Highly Optioned: 1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

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It seems that the original owner of this 1968 Firebird Convertible had a great time with a pen and the options list because it is equipped with a nice list of optional extras. It is also a wonderfully solid car that looks like it will only need a fairly light cosmetic restoration to bring it back to its glorious best. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, it is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $17,550, but the reserve hasn’t been met. If you are the sort of person who looks at the Firebird, and the only thought that passes through your head is “I just have to own this,” then there is also a BIN option of $21,500.

It looks like the Firebird has been sitting idle for some considerable time. The last New Jersey Inspection Sticker is from 1979, which suggests that the car may have been stored away for around 40-years. The owner is of the opinion that all of the panels are original, but the car did undergo a repaint in its original April Gold many years ago. There are now plenty of marks and scratches to be seen, but major dings or body damage is minimal. A few of the badges have been damaged, along with the bumpers, but the great news surrounds the presence of rust. Actually, it is more a case of the lack of rust. Everywhere that you look, the car appears to be really solid. The usual rust traps on the Firebird are clean, which means that the next owner isn’t going to be faced with a heap of cutting and welding. There are a couple of small spots of rust, such as in the lower fender on the driver’s side, but the rest of it looks to be not much more than surface corrosion. In addition, the original wire wheel caps all seem to be present and in good condition, and the hood tach is also present and in working order. The Firebird features a black power top, and while this is looking a bit on the tatty side, the convertible boot cover looks like it is in good condition. One thing that may need replacement is some of the seals around the doors and trunk close. Some of those are looking a bit perished, so probably better to be safe than sorry with them.

Scouting around the interior of the Firebird reveals the fact that there isn’t going to be a lot of work required to bring the interior up to a really high standard. There is no carpet, the vanity mirror is missing off the passenger side sun visor, and the vinyl has lifted in one spot on the driver’s door trim. Otherwise, the rest of the deluxe interior trim appears to be in pretty decent condition. There doesn’t appear to be a rip or tear anywhere, the dash is unmolested, and the dash pad looks to be faultless. All of the original accessories are also present, and this is where we start to see that the original owner knew exactly what they wanted with this car. As well as the power top, the original factory radio, complete with rear speaker, is present. You also have that great woodgrain trim, the center console with clock, Soft Ray glass, a deluxe wheel, remote driver’s mirror, power windows, and air conditioning. That doesn’t really leave a lot of boxes that weren’t ticked, and apart from the air conditioning, it seems that everything functions as it should.

Taking pride of place under the hood of the Firebird is the 330hp version of the 400ci V8 engine, which is backed by a Hydramatic transmission and a 2.56 Safe-T-Track rear end. The great news here is that this is a numbers-matching car, which also features power steering and power brakes. If the numbers-matching news isn’t enough for you, the owner states that the Firebird starts and idles nicely and that it drives and stops really well. He also says that the chrome valve covers and air cleaner cover have been removed due to pitting, but if he still has these, then they may be able to be restored to maintain the car’s originality. In addition, he claims that the Firebird has only covered 22,888 genuine miles and that this is verified via the New Jersey title. If the car has been sitting since 1979, this is definitely feasible. Also included with the car is the original Broadcast Sheet, along with verifying documentation from the PHS.

If you are searching for an early Firebird as a project car, they probably don’t come a lot better than this one. The owner provides 280 clear, high-resolution photos, and they show a solid car that really needs very little to make it shine again. The optional equipment that the original owner chose to equip the car with makes it pretty special, and even in its current state, it’s a car that would attract plenty of attention wherever it went. Just imagine how much attention it will attract when it has been restored.

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Reminds me of another one from the past. Worked in a parking lot part time back in 68. Had a guy with a 68 Convertible, white with black interior and top. Got to park it many times and even though it wasn’t very far, it was a very enjoyable car.

    This one looks good overall (depending on the ultimate price) and hope whoever gets it will drive it.

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  2. TomMember

    I had a 67 that the recession bought that was a show winner 50K mile original car with ALL of these same options except the clock. VERY RARE. 1967 production, power windows were on 4% of ALL Firebirds that year, I would imagine 68 would be similar. Power windows is a very rare option, pain in the A–, but rare. Let’s just say crank windows work when you need them too.

    Very rare option is the Visor Vanity mirrors. I have not found a photo that tells if the car had them. It looks like they are NOT on the visors. They should be on both right and left. If they are missing there should be 2 mounting holes in face of the top of the visor where they would go.

    Safe T Track was one of those cool factory features.

    My car was 68 Regimental Red (originally white) with a white top and black interior. Owned it for almost 30 years and had to get the money out of it. heartbreaker. with every factory option except tilt wheel and factory front disc brakes. Not sure if this car has either of those options or the fold down rear seat.

    That remote mirror is also a very rare option and HARD to find item.

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  3. Little_Cars

    Adam, only you could use the phrase “a bit perished” and not raise a few eyebrows. (Sounds like a Monty Python routine). The seals are either fully perished, or worn and need replacement. Over here, perish means dead. LOL

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  4. OhU8one2

    I’ll take any year Firebird over a Camaro any day. The bird’s just have better lines and styling. Now don’t get me wrong, but if the choice came down to Camaro or Firebird, it’s a no brainer. Very nice car with lot’s of rare options. Can’t remember name of the color though?

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  5. 68custom

    A similar red one used to run around the KC,Mo area with power windows,tilt, deluxe interior, wire hubcaps, but no hood tach. Also a convertible. Cool ride!

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  6. Paul

    Great car for a very fair price!! Although I do like this car,I like the looks of a Camaro a little better….and Camaro’s always bring more money.

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  7. William I Decker

    Love the ’67-’68 Firebirds !! ’69’s,not so much. Best of luck to the new owner(s). A little too highly optioned for my taste. I could overlook the auto trans if I absolutely had to, but the other “lazy man” options- power windows, A.C., etc. are a deal breaker for me. Rare options ? Yes & thankfully so. Like so many cars of that era, these options were the exception, not the rule. My personal feeling is these types of options take away from & diminish what the first gen F bodies were originally all about. Great overall condition though !!

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    • Scott

      Funny. I’ve always liked the idea of another late 60’s ‘bird, but scrolled down to the comments once I saw it was a manual. A lot of the convenience options push me away, but as a South Floridian (now) I always look for A/C. Even with the drop-tops here, it’s nice to have a cool dry breeze coming towards you. When I was growing up in California I never would have *dreamed* of A/C on a convertible, but then, I didn’t have a clue as to how (not) refreshing the wind in your face would be if it is laden with 100% humidity and warmer than body temperature.

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      • Little_Cars

        Scott, what makes you think this is a manual trans? Very clearly shows a T-handle automatic in the cockpit.

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    • TomMember

      That is where there is Chocolate and Vanilla, right? I love options because they make the car more unique thus more rare thus as a collectible vehicle they are worth more money.

      You say, “rare options?”, yes in a Firebird, power windows, AC in a Convertible are VERY rare and valuable to a collector.

      I get your point BUT Pontiac was a more luxurious option to a Chevy, same as Buick was. My 400 Firebird Convertible was very rare due to rare options and sold for way more than a base model would both new and 50 years later.

      Any Yes I have owned 3 1st gen birds and 4 camaros

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  8. Robert Sabatini

    ’67 Firebirds’ suspension were designed for better handling in mind, a way for the Pontiac engineers to “one-up” Chevrolet for having to share the same platform with the Camaro. Also, the integrated front chrome flowed much better than the Camaro front end. Firebird…hands-down the more refined car than its competitors!

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  9. Paul

    I do agree Robert is saying, after all a firebird is suppose to be a set up!

    However the fact is that “first generation only” Camaros are worth more money…..even with much higher production numbers and less refinement they bring more money. Thus making this firebird a great buy……Camaro with same options and same condition would be. $5000 more and sold already.

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    • Ray H

      Three years ago I found a neglected 67 Firebird convertible sitting beside the road, for sale. Numbers matching, mostly original and intact but neglected. Seller had the PHS docs. When I counted 31 options I had to buy it. My best guess is 34 was the most possible on a single car. It is only missing the console clock, 8 track player and ram air. Has a 2 page window sticker, list price a hair under $5k. Just completed total restoration to as built condition.

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  10. Claudio

    Tell me about it , i had a camaro , it sold instantly when i finished the restore on my firebird topless and needed the romm , now 12 years later i regret building a firebird cause the selling price and demand sre not the same at all , on auction i can barely make it to 15 k ! I should have built another camaro …

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  11. A.J.

    I had a 68, 400 Firebird that I drove during the arab oil embargo in the seventies. Problem was I used it for my job delivering radioactive isotopes to hospitals. Couldn’t make the nights deliveries on a tank of gas! Had to carry a 5 gal can to make it home every night as the gas stations were all closed.

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  12. TimM

    Great car, great motor, convertible!! I would honestly be surprised if the car didn’t exceed the bin price!! The only thing that could have made it better is if it was a four speed car!! Still a really nice ride with not a lot of work to do on it!!

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  13. Troy s

    Aunt scared my four year old self half to death in her gold firebird 400, stick shift car with a very loud report coming from both the exaust and under the hood. I could not see over the dash obviously, and all I did was hang on for dear life every time she reached for the gear shift! Ha, the memories..some are permanent even 48 years later.
    Although hers was not a convertible just the sight of a gold 1st Gen firebird reminds me of that thrill ride.

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  14. Ray H

    Three years ago I found a neglected 67 400 convertible for sale beside the road a few miles from my house. I noticed some very rare options – like cruise control, headrests, folding rear seat, A/C – and the PHS documents confirmed a total of 31 options, original sticker price just under $5000. Same $ would buy a 427 Corvette roadster or Jag XKE in 1967. Had to buy it, just completed total restoration to as built. Pretty sure there were only 3 more options possible on a single car – it does not have the console clock, 8 track player, or ram air. Don’t know who ordered this car, but they checked almost every box possible.

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Love it. I had a 69 Firebird 400 back in the early 70’s. it was not a convertible though, after a few modifications available back then that car was a screamer. I remember changing the exhaust system to straight 2 1/2 inch with ( purple bombs) think they were called, a mild cam, and two 4v 750 carbs. Progressive linkage. I really loved that car. It was yellow/black vinyl. American Racing wheels. Man now I really want to buy this car. I better check with my credit union to see about a loan.
    God bless America

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  16. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Jun 16, 2019 , 7:00PM
    Current bid:US $17,850.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 20 bids ]
    Price:US $21,500.00

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