Interesting History: 1991 Honda CRX Si

The seller of this 1991 Honda CRX Si tells us that this car has had a very interesting history, including being owned by an older gentleman who never drove over 60 mph in the right lane. I’m SO glad to read that they said he stayed in the right lane, whew. They have it listed here on eBay in Carriere, Mississippi, there is no reserve, and the current bid price is $5,600.

I apologize for the photos which are smaller than usual so they’re a bit pixelated and were all verticals which typically makes my brain shut down. I can’t remember now how much eBay charges for photos that can be enlarged but I don’t think it’s that much, is it? Anyway, this Civic SRX Si has had a very interesting life. It started out as a white car but has been repainted “Porsche midnight blue”, according to the seller. Hagerty is at $7,700 for a #3 good condition car, as a reference.

I thought that this was a black car, I don’t see any color at all but maybe it’s due to the photos not being able to be enlarged to see the detail. This is no low-mileage SRX, this car has 358,444 miles on it and the first owner was a “middle-aged women” who put the first 100,000 miles on it. Then, a military officer bought it for his wife who only put 8,000 miles on it and needed a minivan so it was sold to the current owner who has owned it for sixteen years. So, is the current owner the 60-mph-in-the-right-lane gentleman? I’m not quite sure of the ownership history but it does look like a nice example despite the high miles.

The interior has some normal wear which is to be expected after so many owners and multiples of hundreds of thousands of miles. Honda made the Civic CRX in three generations, from 1983 for the 1984 model year until 1991. This is, of course, a third-gen car and Si was the “Sports Injected” model with a bigger engine, compared to the base DX or high-fuel-efficiency model, the HF. There was no automatic option for the Si, they all came with a five-speed manual.

The engine is Honda’s D16A6, a 1.6L inline-four which would have had 108 horsepower and by this time, the CRX Si had four-wheel disc brakes and door-mounted seat belts. This one has had anything fixed that needed fixing and all maintenance has been completed over the years and it’s ready to go, according to the seller who is selling because they can’t operate a clutch pedal anymore. Have any of you owned a Civic CRX Si?


  1. Bud Lee

    This would be great if it was in the local paper for $1200 to $1400 . The history is benign . As long as it doesn’t have wheel spacers a fart can and a hole cut out for k&n dirt sucker , it would be a great commuter .

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    • Gary J Lehman

      You can say that again.

  2. Bud Lee

    This would be great if it was in the local paper for $1200 to $1400 . The history is benign . As long as it doesn’t have wheel spacers a fart can and a hole cut out for a k&n dirt sucker , it would be a great commuter .

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  3. John Alm

    Why is it even barn-find worthy, it’s not like its limited production Rice-burner , Connecticut has Early American plates which end up on imported cars , so owners can get property tax discounts, Cracks Me Up , just my opinion

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    • Bret P

      I get excited when any car from the 90’s is featured here, that’s my youth and I was a car nut kid.

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  4. Sebastian X1/9

    These cars will be quite valuable in the future. You’d be surprised what a gen xer like me would pay for one of these teenager hot hatch!

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  5. Mark Orton

    Nice car indeed with interesting history! These were little Bullitts when they first came onto market! When someone tells me a vehicle is Dark Blue and it’s inititally difficult to differentiate, I immediately compare body color to the tires, which are usually Black. Thank you for great article! Glwa!

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  6. matthew grant

    358,000 miles? that is a $1000 car all day long.

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  7. Damon

    358,444 miles and it is at 5600.00 with 1 day and some hours left??? I get it may be taken care of but wow. wonder what it will go for?

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  8. larry

    Ready for complete engine overhaul.

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  9. Chris

    Looks plenty blue to me.

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  10. Timothy Youngberg

    If we are going to do Honda barn finds I guess we can now do my Toyota supra 85 which I rescued from the Texas desert.

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  11. Skip

    I bought a 91 new. There was a giant magnet hidden somewhere that attracted other cars as well as garbage from construction trucks. At 3000 miles a shingle destroyed the hood. After that it was a non ending attack on the rear end. I loved the car but I couldn’t keep it out of the body shop.
    In typical Honda fashion, no mechanical problems ever occurred.

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  12. Thom

    I had on e of these about 15 years ago. Probably one of my favorite cars that I ever owned. The original clutch pitched ace deuce at about 330,000 miles and since I live in Illinois, the body was pretty well rotted away and I put it out to pasture. Typical Honda, body rot but 330,000 trouble free, economical miles and handled like a go cart.

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  13. Roland Schoenke

    Speaking from experience ( ’02 Honda Accord ) even 400000kms is minor on a Honda. Honda owners can attest.

  14. OzyJohn

    Sadly, I have to say Barn Finds is becoming just like How can this be classified as a “find?” C’mon admin, do we have to scroll through all these while trying to uncover a REAL Barn Find? Rant over. ✌🏻

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      OzyJohn, not many vehicles on Bring a Trailer have to be trailered home anymore, but that’s how they started and nobody complains about their name, for some reason.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Scotty: Amen!

        Also, I stopped visiting Bring A Trailer shortly after they started doing auctions. It used to be a fun site, like Barn Finds!

  15. James

    These are great cars. Back in the day, I sold Honda’s and Acura’s in 1989 and this model was very popular, even back then. I wish the price was not as high as it has gotten to, don’t know why a 300k plus miles car is going for $6,000?? I think it should be at least half that much. In any case, it’s a cool looking car and would nice to have in my driveway especially with the gas prices they are today. Thanks for posting a great memory.

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  16. Dallas

    I owned a 1990 Civic Si and loved it, great car except for an appetite for head gaskets that developed towards the end of its life. I’d love to own a Civic Si if I had room in the garage.

    Not surprised in the slightest at the bids on this one. Japanese sporty cars from the ’90s are having a moment right now. Look at Supra MK4s if you have any doubt. Nothing wrong with a car like this on BF, keep ’em coming!

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Are most of the commenters here new or something? It’s not like you’ve never featured a CRX before.

    Geesh people, stop wasting your time reading and commenting about cars you don’t care about. Just skip it and move onto whatever floats your boat.

    Seems like a simple solution to a simple problem.

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  18. Paul

    I bought an ’89 CRX as my first new car. It was a blast to drive and got fantastic gas mileage. My problem was I couldn’t keep my foot off the accelerator because it was such a fun rocket! In a year and a half I had piled up enough speeding tickets that I was in danger of losing my license! I sold it (foolish) and bought something more sedate to drive.

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