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Lackluster Limelight: 1969 Pontiac LeMans


We like any classic that is still wearing most of its original paint. This 1969 Pontiac LeMans is claimed to be sporting its factory sprayed Limelight Green so it’s worth a look. It has spent its entire life in Idaho so it’s not surprising that the rust looks minimal. There are some issues that need attention though, but if bidding doesn’t get out of hand, this could make for an affordable project. Find it here on eBay where bidding is currently at $660.


The faded paint doesn’t look too limelight to us, but we don’t mind if it really is original. Someone has removed the vinyl from the roof and sprayed it white, so we assume some rust repair was done. We would like to inspect the car in person because we have a feeling that it is not quite as “unmolested” as the seller claims. Still we think it could be cleaned up and turned into a good driver.


There is some good and some bad news under the hood. The good news is that this LeMans is equipped with the optional four-barrel 350 engine. That means that it’s good for 320 horsepower and that is a whooping 55 more than the base two-barrel 350 (265). We sure are glad they checked that box! The engine does run, but the bad news is that it knocks so it’s going to need a rebuild immediately.


Talking about options, this one had quite a few. The LeMans was considered the luxury version of the Pontiac A-body so it only made sense to add a few extras when you ordered yours. Anything stand out to you?


Inside things look a lot better than on the outside. The white vinyl looks great, but the seller does mention that there are a few cracks and that it needs a new headliner. The original radio is still in place as well as the rally gauges. The only things we really wish were in here are a third pedal and a stick poking out of the floor.


The first thing we thought when we saw this car was that it needed some different wheels. Well, as luck would have it, the seller is going to throw in some rally rims if the auction meets reserve. So that would be our first change. Then we would treat that rust spot on the left fender and start the process of rebuilding the engine. Some people like to turn these into GTO clones, but we actually want to keep this one original. How about you?


  1. Wayne

    my wife’s first car was a 69 Le Mans, it was dark green with a 6cl over head cam, and that was its downfall…

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  2. jim

    i see more then one “barn find” in these photos.

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  3. Jeff

    $132.80 for 65 extra horse’s (build sheet)! gone are the days. actually the math is off, should read 55 extra horses, 265+55=320.

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  4. Chris H.

    Drop in an LS and a 5 or 6 speed, change the wheels/tires, and bolt on some Detroit Speed suspension bits (upgrade brakes too) and it’s be interesting.

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  5. Rhett

    @ChrisH -If you cant find that interesting as it sits, I feel sorry for you. That car can be made to run high 12’s on that engine in stock trim.

    Thats a challenge, son. You a tuner?

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  6. rick ingram

    Build sheet also reads :Two tone….wonder if that white paint on the top really is original rather than a respray after the removal of a vinyl roof.

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  7. FRED


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  8. Karo

    Not so sure it had a vinyl top. The invoice lists “TWO TONE-STD” for $40.02. And the math should be $175.30 for 155 extra horsepower. The standard engine was the 175-horsepower 250 OHC six and the 4-barrel 350 was listed at 330 horsepower. The second column of prices is what the dealer would have paid, not the list price. I would keep it stock, too.

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d like to see it up close and personal but from what I see already, it looks like it could become a good driver with an engine rebuild. That 350 will provide plenty of power.

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  10. AMCFAN

    Sorry guys, looks like the owner selling this Lemans is a Pontiac collector. You can see the 70/73 T/A and the rear of what looks to be a 69 Judge. The guy knows what this is worth and for good reason. With it having a reserve means the guy is not planning to give it away. I wouldn’t either. Not saying a good deal won’t be had as the car will sell itself. Lots of options that never got parted out to a GTO.
    As for Chris H. Are you a retard?? Take your money and your LS1 and buy yourself a Nova or Camaro and let someone who will respect this Pontiac and leave the original driveline in place.

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  11. braktrcr

    Disc brakes and posi options Nice. Bucket seats but column shift no console always makes me wonder what folks were thinking. I like the car and it would stay a Le Mans

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  12. braktrcr

    Just noticed “Factory Reverb” I can hear on the Radio “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY AT FABULOUS (enter local drag strip name) ahhh those were the days

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  13. paul

    Leave it stock, it is all original, but get rid of those wheels & maybe find a console & move the gear change to the floor, also either put a white vinyl roof or paint the whole car the same color, I like the original color, it isn’t a color you see at every car show.

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  14. Utesman

    Nicely optioned, but it never was a vinyl top car per the build sheet. Those seats & door panels sure look like re-pops, except for the curling of the lower right driver’s door panel & the chewed-up drivers arm rest. The original Parchment interiors were NEVER that white…not even when new, & when aged, they faded to a dull yellow, opposite this bright white. Just makes one suspect of the “original” interior. And where on the option sheet is there an option which reads SAF_T_TRK_HD (Pontiac-specific nomenclature for ‘positraction-heavy duty), much less AXL_SP_ORD (axle-special order) for that 3.55 rear end ? Like I said, it really is well equipped…except there’s that question of its “originality”.

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  15. Rene

    original! Allways original!

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  16. A. W. Richards

    My first car was a 1971 Pontiac LeMans (the one that got away). I actually prefer the looks of the LeMans’ over the GTO’s. They’re just a cleaner, classier, design (especially the late 60s-early 70s models). You don’t see many LeMans’ at car shows, but quite a few GTO’s (a good deal probably are rebadged LeMans or Tempest). Leave it as a LeMans, freshen up the interior if need be, fix the rust (it’s a GM A-body, there will be rust… trust me), fresh coat of paint, and do the necessary engine work. Oh, and yeah… lose those ugly wheels that thing is rolling on.

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  17. John Shields Jr.

    NO MORE GTO CLONES!!! There are plenty of GTOs out there. Its rarer to find a lemans or tempest that hasn’t been turned into a goat. I’ve got a 68 GTO and a 68 lemans so I’m covered on both ends but leave this one alone.

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  18. stanley stalvey

    Except for the rims, I like it just the way it is. Anything with a white interior appeals to me.

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