Jeff in the Junkyard: Ray Shook’s Garage

Whenever I make a trip to Georgia either for work or to visit my in-laws, I always try to find another salvage yard to visit beyond the one I’m helping to clear out as a Barn Finds Exclusive. This time, I ventured north to a town called Young Harris to visit Ray Shook’s Garage, where there are multiple classics rusting away. Most of the vehicles are fairly well picked over, but I’m sure someone can use the grill off of this International. Check out the rest of the pictures below and let us know which rusting classic you’d like to rescue.

Personally, I wanted to grab this MK1 VW Scirocco, which is an early model as denoted by its single-stalk windshield wiper. You cannot fake a finish like that, so I’d like it exactly as-is with a slight suspension drop over some wheels that are worth more than the car itself. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if someone tries to rescue this car exactly for that purpose; it’d be an attention-grabber in a booth, for sure.

Another one I wanted to save (if it weren’t so battered already) is the exceedingly rare Ford EXP coupe. I couldn’t tell if this one had been repainted or if this lime green was a factory color. Unfortunately, due to the body damage seen here and the obvious lift by a forklift through the windshield, this EXP is at its final resting place. There’s some new interest in these as folks begin to realize how obscure they’ve become.

And then, one of my favorite economy pickup trucks of all time, the Ford Courier. This one didn’t have much left to give, but the front chrome bumper appeared to be re-usable and the fenders weren’t in bad shape. The owner of Ray Shook’s place was an extremely nice fellow who let us explore his yard, which has more classics resting in the woods, most of which had given up their most useful parts years ago. Still, check out the gallery below and give Ray a call if there are parts here that you can use.



  1. LMK Member

    May they all RIP….

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  2. junkman Member

    You know Jeff I really admire your enthusiasm. That being said I do not see a whole lot here to get excited about. I’m sure there are a few parts that could be found for someone who maybe trying to keep an oddball running. The owner most likely has run out of customers that need any of this stuff. Time to call the portable crusher and enjoy little extra cash me thinks.

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    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      I don’t disagree – the yard felt like they stopped taking in much new inventory years ago. Was very picked over in terms of what was left. That said, I always get enthusiastic when there’s a friendly face behind the counter and they let customers roam without much hassle.

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      • Jordan Shook

        I’m his grandson. got sent this by a friend of mine. Many of these cars were driven up and parked there by the people that sold him the cars. Been there ever since. Contact me if you all would like anymore info.

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      • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

        I like the white 1960 Corvair sedan, and what appears to be a while 71-72 Toyota Corona sedan similar to one I had in highschool. Jeff, I admire your enthusiasm, but gotta ask–how long do you think it’s going to take to sell off all the cars from your massive Georgia scrapyard? Quite the undertaking.

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  3. Marty

    Then they must have been in a demolition derby after they got there.🤔

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  4. Karl

    This is why the portable crusher is so popular!!!

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  5. Scott Brown

    That International pick up is a crew cab. That is extremely uncommon. I wonder if it was a conversion job done by the same company that was the builder for Ford crew cabs in the early sixties? Those Ford’s always have a cut down cargo box, to give room to the extra cab length. The 82 EXP is in a color that I did a couple of repair jobs with back in the mid eighties. I think Ford called it Kermit green. Seriously, that’s what I recall it as being referred to.

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    • Emmy Jackson

      If I recall, the official name of the color wasn’t “Kermit” but that was definitely what everyone called ’em. Also, that looks like it’s actually a Mercury LN7, the EXP’s even-rarer twin, with broken bubbleback hatch glass.

  6. John N

    To Jordan Shook. Hey Jordan. was your grandfather a Vietnam Veteran in the year 1970-72? Looking for a Ray Shook. Thank you. John North

    We called him “wretched Ray,” amd blue veiner.

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