It’s GO GO Time! 1965 Dodge Dart GT

An oddly packaged but rare Dodge Dart GT, this 1965 “GO GO” package is unique for sure. In excellent condition, clearly having been restored, this Dart is ready to roll in its rare “Dart Charger” yellow. Packing a V8 and a convertible top, this is a cool small Mopar offered at $19,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Littleton, Colorado.

Absolutely clean and mint under the hood, the 273 Cubic Inch V8 looks more like conversation piece, than an actual functioning engine. This being a 1965 273 means it gained a four barrel carb, and a higher compression ratio from that of the 1964 model Dart. Power also climbed from 180 horsepower up to 235 horsepower. Although this Dart is automatically shifted, we would love for it to be a stick shift car.

With a fresh and ready interior, this Dart still looks very correct, with no corners cut. The only negative aspect we see is a crack in the dash pad. The seats look plush and springy as they should and the loop pile carpet looks to fit nicely with no waviness, visible frayed edges, or extra material. There is a 1980s-1990s vintage tape deck installed that we would ditch for something else, either original or retro.

Soft but enticing, the light color yellow has a certain allure. The micro fins at the back of this Dart are plain cool as well are the GO GO package strips. The Convertible top looks to be new, and is relatively smooth and flat, as it should be. Panel alignment looks pretty good, though the trunk looks to hang low on the driver side. The paint finish looks great, as does the chrome work, showing no apparent flaws.

The GO GO package appears to be quite a rare and obscure package indeed, as performing some research reveals little information.  Described in the brochure as a “Sharp, big –performing, top-of-the-line car”. Certainly interesting due to how rare and unusual it is, would you GO GO home with this ’65 Dart GT?


  1. Mike R

    Nice little convertible with the 273 and console, and you’d definitely be the only one at the local car shows.

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  2. Joe Haska

    I had almost the twin to this car maybe 15 years ago, and its one of the ones you wish you would have kept, It was fun to drive , the little V-8, was perfect and with the top down it absolutely pegged the fun meter. Also when you went to a little fun car show there weren’t 10 others there. Even now if you compare the price of this car to a similar Mustang convertible its a deal. I just sold a 66 Mustang convertible six, very nice clean car, for what they want for this Mopar, and I’m confident this is a better buy

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  3. leiniedude leinieduede Member

    Maybe this for half price. And a 4 speed car. I thought it was the same car at first.

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    • Jeff Surratt

      I am with you, the hard top, 340 4 speed is the way to go. If I had $10K I would jump right on it. Who knows with cash $8500 might just buy it.

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  4. Alan (Michigan)

    Very very nice car.
    The ad says that it needs a few finishing details, I wonder how hard they might be to source?

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    • Mike R

      Wonder what? Looks pretty darn complete.

      I really wish people would find another location for an aftermarket fuel filter rather sitting on top of an engine.

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  5. RayT Member

    Looks nice! I’m sure the 273 can push it down the road nicely, even with the slushbox. And it looks as if whatever the car still needs could be taken care of in a couple of weekends at most.

    I am curious about the stripes, though. The brochure cover shows a hardtop with the stripe centered, while it’s asymmetric on this car. Did convertibles get the off-center stripe, or was it a matter of whatever some dude at the factory wanted to do at that particular moment?

    Nineteen thou is a bit rich for my blood, but someone is going to have a lot of fun with this one!

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  6. RNR

    The four barrel, 235 hp 273 was an optional engine in 1965 – this is the base 180 hp 273. Unlike the Formula S Barracuda, Dodge would put the 4 BBL engine in any Dart (except for maybe the wagons, due to differences in exhaust system routing). I know of a guy who bought new (and still has) a ’65 Dart 270 four door sedan with the 235 HP 273. This is a nice car – I’ve always like the yellow, and the factory stripes are an unusual feature. The ’70’s 14 inch Rally wheels aren’t my cup of tea – find a set of Cragars like were on the even more unusual ’65 Dart Chargers (which did come with the 273/235 mill standard).

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  7. Wayne Graefen

    I had a ’65 Dart GT convert w/ 273″ until just a couple of years ago. Questions: Where are the cast factory valve covers that should be on this engine? Why are the rallye’s painted body color (not factory)? Why is the stripe on the brochure in the center of the car and this car’s stripe offset? I’m guessing some owner bought the brochure and then fixed up a standard production car.

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    RNR – you could get the Commando 273/4 in a 65 Plymouth if you checked the right box….would have that on the fender unlike the V/8 which is missing on this Dart redu….all 65-66 GT Darts were buckets with the floor shift auto – it was the package. Cuda’s had the stripe option so it would make sense Dodge would too.

    Wounder why the steering column looks like it has primer….any way maybe on the high side but a nice car.

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    • Ed Gotcher

      I bought a special order 1965 Dodge Dart with 273/235 hp. I had a 4 speed hurst shifter. Gold exterior with 3/4 black top. Interior was pearl white. I have never seen another exactly like it and wish I had kept it.

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  9. Tirefriar

    What’s all the griping about stripe location? The stripes on the hood of the hood is off center to the left…

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  10. Jack

    The brochure clearly shows 2 different stripe options.

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  11. Brad

    I really like this car, but the top appears to have been purchased at Dollar General. A nice cloth top with a headliner would be the ticket. Also, I would bet that the A-727 would top a 4 speed.

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  12. Rocko

    Way too much $ and way too shiny for a barn find. Nice way to spiff up a plain jane common dime a dozen.

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