High Option Big Block: 1967 Chevrolet El Camino

Sometimes it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. That’s the case with this 1967 Chevrolet El Camino. This is a master of deception because hiding below that unassuming exterior is a sleeper with a firebreathing big-block under the hood. It is also loaded with options that mean that the buyer can experience rapid motoring in comfort. If all of that sounds like a tempting proposition, you will find the El Camino located in Prescott, Arizona, and listed for sale here on eBay. There have been a mere two bids submitted, which sees the price sitting at $12,100. I can ramp up the temptation by letting you know that this is a No Reserve auction. That means that a new owner is guaranteed to be only days away for this potent classic.

The black El Camino makes a positive impression immediately with panels that look impressively straight for a vehicle of this type and age. It is worth noting that the color is not original. The tag indicates that the Chevy rolled off the line wearing Butternut Yellow paint, but it isn’t clear when the change occurred. I’m in two minds about this because while the black brings an air of menace to the El Camino, it still would have looked pretty attractive in its original shade. It will be interesting to see what our readers think of this and whether they would leave it untouched or return it to its factory state. There is no visible rust, and while the paint in the bed is scuffed and scratched, there is no evidence of the type of damage that might indicate neglect, abuse, or a hard life. The trim and chrome are in excellent order, while the original owner ordered the vehicle with tinted glass that appears to be flawless.

The beauty with this El Camino is more than skin-deep because the photos that the owner supplies of the underside show floors and a frame that are solid, clean, and rust-free. That means that the welder and grinder can stay in the cupboard, making this package more attractive with every passing moment. It appears that the Chevy has lived its life in drier climes, and that is what has allowed it to remain so beautifully preserved.

It appears that the El Camino’s original owner was partial to a spot of comfort, which explains why we find it equipped with bucket seats, a console, some timber trim on the dash, and power windows. The El Camino was also ordered with air conditioning, but some components are missing from the engine bay. The console raises one interesting point because this would have sported a clock when it was new. However, there is a clock in the gauge cluster, and the brief glimpse that we get of the console suggests that it might now sport a tach. There are also some additional gauges mounted under the dash to monitor the health of what resides under the hood. The original radio is missing, but the rest of the interior trim and the carpet appears to be excellent for a vehicle of this age and type.

The El Camino was originally a big-block classic, but it is no longer numbers-matching. That isn’t all bad news because what has been slotted in to replace the 396 amounts to a tasty and potent package. The engine is a 454ci V8 that initially saw service in a 1973 Corvette. Backing this monster is a Turbo 400 transmission and a 12-bolt Posi rear end, while the vehicle is also equipped with power steering and power brakes. It seems that the person who slotted in the new engine didn’t want an automotive wimp, so the 454 has received quite a few upgrades to liberate a few additional ponies. The owner doesn’t know the full specifications of the big-block, but he can confirm that it wears Hooker headers, a Bow Tie aluminum intake, a Holley 750 double-pumper carburetor, roller rockers, an HEI distributor, and a more aggressive camshaft. The headers feed into what appears to be a relatively new dual exhaust, meaning that the El Camino should sound pretty tough. The suspension hasn’t escaped the owner’s attention, with tubular upper and lower A-Arms, as well as adjustable coil-overs. All of this work has borne fruit because the owner says that the big block runs cleanly, with no smoke or odd noises. The transmission shifts smoothly while the vehicle sits nicely on the road. This is a classic that is ready to be driven and enjoyed by a lucky new owner.

This 1967 Chevrolet El Camino would have to be an attractive package for anyone searching for a classic light pickup. It should offer its next owner mind-blowing performance, all wrapped in a package that is structurally sound, pretty tidy, and loaded with options. Lifting the vehicle to the next level of representation would not be a major undertaking, although the buyer could choose to leave it untouched. The fact that it is being offered with No Reserve is the icing on a very tasty cake. Is all of this enough to tempt you to pursue this one further?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    I love yellow cars but I wouldn’t change a thing on this beauty. Turn the key and go.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Hydes El Camino from “That 70’s Show”.

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  3. qmmq

    Dang, I want this thing. Way cool

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  4. Steve R

    It is cool, but it left the factory with a bench seat and column shift. More than likely most, if not all of the other desirable options were added along the way. The trim tag does not list the options or power train the car originally came with. It looks nice and is presently undervalued at its current high bid of $12,100. However, it would be unwise to bid as if this were a factory big block car that was originally loaded with options. So far, there is no evidence to show that’s how it came equipped.

    Steve R

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    • Gary James Lehman

      It’s $15,000, not 75,000. Jesus, an upgrade is an upgrade at this price. I’d rather have these buckets than Steve’s desire for an original bench seat. I think at this level, most would agree.

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      • Steve R

        Read my response again. You inserted your own biases into your response rather than paying attention to what I actually wrote. I didn’t take a position in buckets vs bench, both work just fine. As for the value, someone would be ill advised to bid like this was a factory big block car that came loaded with options, unless proof is given. The pricing dynamics for an original car that came from the factory with performance and convenience options is far different than what is basically a street machine built at a later date.

        Steve R

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    • bone

      Adam always has great write ups, but he always assumes any car was a special order, rather than an off the lot sale, which most cars are. Like you said ,most of the options were ordered sometime after the car was sold

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    • Mark

      Having owned several 67 Chevelles, I think the dash came from a Malibu.

  5. Gary Rhodes

    Like Steve said, options were added afterwards,except maybe the power windows and a/c. Nice ride, if it goes for under 15k it will be well bought.

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  6. Skorzeny

    Regardless of what Steve said, and he’s right, I love the menacing look. I think for what it is, and how much enjoyment could be had from ownership, it’s a great deal under 15K.

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  7. PeterfromOz

    It needs another 454 sitting in the back over the rear wheels to get some traction!

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  8. local_sheriff

    For once I totally agree with a seller; it’d look stunning wearing its factory Butternut Yellow, my favorite solid color. It’s also one of my favorite year Elky too. I don’t mind the alterations ’cause this vehicle otherwise gives an OE impression at first glance. Not a fan of installing cowl induction hoods on everything so it’d have to go….

    Definately an Elky of my liking 👌

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Once there’s a color change it no longer matters you can paint it any color you like without effecting the value. I see a/c evaporator connector poking out from the firewall so it looks inoperable. Still after all comments it’s a nice ride and is well worth the current bid.
    God bless America

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  10. moosie moosie

    First thing I’d do is throw those ugly, no character, unbecoming dog dish hubcaps so far into the woods that Sasquatch would have difficulty retrieving them , obtain 4 Chevrolet Rallye Wheels with center caps, trim rings (
    ’67 Corvette style rallye wheels), get the paint fixed, get a tonneau cover, make the A/C operational and just drive it and smile . I like it,

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  11. Dave

    “Sasquatch? My name’s Darryll.”

    Not like you’re wearing a name tag there, big guy!

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  12. James Bishop

    If you never owned a 1967 El Camino or don’t know anything about cowl tags then you shouldn’t comment about something you don’t know about . 1967 cowl tags are the easiest to read and they tell alot about the car itself , they are not there for some other stupid reason . Maybe the car is alot more than it shows by the guesswork of the people commenting within . The seller should show a close up of the cowl tag regardless . Obviously the car has alot going for it . More than likely doesn’t mean squat , and saying all the other options were probably added along the way is only one’s opinion . That’s why they make cowl tags and books to learn from . If the car is/was a 396 then it was a BB – SS EL Camino , and it could of had the Factory options of Factory A/C ,PW ,PS,PB ,console with a clock and or gauges ( most had clocks ) 400 turbo , posi ,bucket seats , It’s a very sharp car . I’ve had EL Camino’s and one was a chop top lowered 4 inches .

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    • Steve R

      Did you even bother to look at the eBay ad? There is a close up of the cowl tag. It shows the car came from the factory with a bench seat and was butter nut yellow.

      Let us know where on the tag it suggests it came with a big block or any of the other options.

      Steve R

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    • PaulG

      James, no SS-396 ElCamino’s until ’68…

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  13. Gary James Lehman

    Read my response again. I stand by that at $15000 it doesn’t matter.

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  14. Kevin

    As is it’s definitely an el screamo!,needs stuff fixed and dialed in per the full e-bay description, but a real solid, stout truck, I would enjoy.

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  15. steve

    Those black ones…..with NUT COVER HUB CAPS usually always are hiding a bad ass vehicle…….this one has been “converted” by “WHO KNOWS” and may not be the ride you think it is…..but it looks really good and I would want to question the current owner extensively before dropping too much cash for it…

  16. 370zpp

    Almost amazing to read the various comments here that morph into debates and derision.

    Regardless of how you feel about each other’s observations, I will point out;

    1) It’s just a car. (Or truck, or whatever)
    2) I like it just the way it is, today; Mean and to the point. and I don’t care how it got that way.

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  17. Tony T

    Non-op AC in AZ = NFW!


    This is a very nice ride. It doesn’t matter what color or what the power plant that it came with. Someone built this thing to what they wanted at the time. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you like it and want to buy it then do so. When you get it home you can do whatever you want to it. That’s personal preference. I like it the way it is. (Dog dish and all). Why are some people so damn pickie on a fun machine. Just enjoy it. If you don’t like it you can just move on. I’ve got a 71 elco set up something like this. And I put it together the way I wanted to. That’s what is so great about these older cars. If it’s number matching leave it alone. If not, do whatever you want and have a great time with it. Just my opinion 😀

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