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Just Plum Crazy: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T


This ’70 Charger has all the right options, it’s an R/T that was originally painted Plum Crazy Purple, but sadly it’s in rough shape and is missing just about everything. So does the desirability and options list make up for the lack of the original drivetrain and lots of rust? For the right price, I have no doubt there are plenty of Mopar fans out there that would love to take on restoring it! The problem is, what’s the right price? Take a closer look at this Mopar here on eBay, where the seller is asking $19,500 and let me know what you think.


I think the seller is dreaming, but that’s just my opinion. I know demand for these is on the rise and that well optioned cars are in much greater demand, but when you can get a running and driving example with similar features for $30k or less, it’s hard to justify $20k for a car that has a non-original engine, no transmission and the wrong rear end. Add in all the rust issues and it just doesn’t add up for me. Of course, we all have different interests and for someone that’s been hunting for a Plum Crazy ’70 Charger R/T, the math might work out.


While it’s missing a lot, finding parts for these cars isn’t all that difficult. Dodge did a considerable amount of parts sharing, so finding a transmission, 3.54 Dana rear end or any other part really shouldn’t be a problem. And as a bonus, the seller is including a ton of spares they have already collected for it. They’ve already cleaned all the cobwebs and dust out of the inside and packed it full of parts, with room to spare for any of the bigger parts you’d like to have. It won’t be a small task to simply make this car a driver, making it look good too will be a big project, but it does have all the right options. Now if only the price was a little lower! The numbers might not add up for me, but how about you?


  1. Bingo

    I’d give $9.50

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    • Jeffro

      How about he gives me $9.50 at I remove it from property.

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    • Steven

      Buck $2.95

  2. Greg

    Ya the cost to restore this mopar far far and real far outweigh its value even in another 10 yrs of appreciating. The only reason to bring this one back would be purley for sentimental value if it was youre car from high school or similar story.. Thats just my opinion but the value is. Not there

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  3. Blindmarc

    With everything missing, it’s just s hulk. And I’m a mopar guy…,,,

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  4. Jim Mc

    I’d MUCH rather have that Coronet wagon for a third of the cost of this car.

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  5. Luki

    They are just plain purple haze tripping.

  6. scooter8

    I almost spit my vodka/lemonade mix on my lap! that would cost $19.000 to refurb. it. WOW! hopium not sold in my hood’ everything else. even sex workers? (hoe) PC.

  7. JW

    The flipper is on dope, no one is going to pay that kind of cash with all the work needed and come out under water.

  8. Rocko

    Not crazy about the white stripe , someone could probably pick it up for 15, i would offer 10k for da purple haze. This would need a rotisserie .I would basecoat only, Love that powdered purple look. Drop in a 572 Hemi, 6 speed Tremec, new Dana, and sell it for 75k !

  9. Frank

    for many, the love is in the work itself and bringing things like this back from a literal grave..having said that, this resto would have to go to someone that has the shop, time, parts and knowledge to do much of this themselves/in farm this out & pay retail for so much that is needed, this resto could easily hit $40k-50k without even trying..and as others stated, one would be so above its value as a non-numbers car, there would be zero financial gain. too bad really..somebody did however get alot of great parts at some

  10. Fo Mo Co

    “There’s a sucker born minute.”

    P.T Barnum

    • Scot Douglas

      You can say that again.

  11. Fo Mo Co

    There’s a sucker born every minute!

    PT Barnum

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    • Scot Douglas

      Dude. I was joking.

  12. Philip

    No way. The important stuff is missing and not included. It needs the complete numbers matching drivetrain to command that level of money as is. With all of it missing it may as well be a 318 slush box one legged car. And that isnt worth 19K either. In either case the numbers don’t match up.

    I’m a Mopar guy too, and I’m not seeing the value here. Maybe 4-7K$ depending on what extras are included. As someone said your 20K$ in to get this one going and reasonably nice,, not great , not including purchase price. So if you have 30-35K$ on a car worth 20K your already under water with no place to go but down. The market for plain Jane disaster cars is flat and will remain flat until the market readjustment passes no matter how much Mecum and Barrett Jackson tell you stuff is worth. This owner is dreaming, he may as well keep it and do it himself, if the car is worth so much why isn’t he? Cause it’s not and he’s dreaming. Likely be needs 25K$ to pay off the vehicle pulling the car and trailer..good luck with that.. The market is saturated with you minute cars, these completed go for 25-35K$ all day, and someone else already did the hard stuff and took the bath. It makes me almost angry when I see greed and stupidity mixed up like this…

  13. Howard A Member

    Plum crazy is spot on. Nice try, though. I mean, if you are going to spend that amount of money, go with the ’69 from yesterday, sheesh, pure foolishness. I tell ya’, I had a ”70, 383, 4 speed, that I paid $500 bucks for, and beat the crap out of it. It was fast, but quite frankly, the car was kind of a POS. I really don’t see the justification of these prices. Killing the old car hobby with stuff like this. Just terrible.

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    • Jen

      Yes! My husband bought his first charger at age 15 in high school for $100…a 440! This guy is nuts! But some fool will pay it even over!

  14. Rando

    The color is completely gone. So it’s plum crazy in print only. And on the fender tag, which is not still attached? So saying it is plum crazy doesn’t mean much. You would have to be Plum Crazy to buy it unless you have deep pockets and no need to get into investment vs ROI.

    Right now, there are 112 people watching and no one made offer that has been accepted. But there may be folks working on it. It looks solidish in the pics. It may show up in a magazine someday, who knows? But yes you are buying a shell here to make into whatever you want. Will never be original again. Make it a F&F tribute. Whatever. Good luck to all involved, I guess.

  15. ibtrker5

    maybe, if I had won the $400+ million lottery and didn’t care.

  16. Ralph Terhune

    No. No. No. Uhhh……NO!!!

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  17. G 1

    Can’t get it out of my head around the fact at real nice examples of these only a couple of years old were $1800

  18. mike d

    somebody is dreaming .. way too beat up, and parts missing to command such a price, even half that

  19. PaulA

    The price is about right if it includes the pickup and the car trailer.

  20. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    I’m with the other mopar guys…on the high side without the good stuff….funny there is no interior shots.

  21. Rolf Poncho 455

    PaulA u rite I agree

  22. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I’m a mopar guy (see username) and i too think this is a load of crap. Ebay sale has ended, so I wonder what happened.

  23. Jay Reynolds

    The seller is not dreaming, he’s delusional.

  24. Steven

    Lol 😁 looks like Mr. Haney on Green Acres trying to pawn off some of his second hand cars out the the old Douglas Barn..

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  25. Gary Rhodes

    4sp-$500 to $800, Dana- $1500+., HP 440-$6000+, Interior-$2500-$3500, Body work $5000-$10000+. Very conservative $30,000.00 to restore. Nice color combo so it’s probably worth doing but don’t be surprised with a $45000-$60000+ shop bill when it’s finished. I had a 70 R/T Charger, Plusm Crazy, White top, interior and tail stripe. No 440, a transplanted 318. One rust hole along the bottom of both quarters behind the tires. $300.00 in 1983. Istripped parts I wanted for other Chargers and gave the running shell to my buddy to use as a field car. Wish I had kept it now along with the other fifty or so Mopars I’ve had over the last thirty years.

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