Indy Film Past: 1977 Plymouth Road Runner

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I’ve always found that cars tied to movie production to be of somewhat dubious value. There are some exceptions: vehicles used in Bond films, or the original Beetles modified for Disney’s Herbie franchise. But some of the other attempts by sellers to link some level of fame to their car seem like a stretch. This 1977 Plymouth Road Runner here on eBay was used in a short, independent film, which I suppose at least sets it apart from other Mopars. 


Now, I always found these kitted-up Volares to be intriguing project cars regardless of any claim to fame. The beefy fenders, three-spoke steering wheel, window louvers and rear wing all add up to give it quite the racy appearance. Reality was a bit more subdued, performance-wise, but the Road Runner still at least looked good while performing even the most mundane of assignments.

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Apparently, the movie is about your typical bad-dude who moves into a small town, and immediately catches the sheriff’s attention. Throughout it all, the renegade cowboy drives a Road Runner, in a manner that I would only presume is aggressive and “dangerous.” I didn’t watch the movie this gussied-up Volare starred in, but I can only assume the abundance of cliches and stereotypes kept moviegoers at bay.

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If you’re a fan of the movie Runner, then you’ll want to pay attention this auction: all of the cast members, certain to be gracing the silver screen in the not too distant future, have signed the Road Runner’s trunk lid. It’s kind of like getting a player’s signature at a Single A minor league ball game: it’s not worth much, but maybe it makes a night at the ballpark a little more interesting – but I’d much rather have a Road Runner than a novelty baseball.

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    While the handwriting was on the wall for muscle cars, this car is a mere shred of the original, but I thought the Volare platform was a good car. I know they had a lot of quality control problems ( Lee Iacocca said himself, “we really sent some crap out the door”) but for what this was, it’s still pretty cool. I wonder if this car still had the “meep-meep” horn?

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    • MeepMeep

      Unfortunately, it did not have the iconic “Meep Meep” horn as it was discontinued after 1970 due to the U.S.DOT and NHTSB regulations regarding vehicle warning devices. It’s decibel rating was too low.
      MeepMeep !

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      • Ian

        The “meep meep” horn wasn’t discontinued until the end of the ’74 model year

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  2. RayT

    If I could find the Chevelle from the movie “Repo Man” — or the Ford Falcon convertible from same — or the Mustang from “Motorama” or the “Idaho Special” from the 1954 film “Johnny Dark,” we’d be talking some serious collector interest (at least from me!).

    Since a James Bond Aston Martin or its equal in notoriety are too rich for my blood, I have to go for the strange and obscure. But a Road Runner with the awful plastic body bits doesn’t stir me much, if at all.

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  3. Mitch

    I had a ’77 Volare’ Premier wagon (with the woodgrain sides) & the same orange.I was well aware of the quality problems with those & Aspens, but mine was the best car I ever owned dependability wise. 318, cold A/C, & cruise control. The only thing that eventually killed it was frame rust.

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  4. Kincer DaveMember

    I like these, I think they are perfect candidates for a late model Hemi swap, I know there are people that would disagree that it would take away from the originality but these cars had the looks but nothing to back it up. I think this with a late model Hemi drivetrain would be perfect!

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    • Bruce

      Imagine the fun showing people what it could do after such a swap!!!

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  5. Rock OnMember

    Low budget car for a low budget flick!

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  6. Michael V.

    In terms of intimidation, a guy driving this suffers in comparison to say, the V.W. Beetle M. Emmet Walsh drove in Blood Simple. For some reason, I’ve always wanted that car. Maybe even in comparison to the 86 Hyundai the drive by shooters used in Boyz N the hood.

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  7. Fred W.

    In addition to being a Barn Finds fan, I’m a full time independent filmmaker, so I can weigh in on this. In the film world the hierarchy would go something like this:

    1) Feature film with huge theater run (400 or more) that achieves huge popularity and lasting appeal.
    2)Feature film with huge theater run (400 or more) that fizzles out and goes to DVD
    3) Feature film with smaller theater run that achieves some popularity and does well on DVD
    4) Feature film that only goes to DVD (thousands are made that never make it to theaters)
    5) All short films, unless they win Sundance

    My last film (Providence, ) only made it to number 3. It was chock full of muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s, including the Firebird seen here, and “starred” my own ’51 Kaiser, but I can assure you no one would pay a dollar extra because it was in our film. Only in a film with a huge theater run and big stars would the cars command extra money.

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    • Idiot Boy

      What if one is not presently affiliated with a church in particular but would like to see Providence? The trailer was excellent and the message is uplifting. Can one make an anonymous request on behalf of a local church?

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  8. Healeydays

    I have an Austin Healey that was in the background of the nightly news once. Can I ask for more money when I sell it?

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    • RayT

      My ex owned a Renault LeCar (this was a long time ago!) that appeared in one scene of “Repo Man.” Oddly enough, the dealer we bought it from didn’t jack the price up because of its Movie History….

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      I drove my 66 Bug to hand in my tax bill at the last minute…curbside at the main post office in Cleveland and the local news interviewed me while i was in the car. My wife called the station and requested a copy of the newscast on VHS. I still have it and transferred it to DVD. My Bug is a TV star !
      60K on E-Bay….with documentation !

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    • Gary Merly

      Only if the news story was about Jimmy Hoffa being found.

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  9. John K

    Back in the 90’s I had a Honda that starred in “Gramps” a made for TV movie featuring John Ritter and Andy Griffith.

    By starred, I mean you could definitely see it as the camera panned across the parking lot to the building entrance.

    By definitely see it, I mean if you let me pause the VHS tape at the right spot I could point it out to you and you could probably make it out.

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  10. Vegas Vic

    oh road runner, such an abrupt ending, decent two door coupe though

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  11. Mike

    My 97 Chevy Silverado can be seen sitting near “The Bar” of Gone Girl, that was filmed in Cape Girardeau, MO. I was visiting my cousin’s antique shop and the producers came around asked who owned the truck and I said I do they ask if they could borrow it to fill in a parking spot near where the scene was being filmed. I thought at first with would be pretty cool but 3 hours later I was ready to leave and go home.

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  12. AMCFAN

    My car movie ride would be the 68 Cuda used in the movie Highwaymen. Great car flick too.

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  13. Joe Nose

    i’ll take the plow from the original Vanishing Point.

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  14. Vegas Vic

    DJ super soul, Cleavon Littke!
    Great film

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  15. JagManBill

    “back in the day”, a good friend’s Dad owned the old Chevy/GMC truck used in “Born on the 4th of July”…that enough star power? It didn’t help it when he sold it…

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  16. Clinton

    We had a 78 Firebird Formula hood on a 77 Trans Am that was used in a Playboy photo shoot. Didn’t get any more money for the car. Wish I still had the hood though it would be great on the garage wall now.

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  17. stillrunners

    Born on 4th of July was shot down a street I grew up on and still travel… 69 Formula S Cuda was back ground on a Danny Glover 60’s movie….

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  18. RoughDiamond

    Dang! The most attention my car has ever received involved some flashing blue lights behind it.

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  19. angliagt

    The Family Truckster is for sale – you’d be the star at
    almost any car show.
    I submitted it,but it wasn’t accepted.

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  20. Bill

    I had the “hero” Mini from “Air bud IV Seventh Inning Fetch”. because i got to keep some of the extra bits they used and had some groovy pictures, it made the sale easier. I din’t get more for it (it needed full restoration but it was a driver) I miss it now. Should have kept ‘er.

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  21. TC

    Remember when no one paid attention to Mavericks, Venturas, Omegas, Vegas, monzas etc… With the rediculous prices of main stay muscle it was a matter of time before attention was given to stuff like Volares and Mustang IIs. Pick your poison I say.

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  22. Blindmarc

    Went for $8k.

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  23. Miguel

    This was my ambulance I bought back in the ’90s.

    It wasn’t worth anymore because it had starred in a TV Show

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