Parked 30 Years: 1955 Chevrolet 210 V8

1955 was the year it all began for future collectors when Chevrolet redid their full-size cars. These next three model years would prove iconic some years later. That would also be the first year for a V8 in a Chevy since 1917! The 210 model, like the seller’s car, was sandwiched in between the 150 series and the Bel Air and was quite popular. It’s been in storage for the past 30 years, freed and made running again – although more work remains to be done. You could check it out in Warwick, Rhode Island, and its available here on craigslist for $15,000. Thanks for the tip, Ikey Heyman!

The 1955 model year saw two changes: the introduction of a new chassis, and the V8 engine mentioned above. It was a small-block 265 cubic inch motor that would spawn other iterations in the years to come. It was available in both the Bel Air and the 210, the midrange model whose designation would be used through 1957. The name came from simply shortening the production series number (2100) to capitalize on the then-current practice of using numerical names for cars. The 210 two-door sedan, like this one, saw production of 250,000 units out of Chevy’s overall total of 1.8 million.

Body-wise, this 1955 210 looks no worse for having been in storage since around 1990. While the paint has faded and there is a bit of rust in the trunk deck, it looks good overall. The seller tells us that it has been coaxed back into running, but the brakes will need work. So, it’s not totally roadworthy at this stage. We don’t know if the engine is original, but if it’s the 265, we don’t know if it was the two or four-barrel carbureted version. The former would have been good for 162 hp, the latter 180. The car is said to have an automatic transmission, so that would have to be the 2-speed Powerglide, again if original.

The odometer is said to read 1,000 miles, so we’re guessing that’s 101,000. We wish knew more about the condition of the interior, but the seller doesn’t mention it and there are no pictures of that area of the car. In fair condition (which we will assume this), the Hagerty estimate is $12,000, so perhaps the seller is optimistic on his asking price. It will all boil down to what additional work is needed to bring this car back up to presentation status.

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  1. Big_Fun Member

    The ad is updated to say 3 speed transmission.
    Here’s my take – original 6 cylinder car with a ’68ish 327 4bbl rated at 250 horsepower
    From the factory.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Oops! Posted to soon! I meant to say 327 250hp rated from the factory in 1968. Good engine built for regular fuel. Im looking and posting from the phone, so looking at the greasy head for i.d.

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      • Tony Primo

        Weren’t greasy heads in fashion when this car was new?

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    • Richard denniston

      I think the car was 6 cyl, steering column is for a standard 3 speed trans. Has shift levers still in place.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bit high on the money but this car looks like a good one.

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  3. Steve R

    Choices, choices, choices, you’ve got this one with an asking price of $15,000 or the 57 four door featured earlier today that doesn’t run and is missing lots of parts with an asking price of $12,000. It would be hard to decide which one would be the better value. Not!

    Steve R

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  4. Joeinthousandoaks

    If it weren’t on the other side of the country I’d be tempted. A guy in high school had one same color with a 454. It rarely came out but when it did people noticed.

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  5. Joeinthousandoaks

    Also this is a 6 cylinder cylinder from the factory by the radiator placement and the lack of V emblems under the tail lamps.

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  6. Nomader55

    Nice looking flipper ( U’al Haul trailer, chain) car, but maybe Bondo bucket given where it’s located. For sure a 6 banger car (welded 6 cyl.radiator suport) and lack of “V” emblems under tail lights. 30 year storage is conceivable seeing 70/80 style paint job, tuck and roll, and 1″ white walls. I had many back in the day, most cost around $500. Should have saved them. Darn.

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  7. Rustytech

    Interesting that the car is in RI. With Maryland plates. I don’t see rust in all the normal places so if it’s not full of bondo it’s a good starting point for a restoration. The engine looks to be a post 1968 from the valve covers and the PCV placement.

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    • paul cullum

      HI YOU know the car is it a good one what motor and box ,I live in new zealand is it worth me buying it and paying to bring it over here yours paul .

  8. Bob C.

    I knew this wasn’t the original 265 the moment I saw it. Where is the add on oil filter on the manifold?

  9. Phlathead Phil

    I would guess odo reads 201,000 at least.

    As a general rule, and, if you do the numbers for average American driving, this Blue Moon treasure can’t have 1,000 miles on it for sure.

    Again, as I have stated in an earlier post odo’s were MECHANICAL until around the early to mid1990’s.

    The car is 65 years old. No way a car stays in the road for 65 years unless the owner is a super duper maintenance marathon-er. If that was true, every undercarriage part would have had to of been replaced at least 2-3 times.

    Especially where road salts exist.

    The car was stored 30 years ago with more than likely its SECOND engine.

    Engines that ran on leaded fuel usually pooped out at 100,000 miles.

    So, my guess is #2 power plant ran, but it got ruined by UNLEADED gas.

    There is NOTHING like a COMPLETE, unmolested “Project” car to turn into your DREAM machine.

    Cars that have been “Canabilized” are HUGE money pits.

    This car appears to be a solid builder, but, without seeing the undercarriage I’d say the price is “Penthouse.”

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  10. Bud Anderson

    Looks that way to me too would put the 235 back so all original.

  11. gerardfrederick

    Someone bought it? For over 15 grand? This surely must have been a person who escaped from an asylum. If ever there was a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa car, THIS is it. Good Lord, how boring – a plain Jane Pinto had more going for it.

    • cmarv

      Or a guy that wants to recreate his first car starting with an unmolested car who also happens to be a multi-millionaire . Or maybe not ? ; ) .

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  12. gerardfrederick

    —————– could be!

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