Just The Wing, Ma’am, Just The Wing!

Although this isn’t the picture of the actual Dodge Daytona wing that’s being offered for sale here on eBay, this will give you an idea of what they are offering. Yes, that’s right, just the wing! Oh, and the “wing washers” which look like pieces of steel that reinforce the areas where the wing is bolted on. The parts are located in St. George Brant, Ontario, Canada. By the way, the seller is asking $9,500 or best offer for the wing. What? How much?

In case you’ve forgotten what a Daytona looks like, this is another shot the seller has included in the auction. Admittedly, the wing is an important part of the car, and original wings are constructed quite differently than reproductions that are currently available.

This is a picture of the bottom of one of the vertical components and one of the wing washers.

Imagine this as the outer pieces of bread in a sandwich with the rear fender as the filling. But really? Is it worth that much? You can get a fiberglass reproduction here for $750. Let us know what you think.


  1. sir mike

    Would look good on my Tempo.

    • MikeH

      That thing doesn’t look good on ANYTHING!!

  2. 8banger Dave Member

    As well as my ’92 240 wagon!

  3. Rustytech Member

    Then the Tempo might be worth $9500. What?

    • sir mike

      No it would surely hurts it’s value…

  4. Max Wedge

    The car that it is shown on has the correct flush rear window. Price is steep.

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Compared to the value of an original car this is nothing. If your original is damaged or missing this is a find of a lifetime!

    I just realized how close this is. If anyone is seriously interested and needs a pair of critical but unknowledgeable eyes let me know.

  6. Rock On Member

    Buyer may have had a smoke in The Blue Crush Van before he arrived at the price for the wing,

  7. Rick

    If you have a real Charger Daytona sans wing ( for whatever reason) then it’s a bargain. Then again what the odds of there being a wingless Daytona out there?

    • JW454

      Rick, Back when these were new, a few dealers had to remove the nose and wing just to get the cars sold. I recall a story where a guy had found a 1970 Superbird being sold as a regular Roadrunner that had those parts removed at the dealer. Who knows…

      Also, this wing looks more like the shape of the Plymouth wing rather than the Dodge wing. Maybe that’s why it’s for sale.

      • Rick

        The Plymouth dealer in Defiance, Ohio ordered three Superbirds. He offered to sell me any one of them for $3,600. And one had a hemi!

      • Bobsmyuncle

        That’s absolutely true, in fact apparently it was quite common. Likely there are some still out there!

      • JW454

        I need to correct myself regarding the wing shape. This does look like the Dodge wing. It’s the Plymouth wing that has a steeper rake to the rear.

        Sorry guys.

    • Imperialist1960

      He only needs one wingless Daytona to be out there.

      -That and its owner to be a buyer and not simply a hoarder.

  8. JW454

    Rick, I can hear you kicking yourself all the way over here at my house. I would be too. LOL

    • Rick

      I never get around to kicking myself over that lost opportunity. I’m too busy punishing myself for selling my Yenko Camaro for $13k!

      • JW454

        Well, maybe so but, I’m sure at the time it was a good deal. In 1981 I sold my show winning 1940 Ford Delux Opera coupe for $4300.00. I couldn’t believe anyone would pay that much for it. My friends couldn’t believe it either.

      • Rob

        Same here Rick, only mine is kinda/sorta a football field goal type of ‘kick’.. bought my ’65 Cobra right off Carroll’s ‘Lot’ in Lakewood, CA, the year after I got out of the Service. A Mk III, 427 side-oiler with all the goodies is what I wanted, but ended up with a de-tuned model that had been originally set-up for racing, and was one of 31 that Shelby called an S/C that he’d modified with a wind-screen for road use. Kept it for 5 yrs, then sold it for 12K to put a down payment on my 1st house, thinking the guy was nuts for giving me that much.. IF we only had known, sigh* :(

      • Rick

        Like the two of you I thought the guy was nuts to give me $13k for a car I had bought four years earlier for $4,500. Who’d a thunk?

  9. Rick

    Well, someone thought it was worth the money! It’s SOLD.

  10. scooter8

    finally finagled a pal(i could be prez) out of his 69 440auto daytona. his polish Ma, couldn’t take it blocking the whole yard up with crap! did what i could rebuilt motor,trans.actually put a roll bare out of a 65 dodge gasser we had.lost my job. sold for 1,000.00 dollars.yup. no title.hoped they would restore it! garage burned down, lucky all glass/wing were saved! nose wasn’t great..we burned up more? mopars then alot of people.enjoyed every minute of that though!

  11. Dave608

    are they high?

  12. Dallas

    Yes, this is the high wing.

    That’s what you meant right Dave? :-)

  13. irocrob

    That is crazy money. They did not sell new and sat on the showroom floors for ages. Probably could of bought 3 new Daytonas for 9500 back then…

  14. Moparmann Member

    In the mid ’70’s, I found a fully loaded, FLUSH rear windowed ’70 Charger on a BHPH used car lot. I didn’t really care for the rear window treatment. I knew it was special, but not just how so! During the same time frame, I also used to see a purple ’70 Charger R/T with the wing, but no nose cone! If only I’d known then what I know now!!! Lol!! :-)

    • Newtown Jack

      ‘ 70? or ’69 Charger 500 w/flush back window preceded the Daytona for NASCAR

  15. PaulG

    The Charger 500 had the flush front grill and the flush rear window, so it might not have been a Daytona…

  16. cudaman

    Was there an explanation why just the wing was for sale? What about the rest of the car?????

    • Rob S

      I am thinking the same thing! What happened to the rest of it???

  17. Tyler

    I can remember one of the Superbirds sitting at the local dealer for several years before it sold. The fellow that bought it, drove it a few years, then parked it under his carport, where it set for the next 20 plus years. It was a 440-auto, white with black interior. I had stopped & talked to the man several times over the years, but the car was never for sale. Then, about 9 or 10 years ago, the car was gone. I stopped, & he told me someone had offered him a “dump truck full of money” for the Superbird, so he sold it before the buyer changed his mind, lol! Every time I see one run through Mecum or Barrett-Jackson, I wonder if it was that car.

  18. Pete

    Gentleman I believe this wing falls into the unobtainium catagory. I have fooled with all kinds of antiques. The rarer it is the more the parts are going to cost because of the difficulty of finding them in any kind of condition not attached to something that needs it. So a car that will sell for 125k to 150K, if you need one and want to call it all original parts with a paint job. Then 9500 is less than a tenth of the total price of the car. But one half of the exterior to make it what it is. I wish I would have bought it and just sat on it for a minute so I could flip it for twice that.

  19. Heavy D

    I believe real Daytona wing struts go through the trunk and attach on the trunk pan. An original owner showed me on his and explained that was one way to tell fakes.

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