Late Night Run: 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Looks like someone made a late night Taco Bell run after scoring this droptop goat! It’s fun to find cars in this dusty state, but it’s even more fun to drive them after they’ve been all cleaned up and made safe. That’s the draw of this particular GTO. It was a “barn find” a couple of years ago, but the owner has already done a ton of work to make it roadworthy. Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of sorting to be done, but this is a car that you could jump in and drive without even getting dirty! Find it here on craigslist for $25k. Thanks goes to Clarke B for sharing the tip!

According to the seller, this GTO originally left the factory with the cool hideaway headlight option. Someone probably swapped them out for the regular lights when they started having problems with the vacuum system. The new owner have gone to the trouble of finding the parts needed to make it right, but things need to be hooked up. That’s just a small part of what they’ve done to this car since purchasing it though. They have gone through the brakes, fuel system, exhaust, and more. Their ad includes a long list of work done.

Fixing up a barn find is part of the fun, but one area that I would like to already have done is the interior! Detailing a dusty interior can be a ton of work and who actually likes vacuuming up mouse droppings? This one looks like it still needs carpet and a dash pad, but the work will be a lot more pleasant than it would have with a thick layer of dust covering everything. This was a well optioned machine complete with power windows, power brakes, automatic transmission, and a convertible top!

As you can see, there is some rust that still needs addressing. The floors are claimed to be solid, but you can always double check when you rip that carpet out. The trunk needs some new metal though as do those front fenders. With a little more work and some cosmetic attention, you could have a very nice Pontiac. You should always buy the best you can afford and that rule also applies to barn finds and projects. This GTO isn’t perfect, but you could do a lot worse for the money!

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  1. The Evil Doctor

    I wonder what engine is in it. Seems to be a secret.

    • Steve Visek

      350-hp 400 4 bbl. was standard. This car either came with that or possibly rarer but much less valuable 265-hp 400 2 bbl. economy version. Closed scoops mean it did not come with Ram Air.

    • Oingo

      Probably as Steve says most of them came with the 400/4 I have never seen one with anything different but I am just a casual internet observer.


    Nice car, why is he selling it after he did so much work?

    • Tom Member

      Let’s face it, the car really needs just about everything from a cosmetic perspective. No shot of under hood is probably as worn as the outside. Interior is nice but up close, I would probably want to redo it IF I am redoing everything else.

      Looks like a nice option car with AC and power windows. the answer to AMXSTEVE’s question is Because if he puts the right work into the car (which will be a pretty large investment) he will likely not turn a big profit as he is looking to do now. Maybe does not have the capital to put into the full resto this car deserves.

  3. Boss351

    Sweet Goat. So what is the reason for sale? More rust and body work than disclosed?

  4. JW

    I love GTOs just not convertibles so I’ll pass.

  5. Anthony R in RI

    Looks to be an A/C car as well by the vent in the dash above the radio Non-A/C cars had a GTO name plate in that spot Nice car wish i could afford to buy it

  6. GP Member

    Wish I was the one who found it so I could be the one to do all the repair myself, not the to buy at this price.

  7. OJM

    I’m ready for the covered in dust look to die
    a violent death.

    Like 1
    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I actually like this one. It shows it before AND after. The ones that suck are the ones where the seller never removes the grime for the after photo.

  8. redwagon

    25k. I just shake my head.

  9. Zebebad

    Drive it as is in original condition just make it safe !

  10. Ikey Heyman

    My mom stopped by the Pontiac dealer one day and, on a whim, bought a new GTO like this, only in Verdoro Green. Had a lot of fun driving it – and as much as I’d like to have one for old time’s sake, this ain’t the one (at this price, anyway).
    Oddly enough, one of the things I remember most distinctly about this car was the sound of tire chains slapping against the fender liners on my way to and from my job at the scrap yard (gotta love Pennsylvania winters).

    • Terry C.

      My father factory ordered a ’69 convertible as well in Verdero green on black with the match green top. Sold it in ’72 when my sister was born. Not a Christmas dinner goes by that I don’t look across the table at them both and ask him if it was worth the trade… I don’t think she finds it as funny as I do.

  11. racer99

    Had a 70 LeMans Sport with the 400 ci engine/automatic combo that looked pretty similar. Great running car and fun cruiser (just don’t ask it go around corners and any great speed). Sold it years ago for $3500 and make a grand on the sale. Even so, the $25K seems reasonable in today’s world.

  12. Oil Slick

    My bud has one in the brighter blue shade. Funny thing is he did a total nut n bolt restoration in 1981. We never heard of anyone ever doing this kinda work back then and thought he was nuts.
    Turns out he was a genius man!

  13. Dave Member

    Ikey – sounds like a cool mom!

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  14. Doug Towsley

    Seems expensive to me but not in todays market, and if you read the CL ad it DOES already have a lot of work and parts replaced. (Not to be overlooked if the work was done right). Bummer its a MIchigan car as there is gonna be hidden cancer but not a deal breaker. Ive seen much worse. My wife loves the 442’s for some inescapable reason and she might even consider letting her 69 Chevelle go for one.
    Cool car, Gonna sell eventually to somebody.

    • Terry C.

      Although not a 442 but a regular Cutlass S and a cloned Lemans (purchased as the Judge clone, not our idea) one can still have just as much fun on a sunny day for a fraction of the cost of the high end originality or restorations. The bonus is being able to rack up the milage and not worry about value or taking it out.

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  15. Anthony

    Too expensive…

  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Price actually isn’t that bad. This is a ’69 GTO Convertible and you know the saying – the top goes down, the price goes up, especially on desirable muscle cars.
    Hagerty has a #4 (Fair) condition car at $29,000. Not that Hagerty is the perfect bible of car prices, but I don’t see his asking price as a crack smoking dream.

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