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Huge Collection Up For Grabs


This photo of a handwritten list may not catch anyone’s attention, but we think you will take notice when you hear this… Someone is selling their mostly British collection of over 100 cars! The seller has supposedly been collecting cars for over 25 years and has decided to sell them all off. This is a major stockpile of automobiles and most of them are MGs. There are a few Jensen-Healeys, Triumphs, and an assortment of other stuff too. We have included the full list from craiglist below for you to to decipher and pick out your favorites.

  • 1962 GHN3L/110 W.W. Org/iris blue very good body, but does need floors no accident/bondo, damaged alum.hood. 9th car sold w/documentation. All parts to make complete w/18g mtr amco rack 5-tpfrm $9,000.00
  • 1962 GHN3L/4445 std, prm/grn-runs good floors, alum, hood, doglegs & bottom fenders rust lf fender dent good dash all gauges c. tpfrm, no side mouldings-holes filled, good trunk $2,900.00
  • 1964 MGB Red GHN3L27075 W.W. 5 MAIN MOTORS ALL SYNC. TRANS 3000
  • 1964 MGB Green GHN3L34554 W.W. 2700.00
  • 1964 MGB w.w. multi/red -PART CAR- welded plate floors X hood & windsheild, flared rear fenders, 18v mtr, no carbs $1,00.00
  • 1964 Triumph Spitfire White FC44224 1500
  • 1965 Triumph Spitfire White FC57231 W.W LOTS OF NEW PARTS 2700
  • 1965 MGB GHN3L/66531 W.W. Iris blue very good body, rolling shell, no mtr./trans/ $2,00.00
  • 1966 MGB Primer GHN3L75050 MOTOR KNOCKS GOOD PARTS CAR 1000
  • 1966 MGB GHN3L 107604 W.W., Blk/Blu- Needs floors, O.K. Body- Crack @ Lft Door Mirror, good doglegs, rockers, fenders except one rust spot, x wndshld, good dash w/ all guages, C. TPFRM, $2400
  • 1967 MGB-GT Maroon GHD3L121839 W.W. LOW MILES NO RUST 2200
  • 1967 GHN3L 115213 W.W. Yel/Grn- Needs Floors, rough- fender btm & dogleg rust, alum. Hood, x wndshld, good dash, w/ all guages, mtr/trans. Out, but inclds c. tpfrm, $1500
  • 1967 MGB Red GHN3L97765 W.W. & O.D. W/ FRONT CLIPS 3500
  • 1967 MGB GHN3l 115216 W.W./brit grn- excellent body w/ original good paint, no rust, rolling shell- future company car, N.F.S. $3000
  • 1967 MGB GHN3L 127723 W.W./Red/Yel- appears good body- not accessable good alum hoods, needs pedal box & & mstr cycles, $200
  • 1968 MGB Brown GHN4U144343G W.W. 1900
  • 1968 MGB-GT Maroon GHD4U149551G W.W. WEBER 3000
  • 1970 MGB Yellow GHN5U208496G 2400
  • 1970 MG Midget Red GAN5U817G LOTS OF NEW PARTS 2500
  • 1970 Triumph Spitfire Primer FDU77648L 1000
  • 1971 MGB Blue GHN5UB28234G 2200
  • 1971 MGB-GT White GHD5UB247061G 2000
  • 1971 MGB-GT Tan GHD5UB247100G 2500
  • 1972 Volvo Pi800ES Green 6077 0.D. 3500
  • 1973 MGB Red GHN5UD325170G 2500
  • 1974 MGB Orange GHN5UE355671G 1000
  • 1974 ½ MGB-GT White GHD5UE366318G MOTOR KNOCKS 1500
  • 1974 ½ MGB-GT Aqua GHD5UE362322G O.D. BODY DAMAGE 2900
  • 1974 Jensen Healey Yellow 18355 2000
  • 1973 Jensen Healey White 12987 ROLLBAR 2200
  • 1975 Jensen Healey Plum 19843 W/ EXTRA WINDSHIELD 3000
  • 1975 MGB Red GHN5UG388916G 2800
  • 1975 MGB Brown GHN5UG384700G 1500
  • 1976 MGB Black GHN5UG405624G 2500
  • 1978 MGB Maroon GHN5UL484873G REBLT. MTR. GOOD INTERIOR 3200
  • 1979 MGB-LE Black GHN5UL492918G 3600
  • 1980 TR-7 Roadster White TP20J8AT205625 BUICK V-6, 5-SPD 4500


  • 1957 Ford T-Bird-Coral & White Interior, Older Restoration IN FAMILY SINCE 1962. WIRE WHEELS. 312/AUTO. RUNS GOOD $25,000
  • 1957 THRU 63 VOLVO PV444 & 544 (6) CARS FOR RESTORATION $500 AND UP
  • 1964 GMC- 10′ FLATBED, 305 V-6 XTRA MOTOR $750
  • 1969 & 1970 TRIUMPH GT-6 BOTH FOR $3000
  • 1971 TRIUMPH TR-6- SOLID MTR. OUT $3500
  • 1977 DATSUN Z-(2) CARS,(1) RUNS $1000
  • 1977 CHEVY CAMERO-RESTORED. 305/AUTO $6500
  • 1975 THRU 79 M.G. MIDGETS-PROJECTS OR PARTS $400 and up
  • 1971 Chevy R.V. Camper- ¾ TN. VAN, BUBBLE TOP STOVE, SINK, BED & CABINETS, ER, RUNS & DRIVES. 350 MTR., NEEDS T.L.C $700

We have requested some photos from the seller and will update the post if we hear back. Anyone here in the area who could go snap some photos and report back?


  1. Avatar photo RBLawrence

    I would like to have the 57 T-Bird. I would love to see a picture of it.

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  2. Avatar photo Carl W. French

    Mk1 B parts cars at $1000, even up here in the rust belt that is Really Optimistic. Sounds like a great fun to check out though :-)

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      Not comparable !!
      I would say,that where you are, is called the ‘rust belt’ for a very good reason.

      What is a parts car in So California, would be a restorer’s dream base car anywhere else !

      I have and still see these going through the pull-apart yards :RUST FREE like the day they came from the factory, needing everything else……

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  3. Avatar photo rancho bella

    oooo, ’67 and ’68 MGB GT’s……….I can see them now with factory flairs, Webers (Italian) fitted to a cross flow head………sorry, I got sideways…………..

    I will be interested in seeing the pix. I could be wrong but I don’t think this is this guys first rodeo attempting to sell these. Something in that useless brain of mine tells me this is familiar.

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    • Avatar photo Alan Johnson

      Yep he’s had these up on Craig’s List before. From what I understand he is not computer savy and some else puts the add up for him. If there is something you are really interested in I might be able get him to let me in to take some pictures. The cars a hidden behind a stockade fence in what appears to be no particular order.

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  4. Avatar photo Curtis

    What is a “GHN3L” ?

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    • Avatar photo Richard V

      Methinks those are MGB partial serial numbers.

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  5. Avatar photo Bryan Cohn

    This guy really needs an auction house to handle a sale of this size.

    And for the millionth time, I really hate hoarders. They do a disservice to everything they touch.

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      then go away (?)
      Why are you here then?
      At least 8 of 10 cars were saved by hoarders, when more old cars were thrown away than bought by others.
      Just as this gentleman probably never intended to have 100+ cars, but bought them 1 at a time thinking ” it’s me or the crusher”.
      Maybe it’s time to re-asses your own attitude.
      My guess is that you don’t hate hoarders, but rather yourself for not picking up these or some cars while you could (cheap).
      In any case you’re on the wrong site. Maybe you should be at a Mecum or Barrett Jackson auction.
      This is a filthy hobby, but you can pick up clean cars at the above mentioned auction for a reasonable price, no ?

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    • Avatar photo Richard

      Hoarders are not “hoarders”. They love the cars – probably more than you do or ever will. They do a SERVICE, not a disservice. They long term store cars from the days when the cars were considered salvage material and a large majority of the cars would have been crushed and disappeared forever if someone hadn’t bought up a bunch and “hoarded” them – so they weren’t available to the public at large for a number of years – so what? They are or will be available now and in the future – they are preserved – whether you like the way it is done or not is immaterial – they still exist…….these people (like me) absolutely love the cars – it’s not the money at all…….Cheers.

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  6. Avatar photo Livermoron

    32391 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 Reed’s Mountain British

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Google Maps (Satellite) shows lots of cars outdoors at this spot. The upside is that there are lots of trees.

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  7. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    If you’re in Southern Calif. this could be a fun way to spend a Saturday even if you don’t come away with a car.

    OTOH, if you really want a car, go there with a strictly limited amount of cash and offer it for the best car you can find and let the $$ do the talking. It’s not as if he’s got you over a barrel: You’ll be the guy with some money, he’s the guy with too many cars.

    But don’t get your hopes up. They’ve been in relentlessly sunny San Diego for 25 years, so unless they’ve been stored indoors and they’re a lot better than they sound, they might all be overpriced.

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      This location is neither in the desert, nor too close to the coast.
      Most likely not much rust (compared to coastal cars in So Cal) and
      not too much sun/heat damage,
      As for the prices ; It’s all relative.
      How much would you pay to have a rusted out car welded back together, besides that it will never look right again? Or exchange/nickel plate all the rusted bolts screws, clamps etc.
      So if he lowered the prices, would you pay them ?
      Probably not, you would still try to bargain……

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  8. Avatar photo Alan Johnson

    I live in the Temecula Valley in SoCal and drive past this collection twice a day. Every now and then he drags a car out to the roadside and sticks a for sale sign it. The Coral T-bird was the most recent offering. Keep in mind that most of these cars have been stored outside for a very long time.

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    • Avatar photo rancho bella

      Not “the” Alan Johnson……………..naw…….couldn’t be………

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      • Avatar photo Alan Johnson

        Which Alan Johnson are you referring to?

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      • Avatar photo rancho bella

        The Alan Johnson………..of Porsche racing fame and had a Porsche dealership down the street from me here in Point Loma (San Diego)

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      • Avatar photo Alan Johnson

        Your not the first to ask the question, sorry not the same guy, he raced Porsches out here and wrote the book Driving In Competition, I raced BMC junk & Mazdas from my home base outside Chicago. I’m a 10 year transplant to the left coast.

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    • Avatar photo SKMoss

      I drive the same drive every day. I’ve been drooling over the MGB that’s sitting out there this week. My first car was a 65 MGB, and I swear I’m going to pick one up as a mid life crisis car some day.

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  9. Avatar photo Jon

    Had I space, time, and money, I’d buy one of these early MGBs for a vintage race car.

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  10. Avatar photo David

    I don’t think I would catergorize this guy as a collector. From the google map, it appears that they’ve been stored outside. I’m going to hazard a guess here that he’s really not a Brit car collector; after 25 years of hoarding these cars, he’s a collector of Brit rust buckets that used to be cars.

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    • Avatar photo David

      And who the heck takes a picture of a handwritten list to put on Craigslist??? What kind of stupid is that??? If you’re savvy enough to post something on CL, typing up your rust bucket list should be relatively easy….

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      I am going to hazard a guess,
      that you
      1. live in a wet climate (Canada ,No. Europe or US East coast) and
      2. have never been to Southern California or Lake Elsinore.

      My 2nd guess, lack of view/perspective and knowledge.

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    • Avatar photo Alan Johnson

      Yes most of these are stored outside under a dense cover of trees. The property is located in the El Cariso Village above Lake Elsinore Ca at 2,600 ft above sea level and is subject to dense fog/mist at this time of year, right now I can’t see the top of the mountain from my house on the valley floor. It can and has snowed up there periodically during the winter.

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  11. Avatar photo michael rozmen

    190,000+, not a bad retirement if he can pull it off.

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  12. Avatar photo Kurt Spengler

    This looks as if it would fit right in with the recent explosion of the Rat Rod culture! Lol. Remember folks One mans trash is another mans treasure and Visa Versa! Yin n Yang! There must be darkness before enlightenment!

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  13. Avatar photo Paul

    I sure would be interested in those triumph gt6s, or chrome bumpers but, or 1of those spits, oh hell I have no room for any of it.

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    • Avatar photo paul

      Trying to write a post on an Ipad, I can’t figure out what I was trying to say, so I will say this, I like the early Spit’s & BGT’s chrome bumpers only.

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  14. Avatar photo Kurt Spengler

    My apologies, My previous comment was made in respect to the appearance of the patina of the Mechanics Illustrated roadster shown elsewhere on Barn finds. At least the quip about how said roadster would fit in with the Rat Rod Culture. The rest of my commentary was directed to the shallow mindedness of another commentator with regards to the mindset of fellow collectors of vintage tin.. Enough said..

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  15. Avatar photo Chris A.

    I don’t have a problem with hoarders at all. At one end you have guys who love cars and have the open space and live long enough to buy a large number of what they like. On the other extreme you have Jay Leno who loves everything with wheels, has the money to make them better than new, and is willing to share his love for his collection with us. One thing for sure about Jay, I’ve never heard of him flipping a car. What we don’t like is the apparent waste of good cars that sit out in the weather for 40+ years and rot. Not everyone has a climate controlled storage warehouse. You want a nice carefully stored barn find? I know where there is a very restorable 1930 Pierce Arrow 8 sedan. To me the fun is finding these cars whatever your taste and hoping they get a good home.

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    • Avatar photo Kurt Spengler

      Right On! Jay is the consummate Car Guys Car Guy!

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  16. Avatar photo jim

    no pictures yet and i can not bring the listing up on CL. states ” flagged for removal “. there must be more to this story.

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      that’s the bad part(among others) about craigslist:
      it supports haters .
      Somebody got his nose out of joint and flagged him.
      No big deal, just put up another ad.

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  17. Avatar photo Roar

    All the B’s would be a start of a new career rebuilding MG-B’s, I just read that someone is doing that using the new bodies available but for $50,000!! Seems one could make a profit restoring these to #2’s for we ‘common folk’ enthusiasts.

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  18. Avatar photo Kurt Spengler

    50,000 for a new MG body! Money better spent would be for a new TriFive convert body or ’69 Camaro! Yeah there’s a bunch of ’em out there but because of that fact, the repop industry has your back with the build!

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  19. Avatar photo Carl W. French

    The new MGB body shells can be had for a tad under $10k including shipping and the crate. Great for some but a lot easier/cheaper to find a rust free SW MG to start from. I wonder how many brand new MGBs the company is selling. Would be interesting to see one (Mk2 bodies and up only as I recall).

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  20. Avatar photo Kurt Spengler

    Now that’s better! 10Gs is more like it! Seems to me a T series would be fun as a repop body! probably cheaper to manufacture as well!

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  21. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    There are pro and cons to hoarding. Someone, say on the West coast wouldn’t be a bad thing and most likely did the hobby a favor by saving them from the crusher. Truth is though The mighty hoarder won’t be able to keep them forever as the city/county or relitives will put them up for sale someday.
    HOWEVER a hoarder with the same intentions from Ohio will no doubt do more harm then good. I once knew of a guy who purchased 23 66/67 Ford Fairlanes that had been sitting for 25 years. One a rare 67 GT Convertable 390/4spd. Out of the amount of cars saved were maybe 3. Too rusty.
    My thought on this guy here is that he is old and understands he has more then he can handle.Taking a pic of an ad isn’t far fetched. Saves alot of time taking a pic of a list then typing with two fingers. Maybe he is a little high on price. With all the BS TV shows about flipping cars who wants to sell something, have the buyer beat you down. You feel sorry and help him out by lowering the price. Then later it was sold for double after a wash! It isn’t a sin to pay too much for something you want. I feel it would be worth the trip and show the guy respect. If you pay too much for one the second is always cheaper.

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