Your Next Car: 1981 Honda Accord Limo


Buckle up for this one, it’ll be a weird ride! This is a 1981 Honda Accord Limo. Guys? Hey, where’d everybody go? This one-off wonder is in Fenton, Missouri, twenty miles southwest of St. Louis, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of just over $4,500. Of course, the reserve isn’t met. Get your bids in while you can, and then plan on driving every time you go out with your friends.


Jeff showed us a 1984 Chrysler Executive limo a couple of weeks ago and if a person were to be, ohhhhh, let’s say weird, (me) and likes to collect oddball vehicles, (me), both of these things would be on said person’s master wish list. Of course, the Chrysler was actually made in somewhat of a volume, albeit a tiny volume, but this Honda Accord limo was made in a lot of just one, this one seen here.


This Accord limo was custom made by Debryan Coach Builders inc. out of Springfield, Missouri and a 42″ chunk was grafted onto the middle of a normal Accord.  Of course, there was more work involved than just that, like adding a heavy duty suspension, a double partition with power privacy panel, separate front and rear AC and heating, an intercom system, an electronic bar, you know, the usual limo’y things. This entire car, or at least the bits and pieces underneath that could and would rust, were taken care of by none other than Mr. Rusty Jones, who the seller says was the industry leader at the time this car was made. Our brand new 1969 Ford pickup was Ziebarted and a handful of years later we were doing rust repairs already, hopefully Rusty Jones knew more about such things.


Here’s where Jeeves sits, and he doesn’t even get power windows! In a limo! But I digress. This conversion was $19,000 added on top of the 1981 price of a Honda Accord, so in 2016 dollars that’s a measly $71,000, about half the cost of a decent kitchen remodel.. I’m kidding of course, not about the kitchen remodeling price, but about $71,000 not being a significant amount of money, of course it is, but you can pay that much for a new Suburban. And, if a person were to roll up to a Hollywood premier in this ’81 Accord limo or in a Maybach, which one do you think would get the most press coverage? Honda 1 : Maybach 0


This car only has 3,236 miles on it?! That’s crazy, but it sure looks like it only has 3,236 miles on it, it’s perfect, right down to the $1,200 Betamax player/recorder and Sony color tv! I’m not sure what the post-it note like things are on the console above the tv? A grocery list maybe? “Milk, bread, caviar, Grey Poupon..” As you expected, the interior is pretty much in mint condition. This car was made for a Honda dealership in Pennsylvania of all odd things, so I have no clue what they used it for, but they didn’t use it too often. This car also has buttons for a smoke screen, a machine gun, a.. no, I just made that up, but I’m not sure what those buttons are for.


This giant small car has Honda’s EK, single-overhead-cam 1.8L inline four-cylinder with around 75 hp. Wow, that’s way underpowered, but maybe you can jettison the Beta player for a higher top speed. This is the last year of the first-generation Accord, made from 1976 to 1981 and if there ever was an Accord to have, this is it! I would have absolutely zero use for this car, but I’d still love to have it. Could you imagine the crowd that you’d have around it every time you got gas or went to dinner with a half-dozen of your friends? Very cool. What do you think of this one? Could you see yourself driving it or, better yet, being driven in it?


  1. dirtyharry

    It’s a 7 passenger car, with virtually no miles. Looks like a lot more fun than a minivan. I guess it is possible to swap in more powerful Honda power if needed. You have to love the creativity involved.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Think V-Tech?

  2. redwagon

    speed with half dozen of my friends on the way to dinner – very slow.

    speed with half dozen of my friends after dinner and drinks – glacial.

  3. Kevin Burke

    Pretty sharp conversion. But that interior color, yikes !

  4. Woodie Man

    The low rent pimpmobile interior is unfortunate as is the slushbox. But that wouldn’t stand in the way of my impulsive reach for my wallet if this was on my coast….. Praise baby Jesus

    • Jeffro

      Actually that would be 8 lbs. 7oz. Baby Jesus. That was fact checked by Ricky Bobby

    • cyclemikey

      The red velour is definitely 80s horrible. But the automatic transmission is not unfortunate, it’s necessary. With 75hp, stock gearing, and that much extra weight, you absolutely need a torque converter. If it were a manual trans, you’d be putting clutches in it every month or so.

  5. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Whoa, the auction is up to $9,600 with the reserve still not met! I’m out.

  6. boxdin

    Our local honda dealer had one of these for VIP customers !
    Imagine that.


    Definitely roll in as a VIP at Import Alliance or Import Face off. To most some things defy the should/shouldn’t build. Either way it has been done. Enjoy.

    Given the miles and condition I could see the price much in line with the sellers reserve (obviously more the the current $9600 bid) Could end up being a pretty special car for someone.

    The red interior mentioned above was pretty much standard in all 1980’s cars not just a Honda. If it were GM it would be mostly faded pink by now.

  8. Mike

    It says something about the profitability of Honda dealers at the time, that one decided to spend that kind of money for something so useless.

  9. Tirefriar

    Uber, here I come

    • Charles Goin

      Sorry too old for Uber.. Lyft maybe :)

  10. Another Bob

    I’d like to tell my Princess and her friends that I booked her a Limo for Grad night.
    Dad of the Year!

  11. Jubjub

    If a Cressida limo is too mainstream for you.

  12. hhaleblian

    I told my newly engaged son in law he needs this for his wedding after which he can haul around his band gear. My daughter is not thrilled.

  13. Mark-A

    As a bit of a Technology geek I absolutely adore the size of the TV & “Entertainment System!”, pretty sure my Hi-Fi is smaller than that TV! It made my day.

  14. Fred Ashmore

    My father in law in Memphis used to own this…

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