Last 50 Built: 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo

The Porsche 930 needs no introduction, but this one is extra special for being one of the last 50 built and because it was the only one not painted in Silver, like the other 49. The owner requested a special order “Paint to Sample” option, resulting in this gorgeous 930 wearing unique Sienna Brown Metallic. The car has since been repainted in this striking shade of brown, which goes well with the black Fuchs wheels. The 930 has been used, with just over 47,000 original miles. We love seeing supercars actually get exercised, and if you want to learn how to live on the edge, consider being the next caretaker of the infamous “Widow Maker.” Find the 930 here on eBay with bids to $35,700 and the reserve unmet.

The 930 is instantly recognizable courtesy of its generous rear fenders, along with the requisite whale tail. The 930 quickly earned a reputation for being a car that commanded all of your attention and then some, with disastrous results for distracted drivers. In addition, it also became known for its reliability, especially for a supercar, and it’s not uncommon to find many of them with mileage like this. Imagine that – buying a driver’s car and actually driving it! The bodywork looks fantastic, and while it’s surprising to learn of a repaint on what should be a fair-weather driver, it doesn’t hurt that the finish looks brand new.

The same goes for the interior, with perfect leather seats and blemish-free carpets and floormats – and that’s because both the seats and carpeting sport brand-new materials, and even the dashboard has been replaced, likely to address one with cracks. Again, it’s surprising to see this level of restoration work on a car that rarely needs it, and if I were a dealer, I’d want to put as little money into the car by avoiding work that didn’t need to be done. Perhaps the seats were tired and the carpets soiled, but you just don’t see it that often on a car like this. The dashboard, though – not having to perform that labor (or pay someone else) is a relief.

The engine bay is clean and unmodified, and some money has been spent here as well. The seller reports that the 3.3 liter turbocharged flat-six features “…SC cams, new rods, new Mahle pistons, and engine balanced by Andial, Borla exhaust and much more.” Again – someone spent some very real money here, and whether that was the previous owner or the selling dealer isn’t revealed. Regardless, the next caretaker will have an easy time of things with the heavy lifting already done, making it possible to add another 50K miles without the fear of the unknown. It won’t be cheap to run, by any means, but there’s a lot of value here in the work performed.


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  1. Terrry

    They were only “Widow Makers” because people didn’t know how to drive them. Just like the lowly Corvair.

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    • Gary

      I don’t understand, why were they called that?

      • Sra

        They swap ends differently that almost any other car invented up to that point in time.

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      • Larry in Kansas City

        911’s in general are rear engine cars. So with the added power of the 930’s turbo, rear weight bias of engine behind the axle, on top of light weight to begin with, it is very, very easy to for the rear end to break lose at inconvenient times.

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      • Phil

        I have an early 911 with a larger performance motor. The complication is this – the car is like a pendulum with all the weight in the back. If the back end starts sliding it wants to continue sliding, and come around. The best way to prevent this is to step on the gas and accelerate your way out of it – which is counter-intuitive compared to other cars. These are wonderful cars in the right hands.

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      • Harry Kritis

        I own both an X1-9 Bertone-Fiat (40y.) and a 911 (2000 mod). Go slightly faster esp. on wet (911) and there is no human (or electronic) reflexes way that can save the day. Exactly the same situation with the X & you can manage (even barely)

    • Jcs

      Snap-throttle oversteer.

      Rumor has it that in the these vehicles that have suffered damage the vast majority of them have been from leaving the roadway rear-end first – at an alarmingly high rate of speed.

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      • Gary

        Wow, that is crazy. So why are these so popular and cost so much if they kill their owners?

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    • SDJames

      This powerful machine notwithstanding, but the lowly Corvair shouldn’t have needed different driving instructions…my Dad’s cousin was killed and my Dad nearly when driving a lowly Corvair normally down the highway in 1967. He said the car just lifted up off the road. The car, and both men, landed in a field independent of each other.

      • Dickie F.

        If I remember correctly, the car rode with slightly negative camber on the rear wheels.
        When entering a corner at speed, the driver lets up of the throttle and the rear wheels snap into positive camber on the trailing throttle. Then with less rubber on the road, the rear snaps free and slides out. By going back on the throttle quickly, the driver may be able to power out, but normally he is not quick enough to catch it.

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  2. Jcs

    This one will command a heavy wallet, deservedly so.

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    • Steve R

      Absolutely. This is a gorgeous car, I’d be surprised if bidding finishes anywhere close to its current high bid.

      Steve R

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    It’s located in Reno,Nevada.

  4. Turbo

    The color will hurt the price

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    • Steveo

      One of the last 50 and you go out of your way to get it in brown?

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  5. Curt Lemay

    Nice to see that it was driven, hope it still gets driven in its new home.

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    50k+, beautiful car, great color choice.

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  7. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Reno, Nevada

  8. Greg Millard

    Another element to handling catching people out is the boost is not linear – nobody home at the lower rpm then abruptly spikes above 3500 – so when gearing down for a corner remember ‘boost’ is ready to ponce and maintain your courage by not reverting to a trailing throttle ..ya-hoo :-)

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  9. Gene

    “You can’t make a racehorse out of a pig but you can make a real fast pig.”
    John Steinbeck quote reissued by Al Holbert, I think when referencing the 935 which was derived from these.

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  10. Howie Mueler

    $50k now and reserve not met, not much time left.

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  11. FireAxeGXP

    Funny thing is I must be dumb. My Dad had two of these, an 81 and an 89. He was a Porsche guy and he always seemed pretty sure that the 930 run was 1981 to 1989, at least for the Turbo/ Whaletail cars.
    So how is 1979 the last year for a car Porsche built through 1989. I know the body didn’t change much but this one looks dead like my Dad’s Guards Red 89 930.

  12. Pierre

    What do the seller means by “last 50 built”? There were thousands of 911 Turbo (AKA 930) built after this one in the 80’s.
    It looks great, but I’m afraid that if so much work has been done on this car, it means that it was in such bad condition that it really needed it.

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    • Larry in Kansas City

      930 was continually produced from 75-89, but not officially imported to the US from 80-85. The seller probably means this 79 is in the last 50 of the original run of US imports.

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  13. Kevin, Carmel

    If the front end hits the Wass thats UNDERSTEER…..if the rear end hits the wall its OVERSTEER

  14. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Jun 15, 2021 , 2:53PM
    Current bid:US $68,600.00
    [ 49 bids ]
    Reserve not met

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