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Is It More Than The Sum Of Its Parts?


The current owner of this 1967 Chrysler Newport coupe has spent over $1,500 in new parts since acquiring the car. Now they have to sell the car quickly due to a move, and have it advertised here on eBay for a buy it now of less than that–only $1,250–and are even willing to consider lower offers than that! It’s located in Radford, Virginia.


The major issue with the Newport is readily apparent after looking at the pictures in the auction. There’s a pretty good amount of surface rust, and some corrosion that’s penetrated the surface. The rockers and quarter panels will require some localized repairs, and there are some holes in the floor as well.


With the majority of the rust on the horizontal surfaces, I’m guessing this car has spent a good portion of its life outside. Even in Virginia there are enough sunny days to bleach the paint out like this. The seller states that they don’t think it had a vinyl roof, but have been unable to locate the build sheet to make sure one way or the other. After looking the pictures over closely, I’m thinking this may be the remnants of the original paint showing. b6

Here’s the worst rust–the trunk floor is definitely due for replacement. And guess what? There’s one here for less than $220. That’s a pretty big chunk of sheet metal for a bargain price in my opinion. You might want to drop that fuel tank before cutting it out or welding the next one in, though. Ask my son-in-law about welding around gas tanks sometime…bad things happen!


While the interior will need reworking, of course, there’s nothing I see here out of the ordinary apart from the air conditioning unit under the dash. The seller says the compressor has been removed but it’s included.


Most of the new parts have gone under here, with a long list including completely new brakes, new carburetor, hoses, radiator, alternator, starter and tune up parts. Unfortunately, once the seller had gotten the engine running, sticky valves have caused bent pushrods. What a bummer! Now further work will have to be done to get it running again. Are you the person to do that work? If so, move quickly as this car might not last long at this price!


  1. Michael Moceri

    Love it when they’re complete cars. 383 powered cruiser. Worth making a nice driver. Looks like something the FBI would drive. Only way to see a vehicle’s true condition is on a lift!

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  2. Enrico Zacher

    Media blast it. If you dare!

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  3. Jeffro

    I felt like I needed a tetanus shot from just looking at pictures.

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  4. Larry K

    I love it. Needs a 4 speed. Booking tetanus appointment now.

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  5. Blindmarc

    Worth the asking price!….

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  6. Howard A Member

    I’d like to hear more of the son-in-laws dilemma. Not to make fun, but so that other’s, no matter how obvious it may seem to us, will learn. I still cringe when I see gas station cashier’s, or ignorant motorist’s, at stations, pull out a cigarette and light up.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Howard…were you intending to comment on another post, perhaps? If not, please explain–or did I miss something? Thanks.

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      • Michael

        Uh you mention your son in law in the body of the post that has your name on it?

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Got it! Sorry, Howard! I was completely focused on the car. Let’s just say that welding with a recently emptied fuel tank nearby on the floor isn’t a great idea, especially if it’s an unusual car that you are supposed to be racing within a week. There’s a reason the Marina now has a fuel cell! Thankfully no one was hurt!

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  7. M B

    That’s a Newport Custom, with the added side trim. No vinyl roof can be a plus, but . . .

    Less than about 25K of the regular Newport 2-drs like this. Not sure about how many Newport Customs. WOULD be a nice car, but for what $$$$. If a #1 condition, could be valued at about $15K, but to break even, you’d have to do most of the welding class yourself, maybe even the paint class, too.

    No a/c . . . I’m out. Already have a ’67 Newport Fastop w/buckets and 383 4bbl. LOTS of nice parts, though!

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  8. Rustytech Member

    The drive train alone may be worth the asking price if as long as pushrods are the only problem.

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