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Lawn Art Project: 1959 Panhard Dyna Z

Here’s one you don’t see everyday: a Panhard Dyna Z from the late 1950s, a fascinating French creation that offered unusual styling, room for six, and utilized aluminum to cut down on weight. The catfish-like nose gives the impression of a car that is always on the verge of whistling at you, but if you want something no one else, the Dyna Z might be worth a look. Find it here on craigslist in Maine with no price listed.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader AMXBrian for the find. The seller says this Panhard may be more attractive as a piece of yard art rather than an actual restoration project, but I hope that’s not what the future holds for this French oddity. The very old-school Maine license plates tell you this Panhard has been sidelined or a while, but its history remains a mystery. Certainly, parts of northern New England actually speak what is known as Acadian French so it’s possible vehicles of French origin found favor with some residents in a section of Maine that borders New Brunswick.

See what I mean about the hose? Suffice to say, the use of aluminum had curtailed dramatically by the end of Panhard production, which explains some of the significant rust you see here. Like so many times throughout history, no immediate pressure on consumers to drive light-weight or fuel efficient vehicles meant the pioneering step to utilize aluminum had little impact on sales. Around 140,000 Dyna Zs were produced, so while not entirely limited in production, there still can’t be that many left. If you can get past the unusual nose, these are handsome cars – but is this one too far gone to save?


  1. Classic Steel

    It looks like a 914 or 356 Porsche 😊🤠😼

    I suggest with the resemblance one should offer 60-88 thousand pesos unless they drive Porsche’s then dollars

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    How can you go wrong for a buck?

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    I wonder if Ed Iskenderian would like a parts car for his Panhard..? ;-)

    I believe that these were imported in limited numbers, stateside. Along with the one that the Camfather tried for years to sell me, I used to see a few driving around L.A. in the late 1950s – early ’60s.

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  4. LunarDog LunarDog

    I see what you mean about the hose!

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  5. Wrong Way

    Hello Jeff, I just wanted to know why I never received barn finds today? I am really addicted to your site!

  6. Wrong Way

    I love these cars! Wished I could but I can’t!

  7. Coventrycat

    A face only a mother could love.

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    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Check out this van version, Conventrycat. I think it was designed by Rob Crumb… ;-)

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  8. Jeffry Harris

    I first saw on in France in 88, “what is that!” the best part besides the soap bar look was the hand made licence place someone had painted and hung on the back bumper. I guess France in the 80’s was a trusting country.

  9. Matthew Van Leer-Greenberg

    The engine in these cars is really cool, a 2 cylinder hemi design. At this point it would be a really good parts car.

  10. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Unlike most of the “yard art” cars appearing on BF, this one appears to have tires that hold air! I see elements of Renault Dauphine in the snout, a little Studebaker in the posterior. Take a rattle can or roller paint the brightest color you can find and make this an advertisement for your French bakery or euro auto repair shop.

  11. ctmphrs

    That’s not a whistling face. It’s getting ready to give you a razzberry

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  12. scory

    Air cooled 2 cyl. , too bad there is no picture of the interior my father and his father used to race them in the ’60’s , fake lepard print seats with a salmon over black exterior , they were 850cc if I remember correct , all factory stock

  13. Karl

    Panhard, oh my gosh that is an ugly vehicle it looks just as messed up as the panhard military vehicles! That’s a face not even a mother could love!

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