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Last Year! 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible

This is the end! No, nothing quite that dramatic, but this 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale convertible is the last of the full-size Oldsmobile convertibles. It became such a disregarded model, that Oldsmobile devoted about an eighteenth of a page in their ’75 sales brochure to it – it was the end of an era. That being the case, it’s always great to find a still-rolling example, especially one that is in as nice a shape as this example. T.J. found the listing for this  Jacksonville, Florida resident and it’s available, here on craigslist for $25,000.

Oldsmobile built about 118K total “88” models in ’75 but only 7,100 (6.0%) were convertibles. Our subject car only claims 47K miles and it’s still puttin’ on the Ritz with its rust-free straight body, very consistent finish, strong chrome, and sound top. Mentioned is, “It’s all original with just the right amount of authentic patina” but that’s not evident in the included images and honestly, that just sounds like a marketing euphemism. The seller also tells us that he’s owned this Olds for ten years and that it has been “meticulously maintained“. I would add, “properly stored” too.

Powering this rig is a 455 CI V8 engine that the seller claims is good for a “Smooth and powerful factory-rated 340 horsepower“. That’s absolutely wrong as the correct rating was 190 net. Of course, there’s no included engine image, so unless this baby has seen some serious mods, and I doubt that it has, I’d disregard that bit of selling bravado. Actually, that measly net output is pretty lame for a 7.5-liter engine but I imagine this thing’s a stump puller in the torque department so it is able to “move this elegant cruiser with ease” as is suggested. And it will probably outpace the nanny-state 100 MPH speedometer too. A Turbo-Hydramatic 400, three-speed automatic transmission makes the rear-wheel-drive connection.

I have covered a few convertibles lately, and in every instance, I have been pleased to see that the upholstery in each car has persevered and escaped the ravages of weather, so often responsible for the demise of a once, nicely appointed interior. It’s not just the sun’s intensity but those unexpected summer thunderstorms that can turn a top-down interior into a hot tub. There aren’t any comprehensive interior images included but this one will suffice as an overall representative. It’s a white vinyl upholstered environment perched upon a black carpet. The front seat is a split bench affair, and from what can be seen, it shows well and I have no reason to suspect any issues.

The seller advises more images are available upon request and I’d definitely ask for ones of the engine and a comprehensive of the interior. Considering the condition and mileage, I’d say that this Olds is a reasonable buy at $25K.  Unfortunately, we’ll not see the likes of a convertible such as this offered again, so if it floats your boat, go for it, right?


  1. normadesmond

    Maybe not so fabulous? Inside looks like moisture has had its way with things. Bumper filler, trunk key escutcheon, body side moldings- this stuff tells a tale.

    my ’73 ’88 ‘vert looks much better. I hope they get 25,000.

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    • CarGuyBeanCounter

      Adhesive attached body side moldings were standard equipment for this car, and they typically fell off! I re-installed mine with Gorilla Glue many years ago and no problems since. Also, red tail lamp emblems are missing, both sides. Like the body side moldings, these too fell off. I had to replace one of mine. Had to purchase an entire junk yard lamp assembly just for the emblem. Bumper fillers on these are notorious for becoming brittle with age. To my knowledge no one is making replacements.

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      • CarGuyBeanCounter

        Looks like car color is also missing from the grille section dividers.

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      • normadesmond

        Absolutely! I knew something looked off.

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  2. Zen

    I had a 71 Delta 88 Conv w/ the 455 and factory A/C, power seat, windows and locks, and in the same yellow color and white top but with a dark brown interior. I had much more mileage on mine, but everything worked, and it was in just as nice shape, and I had a very hard time giving it away at only $8000, I highly doubt he will get $25,000 even IF the mileage is accurate. Not much demand for the big convertibles, mostly it’s for the sporty convertibles.

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    • Billyray

      Not too long ago you couldn’t give away station wagons, don’t be surprised if big convertibles suddenly get traction.

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    • Andrew Dunleavy


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    • john atanasio

      I agree with you.I had a 75 pontiac grandville and I couldn’t give it away.too big and garagaes are way smaller today than back then.also gas is too expensive to put in those cars that will only give you 8 mpg

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  3. Peter Phillips

    I had one of these for several years, with the 455. That engine moved the car well and never even breathed hard. It wasn’t until after I sold the car that I learned the 455s in these are fairly rare. The vast majority of them in 1975 came with the 350 V8, in a nod to (relative) fuel economy.

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  4. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    LOL! This car brings back so funny memories.

    A friend had a ’75 coupe with those huge doors. He had depth perception problems and his parents thought it would be best for him to have a big car as his first ride – what a mistake! We replaced the nose on that a few times from him running into things – guardrails, hydrants, etc.

    It had that same white interior and I remember the back seat was the best place to be with a girl – I would borrow his car and made for a better night than in the back seat of my Camaro.

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