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Isn’t It Cute? 1940 Willys Sedan

1940 Willys Sedan

There aren’t many American cars out there that I would call cute, most are to boxy and large to be cute, but boy is this Willys one cute little sedan! Some how the rust manages to make it even cuter, which doesn’t seem possible. While it would look great restored, this is one I would be tempted to upgrade with a modern drivetrain and brakes. I’d leave the exterior alone, repair any rust in the floors and trunk, and restore the interior to make it a fun and eye catching driver! You can find this Willys here on eBay in Wilson, New York with a current bid of $3,383. So what would you do with this cute Willys? Would you restore it, hot rod it, or just get it running as is?


  1. Bob's your uncle

    I don’t know about anyone else but when I look at that car I see a gasser

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    • Ed B

      Careful everyone. A visit to this site (southeastgassers.com) caused my computer to crash.

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    • Gary lumpkins

      I have a 1940 willys sedan with 350 chevy engine.i take it to car shows get a lot of comments.if knew how send you a picture I would.

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  2. 68custom

    Make it into a gasser for sure!

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  3. RON

    what is the mentality of having to turn every mini car into a gasser? these cars and henry j’s etc were viable pieces of transportatio in the day and are a piece of history. few left. why destroy them geeeez!!!

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  4. Matt Tritt

    The major steel parts don’t look that bad, but the interior? Looks like someone tried to use it as an aquarium. Too bad there are no under-hood shots, but I assume it has the F-head 6, which is a good power plant for such a lite car. The splash shield is made to fit the stock engine and changing it would be a shame.

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    • RayT Member

      Matt, there’s a photo in the ad that shows the hood open. If you really squint, the top of the engine is visible, and it looks like a flattie to me. Wasn’t the F-head a postwar change?

      I’d have to restore this. It’s too cool to restomod. Besides, it’s a two-door sedan, not the coupe which the gasser-builders preferred.

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      • Puhnto

        You sure it’s a two door? Looks like back-door door handles to me, in the photos.

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      • Matt Tritt

        It IS a 4 door, but so what? All that means is that it’s easier to get in and out of the back seat and that you have less of a chance of having your shins mangled when that big front door closes unexpectedly. And you’re absolutely right that the F-head was post-war. Prior to that they used a Continental flattie.

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  5. Steven C

    It is cool to see one that hasn’t been turned int as. I hope whoever buys it keeps it stock, restored or not.

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  6. RayT Member

    Yup, Puhnto is right. Guess that was just wishful seeing on my part!

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  7. Terry

    Brings back memories, I bought it’s twin in the ’80’s and built an awesome rod while keeping it’s original look. When I saw this I thought someone had found the old pics I took when I got it home.

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  8. Dutch 1960

    I think you have the flathead Willys four in there, basically the one that came in all of the early Jeeps a few years later.

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  9. geezerglide85

    I saw one of these at a car show that was made into a sedan delivery. The guy did a great job of welding the back doors and installing a rear door. It wasn’t 100% done inside so you could still see his metal work. It looked really cool. He told me that he started with shell that was stripped of parts for a coupe restoration and the owner was going to junk it. I have to agree you don’t see too many restored ones a car shows.

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  10. stillrunners

    and they did make gassers out of the four doors too…..that front clip is to die for….

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  11. DrinkinGasoline

    Gasser? Sedan Delivery? I would think that you would actually have something different if you “restored” this Willys. When was the last time you saw a Willys that wasn’t a gasser ?
    Or had bumpers ??

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  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    Yes, more than the Deuce roadsters, more than the ’34 Ford 3-window coupes, more than the ’40 Ford convertibles and coupes, these cars got stripped down and built into less than a shadow of what they were; no one knows what one looked like in its original form. My hat’s off to the guy who restores this one, right down to that tiny 4 cyl. motor…

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  13. J.P.

    Looks similar to the graham paige hollywood sharknose

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  14. Ron D.

    I too would have to restore it,, but a bit to expensive to get it to Tennessee, to be restored.

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