Little Old Lady Owned: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

Little old lady cars often aren’t what they seem, but it is clear that this ’70 Chevelle Malibu was very well cared for in its lifetime. Equipped with a V8 and a manual transmission, this Chevy looks to be a clean and fun classic survivor. With less than a day remaining bidding has reached $13,600 with the reserve not met! Find it here on ebay out of McMinnville, Oregon.

Very clean and original under the hood, this Chevy is equipped with a 307 V8 and a column shifted 3 speed manual transmission. When it comes to originality, this car is wonderful, as it has covered only 84,276 miles! There are no flaws whatsoever to mention under the hood. The wiper cowl area is a little dirty, and although very clean, if the engine bay was detailed, it would show like a fine art work.

A green interior may not be for everyone, but this green interior is in superb condition. The seats and door panels are fantastic, with only the carpet showing some discoloration from age. Very well taken care of all of its life, this Chevelle Malibu is an excellent surviving example. Even the dash and steering wheel are wonderful!

Wearing mostly original paint, there are some condition issues that were gained over the many years of faithful service. Thankfully rust is at a minimum with this car as there is little to report. The passenger rear wheel arch reflects some surface rust, and the seller reports there has been some repair work performed around the back window. There is no rot to report, and the body overall is rock solid. Reportedly having a few repainted areas, from troubled garage parking and poor eyesight, the overall appearance of this car is still stunning. Even though there are a few repainted areas, there is not much detail given, verbally or in photos. Looking over the images the paint looks to match nicely with an even metallic appearance. It is always fascinating to see how survivors made it out in the wild. Clearly this Chevelle Malibu was cherished and well taken care of. Would you cherish this Chevy survivor?


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  1. Rock On

    These things were everywhere when I was in high school. I don’t believe that it left the factory with the rally wheels. Perfect size engine bay for a big block.

    • rdc

      Rally wheels were a question to me.

  2. Anthony R in RI

    Another low mileage green car. Did green cars attract retirees as original buyers?

    • Mark Hoffman

      That color green was a popular color from at least 1969-1972, possibly longer each direction. In 1976 I had a 1969 Pontiac Bonneville that color. I know of a 1972 Nova a friend and his wife bought new that has been mothballed since 1986, and “is gonna be restored someday”. First new car he and his wife bought as a married couple. A co worker of my dad had a 72 Impala the same color back in the day.

    • G 1

      Yes. And Tan.

  3. Rx7Turbo II

    Sold! $14,000

  4. Mark Hoffman

    I had a 71 Chevelle coupe. 307, automatic no A/C

    Wish I had kept it. Got $1,000 trade in allowance on a 77 Impala in 1981

  5. Bruce

    I am currently restoring a 71 Chevelle Malibu, 402, 4spd car. Should be a great ride when it’s done. Car has the same green interior and split bench front seat as this one. Very cool.

  6. Howard A Member

    This is a pretty significant car. Most Chevelle’s were ordered like this. I remember, in the early ’70’s, someone would say, “my mom has a ’70 Chevelle” and your thoughts would race thinking it was some big block monster, what a let down to see this when you actually saw it. You could get some pretty basic cars still, and my grandfather ordered a ’71 Nova, and only got like 3 options ( out of probably hundreds of choices) V-8, automatic, and a clock. And guess what color it was. Guaranteed, this won’t stay this way.

  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Love it – wouldn’t touch a fastener – ‘cept that thing on the steering column

  8. George

    Another nice car–but green again.

  9. Chebby

    It’s real nice, but not 2x-3x nicer than that green 1970 Pontiac.

  10. Rocko

    Another Chevelle !!! Wheres the Mopars ?

    • al leonard

      you mean “Mostly Old Parts And Rust????”…they’re long gone…..

  11. JW

    Yes these were a dime a dozen back when new and GM made a lot of cars this color green. The 307 got you to the grocery store but that’s about all.

  12. geomechs

    I had a ’69 300 2-door that was more sparsely equipped than this one. Sure would love to find another one. I’m always tempted whenever I see one like this; sure enough I’ll go after it and a ’69 will drop right in…..

  13. MrF

    Huzzah for three on the tree!

  14. Rustytech

    I think in 1970 you could order those wheels on almost anything. This is a nice car, and I think I would leave it alone. Unfortunately I think this will be somebody’s next Big block SS clone.

    • Kevin Reid

      Lets leave the “SS” clone out of this- leave the car as it appears and drop a 632 in it. THAT’LL really get somebodys’ attention ! ! !

  15. John

    must have been a stout little old lady. No power steering. I can’t see a smog pump, either.

  16. HeadMaster1

    There’s a 72 Malibu, all original sitting in my town…It’s NOT green, but a lite metallic orangish color……I’ve left a dozen notes in the car, the mailbox, and the front door, I’m starting to think it’s not for sale 🙁

  17. BillO BillO Member

    Think of the term “little old lady”. Think of it this way and consider the car was new when purchased by its owner. My older sister bought a new 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 2 door hardtop like this, but was Gobi Beige (looked more like a pale yellow) with a gold top. It had a 350, automatic, power steering, manual brakes, am radio and air conditioning. She was 18 at the time. Had she kept it until today, I guess most people would say she was a little old lady of 65. I just don’t think of my sister that way though since I am only 4 years younger. So I guess anyone who bought a new 1970 Malibu, would now be considered old (along with the car). LOL

  18. Ken Martin

    I wouldn’t change a thing. This car is great! The green was huge in the late 60’s, and into the mid/late 70’s. Not just with cars though. Kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures too. Earth tones they were called. They also had a gold color, in the house, and cars. Correll had dishes that had green, and gold on the boarders of them. They were nice colors, back in the day.

  19. victor sanchez

    I bought a new 1970 Malibu in late 1969 it was red with a white interior, 350 with a factory 4spd it did have the rally wheels on in 14 x 7 I believe, should have never sold it but I ran it to death oh well

  20. Cubs win

    My neighbor lady had one like this, yes she was old, when I was a kid. Just a ho hum daily driver that was boring as hell. $14,000 I don’t get it


    My 66 Nova SS had a 283 2 barrel and 3 on the tree . But this is the first Malibu that I have ever seen with 3 on the tree.
    Interesting. Would be a nice car in a ho hum kind of way

  22. G.P. Member

    I think March 2017 should be 1970 Chevelle month.

  23. Jason

    Beautiful car! My first car was a 71 Chevelle, got it when I was 15, I’m 41 now and it’s still mine. I drive it every Sunday in the summer.

    • mark

      My first car was also a 1971 chevelle that I got when I was 16 and still have it today at 44 years old! It had a 307 3-speed manual and now it has a crate 350 with a muncie 4-speed and a non posi 12 bolt rear!!

  24. Rock On

    The 1969 Camaro in the background makes me think that the seller added the rally wheels to make the car more attractive.

  25. Stang1968

    Throw a black vinyl roof on it and full wheel covers, and it would be a clone of my neighbor’s car in the early 1980s. That Malibu was THE car that got me hooked into old cars.

  26. CaCarDude

    I like this Chevelle, wanted a brand new one back in the late 60’s after seeing ads in magazine while in the Army, tour of duty ended 4/70, got home just could not pull the trigger on a new car, so I went with a nice used ’64 Lemans 326 4 spd built to race, and race it I did! Still to this day I like the Chevelle, I did get close, in 1976 bought a ’71 Nova SS same color Green. My Nova had black vinyl interior bench seat, rubber floor mats and 350 4 spd. Good Times..

  27. Smittydog

    Green is ugly on all cars period.

  28. Smittydog

    Paint it black +454.

    • Tom Member

      I appreciate opinions when they have substance. so you don’t like green. Like I have said before, there may be comments on BF that people don’t like, all be them true, just not what you want to hear. bashing a color is a personal thing.

      I am a master detailer, black is good for one thing……20 mph or faster. I make a living making black cars right for other people. I owned 1 black car 32 years ago, first and last. I painted it black, 69 Firebird, it was up for sale and sold within 2 weeks. They look great for about 8 minutes…..then it is downhill from there.

  29. Buddy john

    My 70 nova is the same color, love it…

  30. Brad

    I would call this ride a true survivor ! I like the color, both inside & out. The 307 2 bbl was rated at about 210 hp, which is plenty of power to move this car down the road, without having to concern yourself when passing. It kinda irks me when I read how some folks would change the color and/or drive train. Remember, a vintage car of this nature is original one time, and one time only. When you start changing things around, it’s no longer original. I’m all about keeping a vintage car just the way it came from the factory.

  31. K-Mack

    The color is called “Green Mist”. I have my Brother-in-Law’s 1970 Nova he bought new in this color with a dark green vinyl roof and the green interior. 350 automatic. I will be getting it back on the road soon.

  32. Christopher Silva

    I had a 1969 chevelle malibu down in new orleans. I was 18 years old bought for 600 bucks it was a beauty since it was my own toy wash almost every weekend same color black vinyl top dark green bench seat 350 automatic every time i see special in BF ! I think about good old days! God knows what happen to her! I kept her clean n shinny. My gold old 69 chevy chevelle malibu!!!!!!


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