Hollywood Prop Car: 1968 Saab 95 V4

It’s hard to believe that this 1968 Saab 95 can carry seven passengers. A Chevy Suburban can also carry seven passengers but it’s 4.5-feet longer and I’m guessing that those passengers would be much more comfortable in the Suburban. Still, give me the Saab any day. This one can be found here on craigslist in Oxnard, California with a very enticing asking price of $2,000. Thanks to local_sheriff for sending in this tip!

I have wanted a Saab 95 for years and I was hoping that this was the one. It’s not, at least for me, unfortunately. It has quite a bit of rust, mostly underneath and thankfully the owner appears to be a very honest seller and they give the whole story. This is a movie car and as such, as I’ve heard from a friend in North Hollywood who has had one or more of his cars used in productions, movie companies aren’t too careful with someone else’s property. This one was repainted green from its original red for a movie or movies and has been a studio prop since the early-1990s.

Apparently, there is a “sizable dent” in the middle of the floor where the gas tank used to be – yes, this one has a fuel cell in order to be drivable. It’ll need to be towed if you live anywhere outside of the local area. It’s a shame, these are really great cars. The cargo area is big enough for me, although I’m not sure who I could talk into sitting in that rear jump seat.

They say that this car was used in various movies, including Agents of Shield and Ford vs. Ferrari. They bought it as a non-runner from a Hollywood vehicle service and got it running again, albeit with the aforementioned fuel cell, so it’ll need a gas tank and a lot of work on the rust. The Saab 95 was made for two decades, from 1959 to 1978, and they originally had the famous corn-popper, a 3-cylinder two-stroke engine, my favorite.

This car should have the 1.5L Ford Taunus V4 engine and they say that the engine runs great with no leaks, knocks, ticks, or smoke. That’s great to hear, it gives me hope that someone can save this Saab. Have any of you owned a Saab 95?



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  1. Sam61

    Seats 8 if you include Snow White…

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  2. Tiki Vegas

    Hope someone that wants a Saab buys it before it’s engine is scavenged for a Ford Eric front loader skid steer. My cousins did that–bought a nice Sonnet and ripped out the engine.

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  3. Ed VT

    The best car I ever owned was a 1969 95, this would have been in late 70’s. My father and I stripped off the bumpers fenders and chrome, sandblasted all the rust in the seams, under coated it and repainted it the proper white, Alpine White I believe. My wife and I drove the wheels off that car often pulling a small sailboat or a motorcycle trailer with my Bultaco trials bike on it. It had sufficient power, amazingly comfortable seats (I was a bit smaller then) and you could even sleep in the back (I was a bit smaller then) if need be. The car was just like a Timex Watch summer and winter it just kept running. I’ve had many, many vehicles since, good and bad (Fiat 128 SL) but that one was the best.

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  4. Superdessucke
  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. I’ve never seen a Saab 95 before. I’ve seen a 96, but never a 95. Assuming parts are still available, I can see this being an awesome restoration, maybe an awesome restomod. For a car in this condition $2,000 looks like a good price. That way you can afford to restore the car.

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  6. TOM

    I had a 1965 95. Yes, it would hold 7 souls. 2-3-2. The back seat faced rearward and the kids loved to sit in that seat, looking at the traffic following us. the 1965 had a 2 stroke engine which every 8 gallons you would add 1 quart of SAAB 2 stroke oil. A light on the instrument cluster would come on to tell you it was time to fill up and add oil. I was living in the Chicago area and my wife and I drove that car to California and the NW with a lightweight canoe on the top.(no kids at that time) In the mountains, we could only go 30-40 mph because of the canoe and altitude. We loved that car, replace the engine at 85k with another 2 stroke but his time oil injected. Those 2 strokes were temperamental but they loved the winter since there was no oil in the crankcase and they started in the coldest weather.

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  7. CRW Member

    If I didn’t have 4 SAABs (a 99 & 3 900’s) it would be interesting. I truely hope it finds a good home.

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  8. Puhnto

    These are such great little cars! Like “Ed VT” said, absolutely one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. Ours was a 1968 just like this one, white with red interior. We named it “Maax.” Drove it from coast to coast. It would cruise all day at 80mph across the Nevada desert, solid as a rock. Great gas mileage and as comfortable as could be (in the front seats). I got it in college and kept it up through six kids! We’d pile into it with two enormous suitcases in the rack on the roof and head off across the country. Twice the insurance company called it totalled and we bought it back, fixed it up, and kept on using it. I’d love to play with this one.

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  9. Puhnto

    Looking at it a second time, I see it has the wrong steering wheel and seats. Seats with headrests didn’t show up until 1969.

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    • Royal Ricci

      im thinking that it is an early 68. The wheel is from a 67.

  10. Robert Woodward

    I’ve never had a model 95, but I dreamed of my grandfather giving me his 1966 Saab 96 when he would part with it. It was very special because he bought it brand new to replace his 1960 Saab 93, but after buying the 1966 Saab 96 decided he didn’t like the way it drove and parked it in his garage with only 67 miles on it where it sat for 30 years until 1997. He became ill and on short notice my mother arranged for him to move down from Long Island, New York to West Palm Beach Florida. The Saab was picked up by a salvage yard and that was the last I heard of it. The car was “brand new” with the plastic still on the door panels. My grandfather also had a Citroen DS21, A Volvo 122, a P1800 and a BMW Isetta. They all went to the salvage yard because my stepfather couldn’t care less about cars. These days I make do with my 2009 (GM) Saab Aero, but would love to know what ever happened to the “96” and the other cars.

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    • Robert Woodward

      My stepfather was the one who handled the disposition of my grandfather’s possessions.

    • Ed VT

      Now that’s a real SAAB story…….

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  11. Robert Woodward


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  12. chrlsful

    family! Ya can’t live w/them, ya can’t live w/o them. Now cars….?
    a different story

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  13. Craiger

    I had my share of 2 stroke 96’s, well two, a 65 and a early 67 Monte Carlo with oil injection. Then a 1971 95 with the 1.7L V-4, drove the wheels off that poor car, it was ready to retire by 1989, not bad having lived in Wyoming and then Wisconsin all its life (rust issues) The engine and transmission were fine

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