London Calling: 1967 Austin Taxi Cab

Nowadays, the classic Austin taxicab has been reinvented in modern form, proudly serving as the UK’s official means of public transit by four wheels. Well, the original is still the best recipe, in our opinion, and this classic Austin taxi is listed in Vermont, home to many other oddballs that are difficult to register in less forgiving states. Find it here on eBay¬†with a $6,500 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit a best offer.

The seller claims he found this Austin in a warehouse a few years ago and proceeded to drive it to a few shows. It hasn’t run in several years, now taking up space in the seller’s garage. Though he doesn’t elaborate on condition, it looks surprisingly intact and mostly un-messed with. Details like the fender-mounted mirrors and mounted European license plate brackets would suggest it escaped any federalization attempts, another thing Vermont is famous for.

As-used condition seems an apt description for this Austin, with all the riggings still attached as you would find in a cab still prowling the streets of London today. Sheetmetal looks very solid too, with no obvious signs of rampant corrosion. These iconic UK vehicles have always been popular to bring into the states either as part of a tourist attraction or for actual use; this authentic Austin would work well in either function.

This I love: the last pieces of in-cab advertising as-used to influence backseat customers is still in place, reinforcing the era in which this cab last worked. It’s as if it was simply pulled from the lineup one day and shipped over to live out its remaining days with no actual fares to collect, despite looking like it could return to duty at any moment. The asking price doesn’t seem unreasonable, but perhaps $5K would bring this interesting Austin home.

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  1. Ken Carney

    Oh I say! I must buy this for my sister in
    law. It would make a smashing Uber car.
    Eh what?

  2. Davey

    Is this the diesel version do you know?

    • Derek

      Probably; more’n’likely done half a million miles plus, too, before being retired as too worn-out (even cabbies have a limit).

    • Kevin Sellwood

      They’re all diesel, 0-60 is measured with a calendar.

  3. Joseph Muzy

    Are they having a water shortage in Vermont? At least clean it up before posting pictures

  4. David Miraglia


  5. glenn

    love these cars if i had the money id restore it a neighbor had one and did. it is wonderful and big in the back

  6. Nevis Beeman

    The British registration number (licence plate) suggests this taxi was first registered in London 1967 or 1968. Note the “elephant ear” winkers (turn signals) mounted high on the roof ! And those wing top side lights……
    Quite normal for an Austin taxi of this era, I believe

    Opening the front passenger door reveals space for luggage, instead of a seat ! (Earlier Austin taxis of the 1950s didn’t even have a door ….just a broad leather strap to keep your luggage aboard !)

  7. glenn

    restored it would make a great movie car

  8. Mark-A

    Also able to do a U-Turn without touching the Pavement/Sidewalk on any UK 2 lane street! Information taken from Wikipedia, – They feature ACKERMAN STEERING GEOMETRY which allows the car to make U-turns in just 7.6m (25ft) a requirement for the narrow London Streets!

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