Lamborghini Diablo Wannabe Barn Find

In the world of replica cars, you have some standouts for donors and knock-offs. Popular models are Bugattis built on Volkswagens, Cobras built on Mustangs, and just about everything under the sun built on Fieros. Their plastic body panels, cheap cost of entry, and General Motors mechanicals meant that they’re like playing with your very own LEGO set. Naturally, this resulted in a slew of replicas of Italian supercars, since they often share the same midship layout of the Fiero, but at a significantly higher price point. You can find this not-a-Diablo here on craigslist, with a special thanks to rex m for letting us know about it!

Importantly, the seller says it runs and drives, but is not streetable. I have no idea what that means in this specific case because there is a license plate visible in one of the pictures. In any case, it will likely need a lot of love if it can be made streetable again. The body looks to be made out of fiberglass, and the original 2.8-liter L44 V-6 engine made 140 horsepower when new, driving the rear wheels through a Getrag 5-speed manual gearbox. Far short of the Diablo’s V-12 performance figures, but certainly more than enough to keep up with modern traffic.

The seller includes no images of the frame, but it looks like this “Diablo” was made to have a removable roof panel. Since the Fiero was never offered in such a way, I would expect the frame to have been significantly modified, and more evidence for that theory can be seen in the stretched wheelbase. The Fiero is a small car, the Diablo isn’t. What condition the structure of the frame is in is unknown, but would be worth asking about. Fieros may have had plastic bodies but those were mounted on steel frames, and they did rust out from time to time.

A significant amount of time, money, and effort went into making this not-a-Diablo, and credit where it’s due: that’s commendable. Whether or not you are willing to pay $12,000 for what essentially amounts to a homemade convertible Fiero is entirely up to you, but this is far enough gone from how it emerged from the plant in Pontiac, Michigan in 1987 it would arguably be more impressive if the buyer of this turned it back into a Fiero again. So, future owner, would you spiff it up as a Pontini Fiablo, or go the extra mile and restore it to factory specification?


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    So much to do on this… a stalled project which will take tons of time and money to make into something which could be driven.
    If it was in decent shape and maybe just needed paint (and not a ton of bodywork) the seller might get his much of someone’s money.
    But as it sits?
    Take whatever someone is willing to give, and let it go.

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    So what’s a fiero motor and transmission worth? Looks to me like the only thing of value. As for the rest? Just dispose of it in an environmentally sensitive way.

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    • Rangerwalker24

      Not sure how “environmentally sensitive” this would be but in Glacierview, Alaska every year on the 4th of July the townsfolk hold a event in which they launch cars off of a 300 foot cliff… while $12 large is a bit too much for something like that, in my opinion, it would be super cool to see someone launch a Lambo!

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  3. Moparman Member

    So, is the lead photo from back when this “creation” was a running, driving car, with the rest showing its present condition?

  4. Dan August

    A neighbor in my complex has an orange one which appears to be complete; another neighbor with a 930 Turbo says its one of those kit cars….hasn’t moved out of its carport in about a year now…

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  5. Steve Courchense

    So many of these cars never reach the finish line but $12,000 to start is not cheap. If the body is mounted complete the car, They do look great once completed. Why would anyone consider restoring it back to original starting at 12g’s when you can still buy a complete original one for under $7500!?!?!?

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  6. Mutt

    Cool, I feel like sending the seller a Wannabe check for this…

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  7. That Guy

    Back in the mists of time, I think it was Road & Track had a cover story about a Porsche 928 which had a stretched and tweaked Mk 1 Golf body. I want to see some wealthy Lambo owner with a sense of humor rebody a Diablo or Countach as a Fiero.

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  8. Chester

    Girly man car.

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    • Arnold

      So true !

  9. J R Jones

    A vision of Diablo turns out to be a Fiero.
    A vision of $12,000 turns out to be $2000.
    A vision of bringing it back turns out to be a dream.
    Keep in mind it arrived at this state for a reason.

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  10. Randy

    Il rottame.

  11. Howie Mueler

    I have seen some really nice ones, but they ask just about the price of a real one. $12k is way too much for this dream.

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  12. Richard

    No sane person would want this mess at any price.

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  13. douglas hunt

    the only diablo kit worth having is the tube frame ls powered one.
    this is like the ferrari boxer fiero kits
    most of the looks and none of the go…….

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