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Swivel Seats & T-Tops: 1975 Hurst/Olds W25

There is only 1 day remaining in this auction for this 1975 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds Edition Cutlass. The Hurst Olds first made its debut in 1968 and was continued off and on until 1984. The car was a special edition based on the collaboration of Oldsmobile and Hurst Performance. The car has been bid to $16,300 and the reserve is not met. The Hurst/Olds is listed here on eBay and the car is located in Livingston, Kentucky.

The 1975 Hurst/Olds came in two exterior colors – white and black. This car is a white W-25 Hurst/Olds with a white interior. The interior upholstery looks a little yellow but that could be just because of the lighting. The Hurst Olds was designated with either a W-25 or W-30 badge which stands for the engine that was equipped with from the factory. The interior looks clean and original. The His and Hers Hurst Dual Gate shifter sits between the seats in the center console. This car has the T-Tops, power windows and air conditioning and swivel bucket seats.

This is a W-25 car which means that it left the factory with the Oldsmobile 350 cubic inch V8 engine. It had a factory horsepower rating of 170 horsepower. That should be enough horsepower to cruise around town in. The other engine package available was the W-30 which came with the Oldsmobile 455 cubic inch V8 engine rated at only 190 horsepower. Both engines were available with the TH400 automatic transmission.

Oldsmobile holds the distinction of being the first company to introduce T-Tops on a car in the United States.There were 2,535 Hurst/Olds edition cars built in 1975. Of those, 1,293 were white and 1,242 were black. Slightly more W-25’s were built in 1975 (1,342) than the more powerful 455 equipped W-30 cars (1,193). This car is said to be rust free and lived in a garage in California for most of its life. The odometer reading shows 35,300 miles which the owner believes is the second time around the block.


  1. Boatman Member

    135,300! Kudos to the seller for honesty. Almost looks more like 35K.

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  2. Stan

    Cool car. Dual gate shifter nice for the 2.56 malaise gears.

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  3. Mike Stephens Staff

    Always loved the look of these 75s, with the “missing” side windows and T-Tops. I thought Hurst got it right with this one, at least for this time period. Very nice ride here!

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  4. Tom

    Seriously? 1968 Corvette had a t-top.

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  5. Giles

    Tom is correct. The 1968 Corvette had T-Tops, and is supposedly the first US production car to offer them.

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  6. Mike

    When I was a teen..a buddy had a 74 or 75 Hurst Olds w/455. Nice cruising car that would smoke the tires but my Maverick Grabber would leave him in my dust…😂

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  7. Al

    A ‘little old lady’ owned it! Why of course, no big young lady would ever own one. He forgot to mention, this was Sundays church mobile & Saturday grocery getter.

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    • Roy Earls

      Surprised to see my car on here. Yes, it was actually a garage kept one owner Lady in Calif. … I kept it inside from the day I towed it home.

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  8. Mark

    I had a 77 Cutlass with t-tops, triple black with a red interior, auto on the floor. It was super doggy but it looked great going slow.

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    • Doug F.

      63 years old and still learning. I was always under the assumption that when a vehicle was referred to as triple (whatever color), it was making reference to the vehicle body, roof, and third, interior color. So where did I go wrong here? We learned about that assume word in school, lol. We know your interior was red, so what then was triple black?
      Doug F.

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      • Mark

        Triple black was the name of the PPG paint.

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  9. George Mattar

    One of these in black just sold for $37,000. My favorite year of this car. I had a 76 Cutlass Salon with the leaky Hurst Hatches. I assure you the ride is far better than any of the total junk GM builds today. And better looking.

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  10. douglas hunt

    Ah the memories
    I had a 74 442 with swivel bucket seats
    Metallic Brown with white stripes and interior

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