Just A Good Ol’ Truck: 1939 Ford Pickup

This pickup has been used locally to advertise a business and now wears the business logo on both doors. Regardless, it’s a cool pickup and I’d be happy to be driving it! The truck is located in Los Osos, California and is listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding is still below $4,500 and there’s no reserve.

My, good photography helps sell a vehicle, doesn’t it! How perfect this old truck looks in this setting. It almost draws your eyes away from the rust holes, dents and other cosmetic and structural issues.

For example, if you actually want a bed, you will have to construct your own. And what good is a pickup without a bed? At least what’s left of the wood is included so you may be able to use it as a pattern.

As it turns out, the Los Osos Tree Service is still in business and is rated highly on Yelp. Perhaps they could give you some background on this truck? It might be worth a call if you are considering bidding. The seller tells us that it has some issues, such as a leaky master cylinder, some cracked glass and of course the rust issues. They also talk about some leaky tires.

The interior is–well–rustic at best. Complete with duct tape upholstery! It does look relatively complete, though, so you could drive it as is or upgrade it over time.

Of course, what else would be under the hood of this classic pickup other than a flat head V8? We’re told it runs well although the exhaust is rusted through; it apparently now sounds as if it has straight pipes! So what do you think: would you leave the patina or restore this truck? To be honest, I’m not sure myself, although I’d have to at least arrest the rust.

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  1. Tim M

    Myself personally I’d bring it back to how it was when new. A full restoration. Not a rustina fan.

  2. Steve R

    It needs taller tires.

    Steve R

  3. Sukey

    Fix it
    Drive it
    Live it

  4. Sukey

    Fix it
    Drive it
    Live it

    • angliagt

      You can say that again.
      Oh wait – you already did!

  5. Doug Towsley

    Cant beat the style of these.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks like a Tonner, or at least a 3/4 tonner. If it’s the latter it’s actually quite rare. Won’t be a speed demon but it will get you there. Restoration will be the only way to go with this truck, and that is the way I would go if it came my way. It would still be useful but it would also be a lot of fun. Too many of these are being bought for the cab and front sheet metal with the chassis being discarded. Restore it and enjoy it for many years to come….

  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    I like, fix it and drive it.

  8. jw454

    As much as possible, make it look, ride, and drive just like it did the day Henry rolled it out the door. A complete restoration is what this old gal should get. We have enough “Preserved as found” examples around. Once it’s done, having it gleaming in the sunshine would be much more satisfying for me.

  9. SL

    Recondition the running gear and brakes, fit new rubber. Not a big fan of too much patina but there’s a difference between that and leaving it original……..

  10. Rustytech Member

    I too would bring this back to out of the factory condition right down to the signage.

  11. Ronny

    Fix it so you can drive it……….and go from there when ever you can!

  12. cyclemikey

    You pays yer money and you takes yer choice, I guess. I’m with the “fix it and drive it” crowd on this one. All it need is a Mexican blanket over the seat and some plywood in the bed, and the cosmetics are done. Fix the mechanicals as needed, drive, and repeat.

    There are plenty of restorations and resto-mods already out there. This one is original and still chugging along, and I’d be proud to rock it. You can always restore it later if it comes to that.

  13. Steven

    Oh restomod project an being a long bed is right up the alley on a new air ride frame, coil-over around with 9″in rear tubed out..

    • Loco Mikado


      • Steven

        That’s you Loco, but a good many of these old classic vehicles were left outside or in barns where birds crap all over them and after bird craps on vehicles its the end or wash it off soon.. Bed rails in this one will have to be built new, entire sheet metal needs blasted with a paintless or plastic blaster to actually see what needs replaced new! That grill I would chrome it.

  14. Steven

    The bidding is already getting far out of hand on this old truck, one reasons why I don’t like eBay, that dark rust on the top corners of the cab really looks like rusted thru.. Being 1ton longbed its like other longbed classic’s as go to a Barrett -Jackson auction and see the old longbeds restored, very likely where this one will be in a year..

    • Daniel

      Its getting restomod with IRS and a new coyote motor!

  15. racer99

    I’m not normally a “patina” fan but I have to admit I like this one. If it wasn’t rusted through is more than a couple of places I’d be on the “fix it and drive it” side. Over $8500 and climbing so it’s not going to be cheap. In my world with freeways, etc., it’s not usable in it’s current form so I think I’d do a mild mechanical upgrade (tires/wheels, brakes, maybe rear end gear, steering) and try and to fix the rust without changing the looks a whole lot and make it usable and safe. Just really like the looks.

  16. arjan

    oh yes, restore it and drive it.Many years ago i restore a 38 ford pu. parts are good available now!

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