Lion Hearted Survivor: 1959 Chrysler Windsor Golden Lion

With beautiful styling, great lines, fins, and a Wedge engine, this 1959 Chrysler Windsor Golden Lion is a rare treat to see. Having only covered 38,000 miles, this Chrysler is breath taking. As close to perfect at you can likely get, this factory original sedan is currently bid up to $25,100 with the reserve unmet, and 4 days remaining.  Find it here on ebay out of Lakeland, Florida.

The Golden Lion 383 cubic inch “Wedge” V8 was special to the Windsor Golden Lion. Chrysler advertised the car as being “Lion Hearted”. This lion’s heart is absolutely beautiful. It is difficult to imagine that this car is original, and that the engine actually functions, and it not a piece of art.  The 305 horsepower 383 V8 is mated to a push button automatic transmission. Appearing to lack any type of flaw, this drivetrain is immaculate.

Inside is a plush, and tasteful, interior that just calmly informs you of its luxury. Heavily embellished with the Golden Lion emblems on the seats, and on the door panels, this tastefully colored interior is just as miraculous as the engine bay. Virtually mint, with zero flaws, this interior looks as if it would charge you sit down. Predominantly silver and gray, there are some bronze accents that stand out, but in a formal sort of way.

With a rich and meticulous appearance, it is easy to see a business man sitting behind the wheel of this Windsor. The dash is gorgeous with silver and bronze accents, and again there are no signs of age.

Paired with styling, and luxury, this Windsor Golden Lion is a sleek and attractive sedan. With fins, some interesting trim, and some curious trim on the roof, this Windsor shows wonderfully. There is no rust, or dings to be seen, and the glass is absolutely crystal clean. The Golden Lion specific emblems are in place, and are a neat added feature to separate this one year car from all of the Mopar products of the time. The rear bumper styling is a bit much, but the rest of the styling on this Windsor is beautiful. With being a one year only Windsor, with the interesting 383 “Wedge” engine, and very low mileage, this is certainly a special Mopar. What do you think this Golden Lion will sell for?


  1. Tom P.

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Tom P those were the exact words I muttered out loud when I first saw this one. Deserves to be said again…absolutely beautiful!!

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  2. DRV

    The most impressive survivor I have ever seen is right here! Very rare and unobtanium pieces everywhere.
    Keeping this like it is was regular a job.

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  3. Howard A Member

    A friends dad across the alley had a car just like this, only gold. As a kid, I just remember how big it seemed. The back bumper would stick out past the garage door. When he died, his mom traded it on a ’59 Rambler. The 1st car I remember riding in was the old mans ’59 DeSoto. My memory may be a bit foggy, but I think it was fancier than this. Always thought that rear view mirror was poor location. I think this was “freshened up” a bit, but clearly, the real deal. Surprising, no vacuum-assist brakes.( might want to add that) Be a foot full to slow this car down. Not sure, but I think this era Chrysler products, were the most beautiful styled, and the worst quality. Beautiful car. Youngun’s, take note, in 1959,THIS is what mom dropped you off at school in.

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    • Ed P

      This was Virgil Exner at his best, and the factory at it’s worst. Well, these were improved over the 57’s. In this era, all Chrysler brands had a dash mounted mirror, and nobody had anything good to say about them. These are some of the best looking cars of their era.

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  4. G 1

    My uncle had one with swivel seats. That car could go. RB block (raised block) in these, 413 crank, 10 to 1 compression and a 2bbl. Last year of the body on frame except Imperial. Shorter wheelbase then the New Yorker and was built on a Dodge chassis.

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  5. Trent Poole

    One word. Wow !

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  6. Joe Nose

    While I cannot open ebay from work, i found this car listed by an online service with the exact same pictures, same town, and it reads as a ‘1959 car, 55 years later’ which would date the ad copy to 2014? Has it been that untouched and unsold for that long?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Joe, I saw that too. This car has been around the “sites” for a while, at least 3, so far.

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    • Flman

      The Ebay ad indicates he is selling the car again after the prior owner had it a year and is now relocating and has to sell it.

      ” Sold this car about a year ago to a South Carolina collector.
      He was just transferred for his job and will have reduced garage
      space, so it is back for us to find it a new home. “

      • Tom Driscoll

        The folks from lakeland use that strategy often, it’s difficult to know the truth. A Laguna was listed by private seller a couple weeks ago on ebay, reserve was not met…the very next day lakeland had it for sale saying they had previously sold it and seller was trading up…who knows.

  7. irocrob

    What a great looking car. Bet you it floats along the highway nice

  8. Jeffro

    Truly awesome classic car. And no…it doesn’t need a SBC/LS in it.

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  9. dirtyharry

    I rarely believe most of the low mileage claims by a seller. But this is the real deal, right down to the original spare tire in the trunk. This is the one. I am sure it had a sign that read: “Must shower before entering the vehicle.” This will go for something around 50k or more. What a great car. What a great owner who appreciated and loved this vehicle. My dad owned a 59 Imperial with a stainless roof. When I was a kid, we went cross country from LA to Pittsburg in 5 days. It never missed a beat and had A/C.

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    • nessy

      As far as this being the real deal low mile claim by this seller? Ah, maybe but maybe not dirtyharry.. This is another seller/flipper that I have had some not so great experience with in the past. If you look at his site, he posts many cars at once on ebay, most with very high starting prices and you will see that most of his auctions end with a no sale and a relist. I’m not saying this is the case with this fine looking car. However, I will say this, if anyone is interested in buying a car from this dealer, just be sure you take the trip down to the Florida location and inspect the car very closely. I went to see several of his cars in the past and although the cars look great at first, many look like they were pulled out of long storage and brought back to life. I asked a very detailed question several times to make sure they understood my question before I went there and they swore they had the correct information. However, when I saw the car, there information was totally incorrect so I wasted my time, plus they were pushy. I suspect they knew the answer but gave me some bs just to get me over to them. This happened several years ago but it left a sour taste with me about ever trying to make a deal with this dealer again. I suspected some of his cars were on consignment as it seems like he did not know as much about the cars as I first thought. Again, I only post facts here, not opinions. Just a little friendly warning to keep our fellow Barn Find friends on guard here.

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      • MIke Calhoon

        I do not appreciate the slam… you do not know me, you never have visited and and you are rude and condescending…

        I sell about 300 classic cars per year. and if you would like to visit and see what we do, let me know…

        It is not cool to slam someone online based on your OPINION…

      • Jason

        Bah, screw off Mike. BAD SELLER ATTITUDE.

      • Howard A Member

        Whoa, this is getting ugly. With all due respect, Mike, I don’t think nessy said anything wrong. We’ve been through this before. It’s kind of unusual for a seller to chime in,( takes the commentors by surprise, oh crap, the seller is listening in) but if you are going to sell cars, be advised, EVERYBODY has had a bad experience with car dealers, and rightly so, they can be the biggest shysters on the planet. I’m NOT, repeat, NOT saying you are, but you said it yourself, we don’t know you, and sadly, nowadays, that’s never good. I think of folks like nessy as our “consumer advocate” ( I’m guilty too) and you shouldn’t have to go on the defensive, you have a very nice car here, it will more than likely sell itself.

      • nessy

        Well Michael, my comment is not based on my personal opinion, it’s based on solid facts and from all the positive thumbs up on my comment, I guess I am not the only one who knows this about your dealership. I was not going to say anything at first until you trashed me, however, I found a large number of bad reports on your business. Just look up the Ripoff Report, Site Jabber and Ebay Motors Consumer Reports to start with. Yes, we did try and do business a few years ago and you pulled my chain after traveling 1000 flipping miles? Now, you insult me for warning my fellow Barn Find readers? I did not bad mouth you or your business in a personal way at all. I just advised any interested parties to make the trip in person before buying a car from you. You have only been in this business for less than 10 years so you may still be learning. There are alot of unhappy buyers of your cars who felt you scammed them. Many said you refused to take their calls? Why? If you sell as many cars as you claim, why should you care if a regular guy like myself is just giving simple advice to my friends here? I don’t want to see anyone here or anywhere else screwed over, not even a total stranger. Not all of us are amateurs who think a 4 door 70s Pontiac or Mercury sedan is a great deal at 20000 plus. Or a 70’s Buick 4 door pushing 30000?A 78 Mercury sedan for 18500? A 76 Blazer for 28500? Are you kidding? How can you price a normal nothing car so high no matter how clean you claim it is? All it takes are a few misinformed non car guys to walk into your web and you score. This is the reason why honest sellers get a bad name. Oh, thank you, Howard and Jason and our other fellow Barn Find readers for supporting my comments. I would never BS anyone here. It’s not all about making money. It’s about caring for people.

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  10. Bob S

    Since the engine bay has been extensively “preserved” with paint on the air cleaner, and paint on the exhaust manifolds I’d be suspicious about all those finishes being as original as claimed. Hard to imagine the seats could look like that even if sitting in a showroom all these years. Never seen one of these , it is very impressive to look at.

  11. glenn

    this place in lakeland always has the most wanted cars and all perfection . I live in central florida and have visited the showroom and its like a kid in a candy shop so mouthwatering.

  12. Neil

    Absolutely gorgeous,
    but, is it just my old failing eye’s? It looks to me as if there is orange peeling on the shot of the rear trunk area, with the Chrysler name and insignia.
    Nonetheless, this is an awesome beauty. Love me some ” push buttons “

    • Tony C.

      Neil, the push buttons are great on these cars, my 62 Imperial has them, one big flaw prior to 63, there was no park position in the trans and if the park brake wasn’t up to scratch you didn’t park on anything that wasn’t dead flat. A friend found his 62 in a creek behind the hotel he was staying at, it just decided to roll backwards across the parking lot sometime during the night. The brake drum is on the driveshaft behind the trans.

  13. Paul R Bellefeuille

    I hate to be nit-picky but why does the body of the ad say “1958 DODGE CUSTOM ROYAL SEDAN” ? (His caps not mine) and he doesn’t have a ’58 Dodge for sale right now..

  14. Adam T45 Staff

    Having looked long and hard at all the pictures of this car, I only have one thing to say: Wow!!!

    • Adam T45 Staff

      My Wow was a good Wow. I love this!

      • Adam T45 Staff

        I’m still trying to work out why people are giving me the thumbs-down for my comment.

      • Terry C.

        Thier problem, not yours. And yes… Wow indeed!! Just a beautiful car.

  15. Rustytech Member

    This is a gorgeous car! I’m surprised though, that a vehicle of this stature would have been ordered without power brakes, power steering, or air conditioning. While I do like it, it’s likely been marketed so long because the seller is shooting for the moon. At the current bid this car should be sold already!

  16. Ed P

    Rusty, my Uncle bought a 1960 Caddy brand new without a/c. I don’t think it was so unusual for the time. The lack of power brakes is odd.

  17. Bryan

    The Chrysler Windsor (called Newport starting in 1962) was the entry level Chrysler and most were light on options. Power steering and brakes were standard on the upper Saratoga and New Yorker models.

    At least it has the optional radio and heater! The radio and heater were still an option even on the top of the line Imperial through 1963!

    This is a beautiful Chrysler!

  18. Rolf Poncho 455

    A beauty

  19. jaymes

    lots of spray bombs and undercoating, too many doors for me

  20. charlie Member

    Ignoring the price, this is an ideal car for a person who wants something that can be driven long distances, at interstate speeds, but is old enough to qualify for most of the shows/meets that take place around the country, AND, not have to worry about diminishing the value of a museum piece. AND you can get parts. And as for the seller, I have bought dozens of cars, new from dealers, used from new car dealers, used from “reputable” used car dealers, and used from “sketchy” used car dealers – as well a private citizens – and there is no substitute for a close look, in the daylight, when it is not raining, a good ear to listen to it run, a test drive to feel the clutch, or, feel the automatic shift, if the seller turns the radio up, turn it off, open the windows, and listen. Then put it up on a lift. Of course, rules are made to be broken, I bought my ’54 Corvette in the dark, but it was only $600 – this was ’67 and the seller was headed to Vietnam – and my ’93 Allante which the dealer would not let me drive in the street, so looked underneath it, yard drove it, and had my mechanic look at it and drive it on the dealer’s lot, mechanic said, for $3000 BUY IT, which had been my opinion. It needed “everything” that deteriorates with age, hoses, gaskets, seals, runs like a champ but another two years before most shows/meets will admit it. So I go and park with the spectators.

  21. Rich

    This was the same car I had when I was seventeen. Same everything. I did 106 in it before I slowed down remembering it did not have the best brakes. You could lie in the back seat and not touch the doors.😉

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  22. Scott Downey

    I have the same car early model year , so it has a 350 that they only supposedly made for 58, then went to 361 & 383 In 59 so mine must be also rare. Bought a running 4 door as well To strip for parts to put the 2 door closer to original as it has 4 wheel power disk & a alternator and the 4 door still has the drums & generator and a few other parts. Other than the 4 doors I’ll save the rest of the parts and body for spares & sell off what is no good for my 2 door. Learn a bit more today from this. And it looks great. Can’t post a picture but mine is red with a white roof and the chrome roof trim was removed in the 90’s when the car was frame off restored so not sure if I’d put it on but will keep that off the 4 door just in case down the road someone else wanted to put the car to more original, from the colour of the bottom of the dash the car may have been a salmon colour like a pinkish silver purple if that makes sense lol

  23. claydots

    I owned a 59 a light turquoise Windsor from 1969-71, my first car. Interior looks original and would be hard to duplicate. Push button transmission was actually superior to the other brands. GMs were slipping out of Park into reverse in those days. I had to replace every component of starting and ignition system. That big back bumper came in handy for push-offs. Since it had a generator, you could push it until about 30 mph and it would start in Neutral without using the starter. The rich kids had 383s in their new Roadrunners. I had a 383 too!

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