Leather And Luxury: 1974 Lincoln Continental

The owner of this 1974 Lincoln Continental Silver Edition refers to it as “5,400lbs of sleek 1974 engineering.” In an era when we hear car manufacturers boasting about the weight savings that they’ve achieved with their various models, to hear someone be so open about how heavy their car is, makes a refreshing change. If you want your share of that 5,400lbs, you will find it listed for sale here on craigslist. It is located in Sarasota, Florida, and is listed with a clean title. The owner is asking $7,300.

The Lincoln looks to be in good condition. Apparently, the owner is overseas a good deal of the time, but the Lincoln is his daily driver when he is at home. I don’t see any evidence of rust, but when I look through the photos, I do see evidence that the car has had at least a partial repaint at some stage in its life. The owner gives a very detailed description of the car in the ad, but no mention is made of this possibility.

While the interior is relatively good, there are some areas that will need to be addressed at some stage. The dash pad is cracked, as is the rim of the wheel. The driver’s seat and armrest are the biggest issues, as there is some substantial seam separation in the Corinthian leather upholstery, and some substantial deterioration in the leather itself. You could probably cover it with something, but if you want to maintain the original luxury and splendor, then it will need a new cover. The rest of the interior looks quite good, and while it appears that the factory A/C blows cool, it sounds like it will need a recharge to work at its best.

There’s the engine. All 460ci of V8, backed by an automatic transmission. This is not the original engine, as the car received a rebuilt long block and transmission about 13,000 miles back. The owner says that the car runs and drives flawlessly. Recent maintenance has included the fitting of a new gas tank, fuel pump, power brake booster and master cylinder, and a wiper motor.

The owner of this Lincoln is pretty straightforward about the car. He says that the odometer shows 32,000 miles, but that it is definitely 132,000. He doesn’t make bold claims on that. He is the car’s second owner and purchased it from the original owner in 1982. The car isn’t perfect. It is a car that would require a personal inspection to verify how good it is. The cracked dash and torn driver’s seat are going to cost money to fix, but it would be possible to live with them as they are. So, can I interest you in “5,400lbs of sleek 1974 engineering?” That works out at only $1.35/lb!

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  1. Mike

    That’s about a buck a pound too much.

  2. Andy

    I have a set of wheels this big, but mine has a kitchen and bathroom.

  3. jdjonesdr

    Make it “needs nothing immaculate” and you may get close to the asking price. Given it’s history, the seller is dreaming.

  4. Bobby

    This asking price with the condition issues is twice what the seller should be asking. For cruising on the interstates a comfortable ride just grab the gas card and hit the road. But for around town or a daily driver this isn’t the car.

  5. Nick

    Beautiful car, definitely worth fixing and enjoying. The owner is probably just trying to see what offers he gets. A Lincoln enthusiast might pay $5000 for it, because of the 460 and the shape it’s in.

  6. Tucker Callan

    Caveat Emptor!!

  7. Herbee

    Five hundred dollar car in my world. Would not be caught dead in that Lincoln.

  8. Tom

    My first Lincoln was a 74 Cont Yellow with deep dish solid aluminum wheels what a beauty. Traded it for a 79Cartier wished I had kept the 74.

  9. Lance Platt

    This beautiful Lincoln has some miles and minor condition issues but that’s not why I wouldn’t be interested. It’s a 5400 pound car that is about 19 feet long so handling and parking would require a commercial drivers license. Gas mileage would be low if driven on car club cruises and to out of town shows. Add in the fact that’s it’s not a hot collectible Mustang, Chevelle or Mopar and resale will be a losing proposition.

  10. Sam61

    Cannon approved!

  11. Stephen Popowich

    Sorry to say this is not a Silver edition >> it has no upgraded interior with the cross straps also in silver>> the car first off should be silver like the anniversary editions like the Gold 25th Luxury Edition>> I have owned 7 1974-1976 Mark Iv’s and 2 1979 Mark V’s >> My favorite cars >> I also had one of the Mark V’s put in the factory T -Top very rare option and I was pushing back the many buyers that wanted that car>>> Sold it 2 years after i bought it to my specs and sold it to a lottery winner in the Hamptons of New York where I live as an unblemished car for $26,000>> I sold the second one with the optional power moon roof to the same couple because they were painted just the opposite of each other with the 1/4 landau roof and they didn’t want to split up ” RAZZLE and DAZZLE ” as stated on the license plates a year later , This is a relatively nice car to restore, but it is definately not a Silver edition anything>> Sorry >>> but someone didn’t do their homework on this automobile>> P.S. With the money I got for the 2 cars , i bought a brand new Mercedes 450 SL and waited until Jaguar got their act together , when I purchased a Jaguar XK8 convertible>>> Never had any trouble with ANY of the Mark’s , Mercedes or Jaguar>>

  12. Mike

    Yuck! I always remember my uncle-by-marriage who thought he was better than everybody else drove these things in the seventies, which even at my young age back then I laughed that he bought used! Didn’t like them then, really don’t like them now. Not for me and I hope not for anybody at this price.

  13. Superdessucke

    Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same..Today’s top-of-the-line Lincoln, the Navigator, checks in at 5,700 – 6,000 pounds. Really too bad the weight savings trend of the 1970s and 1980s didn’t really continue on.

  14. Ken Member

    Like Frank Cannon’s car, only in a lighter shade of blue. My favorite Cannon moment:

    Little kid: How’d you get that fat?
    Cannon (pats his belly) Wasn’t easy.

  15. john c

    I think my ’74 Thunderbird, same colors as this Lincoln, came off the same line; seems about identical in appearance front and sides. Love the blue color for these beasts; GLWS

  16. David Rhodes

    ….just a dressed up T Bird

  17. Bill

    Nice color, nice car. It would be nice to have for the Sunday drives.

  18. Luke

    Love the car… just wish I had the cash.

  19. BMW4RunninTundra Member

    If my vehicle had a long block installed that recently (miles wise), which it did and the engine bay looked like this one does, which it does not, I would be looking for a new repair facility, which I am not!!!!!
    Sorry, nothing about that car does anything for me! I can usually find something that I like on a lot listed on this site.

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