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Jurassic Park! 1993 Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has been a popular series of off-road SUVs that Jeep has built since 1986m and the fourth generation is still in production today. It played an important role in the Jurassic Park movies that helped rejuvenate interest in dinosaurs amongst kids young and old.  Wranglers served as the fictional park’s guest services vehicle beginning with the 1993 entry in the film series. Who can forget Wayne Knight in his role as Dennis Nedry hauling butt through the jungle in one of these before he got ____ (spoiler alert)? This 1993 Wrangler is a recreation of one of those service vehicles, although the seller spins such a good story that’d you believe he found it right on the island! Located in Port Jefferson Station, New York, the Jeep is available here on eBay where bidding has been chewed away to get to $8,001.

Scale model versions of the Jurassic Park Wranglers were made to promote the first film in ‘93. Matchbox even issued a more detailed lineup later to promote “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” So, there were templates to work from for someone wanting to recreate a full-size version of the movie Jeep. We’re guessing a Jeep tribute would have been easier to do than one of the other famous cars in the first movie, the bright yellow, green, and red-painted Ford Explorers that drew the attention of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Jeep at hand has been in the seller’s custody for about a year and most of its duties have been related to appearing at car shows and the like. The original Jeep that served for this Jurassic cloning process was recently restored. Though the odometer is about to turn over for the second time, we’re told that $10,000 alone was spent on the mechanical portion of the restoration.

Under the hood resides a 4.0-liter inline-six that was refreshed after being pulled from a newer model Jeep. The automatic transmission and 4WD transfer case have also been rebuilt. The list of items that the seller quotes is rather extensive, helping this to become a turnkey vehicle. The seller spins an entertaining yarn about finding the Jeep on location, so you’ll need to take his sense of humor into account when considering this interesting transport.

The machine has been repainted in park colors and bears the #18 signifying its registration within the complex. The restoration included a 2-stage paint job at a professional shop using all premium materials. The interior was in great condition when the seller found it, so that did not require any serious work beyond new carpeting. If you’re looking to drive something that will generate a lot of attention, this Jeep is likely to do that. You could even make money off it by hiring it out for dinosaur-related events.


  1. Avatar photo Geoffrey McAllister

    I had a neighbor who had an Explorer that was made to look like the ones from the movie. He just seemed to use it as a regular car, doing trips to Home Depot and the like. Sort of odd since it was a very detailed replica, and it was his daily driver, but he must have had a deep love of that movie.

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  2. Avatar photo Shawn

    Holy cow, that’s one good looking Jeep! I’m no Jurrasic Jeep expert, but it looks really spot on.

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  3. Avatar photo Larry Weidman

    Funny that the Ebay listing doesn’t have one shot of the interior.

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    • Avatar photo PJ

      There are a bunch of interior shots in the ad. What are you looking at?
      I think this belongs to a big time youtuber …

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  4. Avatar photo Gerry Member

    There are a lot of these clones out there so not sure on how much of “Collectors item” (sellers words).
    As far as youtubers go Tyler of Hoovies garage fame has one in his collection and seen as how this is in New York not Kansas I don’t think this is his. He has a video on when he bought his that goes over all the movie correct items to include the hard to find seats which look different tot he ones here but any upholsterer should be able to copy.
    At this point your paying for the novelty because the price is steep for an almost 30 year old Wrangler.

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    • Avatar photo Sunsport

      The market for YJs has significantly changed in recent years – particularly in the last year. This one was a steel when the price was under 10k that you mentioned was steep – hence the actual selling price – $21,501!

      Specialty edition/Sahara clean stock YJs are starting to command premiums.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Well, I think the Jeep itself is a nice find, I think the graphics look ridiculous, and I wouldn’t be seen at midnight in a Jeep like this. Promoting Hollywoods silly movies just isn’t for me. I’m envious of the 6 and automatic, if and when my 4 cylinder/5 speed pukes, I may go this route. 6/automatics are a dime a dozen, and an easy swap. The automatic wasn’t available with the 4 cylinder until ’95, I read, not that I’d want an automatic behind that worthless slug of a 4 cylinder, but for my needs now, it’s adequate. I really like mine, and the YJ was a considerable improvement over a CJ. It rides pretty much like a small car.
    And for the record, these YJ’s, with the square headlights are considered by most Jeep followers as the “commie Jeeps”, because the headlights weren’t true to their roots, but I like them much better. Cool find, it’s much cleaner than mine( of which I paid half) and I could see the price being justified for a clean one and don’t forget, you DO know what Jeep stands for ?
    Just Expect Every Problem,,,it’s been said, but the thing is, like British cars, it’s worth it because they are fun vehicles, and Jeeps will always be a hot item for years to come.

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  6. Avatar photo Blair Harlan

    In 1999 I missed the opportunity to buy one of the Jeep’s that was actually used in the movie. It had been repainted (poorly) and sold at auction to a dealer in Michigan. It had only 11,000 miles. I test drove it and went back later in the same evening to buy it. It was already gone, DOH!

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  7. Avatar photo Grant R

    Hello, I would like to make an offer on the vehicle. Where can I contact the seller? I’ve been a huge fan of the movies forever and I’ve always wanted to recreate one of the Jeeps from the movies though this might save me a lot of time and money.

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