No Reserve Roadster: 1974 Triumph TR6

As I was contemplating this post on this solid-looking 1974 Triumph TR6, I realized that I have owned no fewer than nine TR6 or TR6-based cars in my 55 years, and a surprising number of them started their lives painted either Sienna Brown or Maple Brown (as this car is), the two browns in British Leyland’s palette during this time period. I know different folks like different colors, but I have not found many folks that are fans of the two browns! Maybe that’s why this car is in such surprisingly nice shape as it waits for a new driver in Tuscon, Arizona. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and right now would be one heck of a sweet bargain if it sold for the current bid of $6,336!

While the paint may not be a color you love, it seems to be in beautiful condition. We don’t know if this is the original paint or not, although it’s possible with an ownership history including California, Salt Lake City and now Arizona. Those are the original type of satin aluminum trim rings on original wheels; oftentimes they have been replaced by this point with shiny stainless steel (the only ones available now new). A set of new wheel emblems (part number 627501) for $14 would brighten the side appearance!

The distinctive satin black rear of the TR6 is either original paint or has been repainted correctly. There are few, if any, sweeter exhaust notes than that of a TR6 through the stock exhaust system as this car has. Music to my ears! I have to admit, I like the art on that Arizona plate, too!

There are three deviations from stock in this picture; that’s a smaller, 4-spoke steering wheel rather than the original 3-spoke. The upholstery pattern is near to original but not quite (although it looks nice) and I have no idea what the switch is that has been added to the top right of the tachometer. As the tonneau cover snaps are painted over here I think we are looking at a repaint after all.

Apart from a few color changes and the rope backup release added to the hood latch, things look pretty good under here as well. The 2498 cc inline-six is not known for extreme horsepower, especially in stock form at just over 100, but the long-stroke design provides enough torque to make the car feel quicker than it actually is. I would suggest an in-person inspection to verify the condition of the thrust washers, trailing arm mounts and differential mounts, but this fine example of a British sports car should bring a smile to almost any motorist’s face! Let us know about your Triumph TR experiences in the comments!

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  1. JW454

    Regarding the added switch on the upper dash. It appears to be a “momentary on” type. It’s possibly been added to activate the horn after the steering wheel swap was completed. Just a thought.

    • JOHN Member

      Or maybe a starter switch if the original was bad?

  2. Bultaco

    Two words. Frame rust. Check very carefully at the trailing arm mount beams and the “T shirt” brace at the center of the frame. TR frame rust is repairable, but it’s an involved job.

  3. Andrew S Mace Member

    Didn’t most ’74 TR6s have the added rubber overriders front and rear? No matter, I suppose. This car brings back memories of a fellow 1970 high school classmate who received a commission to West Point. Upon his graduation in 1974, he came back home for awhile…with a Maple Brown ’74 TR6. Gorgeous car, despite the fact that it didn’t take long for someone to rear-end the poor car! He had it fixed quickly enough. I don’t know how long he had the car, as he moved away soon after, and I’ve not seen him in person since!

  4. Tom Fitch

    I love the brown and tan colors and wish that new car mfg’s would get them into the rotation more. Seems like about all we see now is black, white, light grey, and dark grey with the occasional blue or red. There were some bad colors in the ’70’s but a nice dark brown isn’t one of them.

  5. JMB#7

    Everyone has colors they like to see on certain cars, but they usually have another list for the colors that they are willing to own. I really like the brown. Maybe because I came very close to buying one for a very good price. This looks like a very nice one, and I hope the new owner takes it on the road occasionally where it is at home.
    Pictures of the underside sure would be nice.
    Any surprise that it is up to $9400 already?

  6. Kelly Breen

    That is a nice car. In Canada a decent TR-6 commands a very high price.

  7. TimM

    These cars were awesome!! The over drive switch on the column allowed you to switch into overdrive in any gear if I remember correctly!! Pretty cool little extra!!

  8. Rick Moon

    In 1971 I met a young lady who worked in the mess hall on Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico. She drove a Spitfire. She drove me to the Triumph dealer where her Dad was a salesman. We took out a new TR6. Love at first site & drive. A few months later I bought a 63 Studebaker Avanti that I still own, but the TR6 will always have a warm spot in my heart.


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