Monkey, there is no denying this is a well engineered car.

    Steve R

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  12. Frank Fitz

    I saw it at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale about 3 years ago. Very loud; body Way beyond patina… just rough. .. borderline

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    • Chris

      I’m sure thats why the asking price is so high somebody way over paid for it & are now trying to recoup the funds. Kool car but not worth 82K atleast not in my book. I say to the folks trying to sell it good luck.

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  13. Imperialist1960

    There is an A$$ for every seat. All they need is one. Everyone else who thinks it’s too rusty or expensive are irrelevant.

    You can get a used Hellcat motor and trans for $24k nowadays. The carcass maybe $1500 or less. Rear end, labor, misc parts and you’re at maybe $40k if you do much of the work yourself?

    What’s celebrity worth?

    I see the logic in the price to a degree. I bet that they get their ask or close to it.

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  14. Del

    Just another race car.

    Ho Hum.Zzzzz.

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    • Dave

      Ton of money for a bracket racer.

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  15. boxdin

    This car had a rear subframe installed that if you watched the actual race this car was on uneven surface but squatted down and won that race easily. I thought Aaron was crazy w the PG thing, but he was right and this car gripped the worst racing surface I’ve seen and was excellent.

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  16. Gaspumpchas

    Nice engineering surrounded by rust. This ol grey hair still doesn’t get it. I don’t like putting other peoples work down. It appeals to the P word crowd but it’s not my cup o’ joe. BTW I don’t watch these shows, watched one with Coddington a long time ago; wanted to see the work they were going to do on a hot rod front end. One guy farted , everyone ran and that was the end of it. That was enough, and I never did get the info I needed. Good luck to the new (clueless) owner!!

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  17. Top Cat

    Geez, a lot of negative here. I’m a car-guy. If you have to ask “why?” You just don’t get it. Pick your poison and motor on

    • boxdin

      Top Cat you are so right. I saw the show when this car was raced and the racing surface was anything but even or straight and undulating and this dark hunkered down and traversed that rotten ‘racetrack” and easily beat the other guy. Aaron w his PG and subframe I thought was nuts but he was 100% right. I know car looks lousy but it was the fastest thing that day.

  18. TimM

    I have about 500 horses in my 65 mustang coupe!! It’s a fast and fun car to drive but it doesn’t handle very good!! I’ve replaced most of the front end and removed the stock coil springs and installed Alden America coil over shocks!!! My point being this car was one of the worst handling cars ever!! With 700 hp it is meant to go in a straight line!! There’s still some work to do and at the extremely unreasonable price and it needing paint and body work I can think of a dozen other muscle cars I would rather have that this!! A stock muscle car will drive and handle ok with the factory equipment!!! This car is good for the track and that’s about it!!!

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  19. WH

    I saw that episode. The car was original and had a 273 V8. Car came from Southern California (San Diego I think).
    Would have been a good candidate for a restoration or resto mod. I dislike it when they take a car like that and ruin it. They recently did the same thing to the Plymouth station wagon for the Brady Bunch house remodel for HGTV. Took a perfectly nice unmolested Mopar wagon and ruined it.

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  20. chrlsful

    is that a Dart?
    Any mopar guys? I hada few (’64’n 6).
    Is it a Cornet (440/500?) or sompin? If so I think it’da still need some frame stiffeners…?(unibody, monocoque body?).

  21. Terry Bowman

    I agree it’s a straight line car, but with the light weight dart (around 2800 lb’s) it should get to the end in no time. I also agree it needs a lot more work to bring in the big money. It’s a started project, that’s all.

  22. JoeNYWF64

    They should have also put a 632 cube 815hp blueprinted big block from Jegs for a mere $12,600 in an old nova & raced the 2 cars.
    No supercharger or fuel injection or multiple coils or computer(s) req’d!

  23. Little_Cars

    I just glanced at the first paragraph. My eyes peered over the bid of $26,600 and my brain thinks jeez that is way overpriced for something that presents like this. BIN over $80k? Then I read it has a PG tranny and 9in rear and BAZINGA! AHA! this is for straight line racing and bragging rights with others who have a million cable or satellite TV channels and watch all these gearhead shows. I will now resume my wrenching in the shop/barn and daydream about being an armchair renovator. Oh, and continue to adjust the rabbit ears on my television to watch my 6 channels I get out here in the hills.

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